10 Powerful Prayers to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory

Prayers to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory
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Powerful Prayers to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory to recite

If you require a prayer that helps you to pray adequately to the blessed souls of purgatory, do not miss this opportunity, with these invocations that will be the ideal to solve your dilemma.

Either to help on your way in love, or to pray for that person who causes us harm and get him out of our life.

Catholic prayer for the Blessed Souls of purgatory

Pray to the souls, and allow them to help you solve that problem that is afflicting you so much, surrender yourself and dedicate a few short words to them but full of hope and confidence in their help.

Blessed souls,
That guide each spirit,
That are an inexhaustible source,
Of help and aid,
That listen to those who request them,
Today I address you,
Pleading for your rest,
For your calm in each cry,
So that you can reach the glory of the Father,
And be part of your redemption,
Of your transformation,
Because there is salvation,
And the blessing of the creator,
I pray for you today,


Prayer to the Blessed Souls of purgatory for petitions

If you need a special favor this is your best opportunity, recite this prayer every morning before starting your morning day and see the results of how your help will arrive quickly.

Souls of purgatory,
Blessed and courageous,
I turn to you,
Exclaiming my respect,
And exposing all that I have,
Begging for your glory,
And eternal abundance,
Please help me in my walk,
On my special favor,
Allow me to (add the please),
May I achieve it under the blessing of the father,
And may you be the push,
The help in each of my favors,
I beg you,


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Prayer to the blessed in purgatory for difficult cases

For every situation there is a solution and although sometimes it seems impossible to find an answer, here you will be surprised how an invocation can transform your days and your beliefs.

When the path darkens,
I give myself to you sir,
When night falls,
I lean on you father,
In the day, during my happiness,
I thank you for your favors,
In every circumstance,
You are in me,
And For each one of those wonders, today I cry out to you,
I beg you for your help through the blessed Souls, Allow
me to get out of my situation successfully,
To overcome every obstacle,
And may God fill me with his favor,
Once again I ask you,


Prayer to the Blessed Souls to ask for a favor

Asking for help in a difficult moment is the best sign that we are humbly surrendering ourselves to that being who enlightens us to help us and of course sends us thousands of ways to choose his blessings.

Merciful Father,
Who lives in my heart,
And in each one of my acts,
Let me have your help,
Your help,
Your strength at all times,
Hear this prayer,
That today I lift you up,
And help me in the request of my heart,
A achieve that favor,
How much I need,
And how much I implore you to give me,
For your infinity,
I ask you,


Prayer to the Blessed Souls for urgent requests

If from one moment to another your life has been transforming into a hurricane and you require quick answers, and a safe and reliable help, I recommend this prayer, after saying it add a white candle for greater effectiveness.

Saint Cyprian of Favor,
Of heavenly assistance,
Help me in this request,
Which I express to the blessed Souls,
Those who are in purgatory, I
demand for their eternal relief,
And also for their unparalleled help,
So that they may solve my situation,
And his look of help guide me,
Oh saint of fierceness!
Be my way,
Both in my sorrows and joys,
And grant me my request,


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Prayer to the Blessed Souls to attract a loved one

Ask our Father for the souls both lost and for those of your loved ones, find that calm and warmth that only this prayer could give you, get them to finally rest in heaven.

Glory, power and love,
Three forces in a prayer,
Blessed souls,
Help me in my request,
May that person whom I love return,
Run by my side,
May his path join mine,
May distance not extinguish the flame,
May my name occupy your thoughts,
And my essence your skin,
That only in that love can you be maintained,
And in my arms you relapse again,
I beg you with love, constancy,
And hope,


Prayer to the Blessed Souls to attract money

Prosperity is there, waiting for you to invoke it to be able to make it present in your life, a daily constant, along with good fortune, these simple words will help you in that process.

Holy glorious Mother,
Virgin of heaven,
Sister, friend, wife,
I beg you to intercede for me before the father,
And for the favor to the blessed Souls of purgatory,
Help me on my way,
Towards prosperity,
Towards good fortune,
To be able to emerge , grow economically,
And achieve each of my goals,
Traced and that today I put before you,
Before your feet,
And before your infinite grace,
Which is the power of God,


Prayer to the Blessed Souls to ask for a favor

Nothing can be denied when it is asked with faith, with the heart in the hands and it is there where the true miracles arise and are maintained in our lives, believe in it and you will always acquire a heavenly helping hand.

Saint Gabriel Archangel,
Word of light,
Of guide and of love,
You who are in the Eden of our Lord,
Who protect us,
And give us the opportunity to listen,
To live, to believe,
I ask you this afternoon,
What, once again listen to me,
And give me your help, which I need so much,
Do not abandon me in the midst of chaos,
Help me to (add special favor),
Grant me my request,
I ask you,


Prayer to the 13 Blessed Souls for love

If you want to , among things, save your relationship or start one where you find loyalty, trust and thousands of pure feelings, this invocation will be your safe resource to get the best out of yourself and that love that you feel so much.

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Strength of the heart,
Portrait of the soul,
Inspiration of the spirit,
Before their faces today I implore,
Before the thirteen blessed souls,
I kneel in supplication,
Asking for this request that I need,
For love, to find it,
To keep it,
To not fall when the road turns dark,
And feel at all times his help,
His blessings,
And his continued mercy,
At thirteen I beg you,


Prayer to the Blessed Souls to withdraw and remove a person from our life

Once again we pray to the creator of our lives and drive away that person who is causing you so much harm, do not allow your life to turn into hell that you fear so much for not knowing which way to turn, salvation and help will always be in the pray.

Blessed Sacrament,
That you live for us,
You who are the water of life,
And blessing reflected in the strength,
Allow me to separate that person from my life,
From my home, from my work,
And from my family,
That I cannot return, nor cause me harm,
May his path separate from mine,
May (add name of the person),
Disappear like water between the fingers,
Like the wind between my hands,
And do not return,

Enjoy the result of each of these prayers, designed to adapt to whatever your problem, an argument, your finances or your heart, they are examples of everything that can be achieved by the right path.

Trust in its power and its effectiveness, that will be the best push so that you can reach each of your goals.



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