Prayer to Archangel Uriel to end monetary problems

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Prayer to Archangel Uriel to end monetary problems

This archangel has always been in charge of giving abundance and prosperity to all the people who request it. In addition to protection, wealth, and help in the business with the power of prayer to Archangel Uriel. The full meaning of his name is Fire of God, it is the name of one of the seven Archangels of God who are responsible for professing his word throughout the universe and being able to give protection to those people who are completely faithful to God.

Through prayer to Archangel Uriel, people with economic, work, and professional problems pray for help, which, with its fire of truth, can help believers to follow the path of success.

Prayer to Archangel Uriel for money

Precious archangel, you who are the patron saint of workers and the righteous, protector of faithful believers in the word of God. I ask you to give me your grace and your protection in these difficult times.

Blessed Archangel Uriel, I ask you, with the flame of your light and your fire of truth. May you show me the clear path to wisdom, prosperity, and success. I am going through a major liquidity problem and I need money to pay the debts that drown and suffocate me. That is why I make this divine invocation to support and protect the ways of doing business.

You have never abandoned me and have been my guide at all times. That’s why I ask you to give me your company so I can have my spiritual healing. Allow me through it to detect the false promises of my so-called friends.

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I want to beg you to give me a little bit of your strength to keep fighting. For my dreams, until I can get over the money problems I’m going through. Prince and spirit put decent employment opportunities in my path. That will serve as a catapult to achieve significant developments.

Today I want to ask you to give me your presence and blessings. Archangel Uriel, I need your advice and guidance to achieve success.

Amen for the love of Mary!


How to make your request to Archangel Uriel

To be able to make a request to the archangel in a pleasant way so that he bathes you with his light and energy. You must be relaxed and focused on the sentence you will say. Therefore, each prayer to Archangel Uriel must be done in peace. And maximum concentration for a safer connection with the Archangels.

Transform prayer into your innermost desire. You must imagine that the archangel is in front of you, listening attentively to everything you have to say. He is sincere, humble, and grateful.



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