5 Catholic Prayers to pray before work and short daily prayers

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If you are looking for catholic prayer to say before work, here are 5 Catholic Prayers to pray before work.

The sanctification of professional work is a living seed, capable of bearing the fruit of holiness in an immense multitude of souls:  for the great majority of men, being a saint means sanctifying one’s own work, sanctifying oneself in one’s work, and sanctifying others with it. worked

Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer

Have you ever wanted to have prayers to pray before work or have a handful of short daily prayers? The aforementioned quote corresponds to the founder of Opus Dei. It is clear that we want to give ourselves with excellence, that we want to unite our work and our faith. We know, a thousand and one times we have heard that Jesus tells us, he asks us, that he needs us to be Salt of the earth and Light of the world. But how difficult, Lord!

We would love to, but it costs us. Jesus, in His infinite mercy, has left us the Holy Spirit so that we can take it to others, to the ends of the earth. If the disciples, hidden by fear, we’re able to proclaim the Good News beyond their own limitations, we too will be able (and even more so, Jesus wants it) to make heaven on earth in our work.

5 Catholic Prayers to pray before work

Having prayers to pray before work or in the middle of our day, renews us in our mission and reminds us that we serve, through our chores, the King of kings, and not simply a job or a specific task. Below comes 5 Catholic Prayers to pray before work and short daily prayers

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The Angelus

Guide: The angel of the Lord announced to Mary.
Answer: And she conceived by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

God save you, Mary…

Guide: Here is the handmaid of the Lord.
Answer: Let it be done to me according to your word. God save you Maria

God save you Maria…

Guide: And the Word of God became flesh.
Answer: And he dwelt among us. God save you, Mary,

God save you, Mary…

Guide: Pray for us, Holy Mother of God.
Answer: So that we are worthy of reaching the promises and graces of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Instill, Lord, your grace in our hearts so that all of us, through the announcement of the angel, have known the incarnation of your Son Jesus Christ, through his passion and his cross, may reach the glory of his resurrection.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


Prayer in the morning, before going to work

prayer to pray before work

Secret: This is our favorite among the prayers to pray before work.

Our Father, when I enter my job,
I ask you to present yourself with me,
and thank you for this new day.

I ask you to bless everything I say, think or act within my office.
Glorify my projects, plans and ideas that I have in the future,
so that my smallest goals are for your glory.

Fill me with energy so that my work is the best done.
Today, Lord, renew my heart and give me a generous one,
to treat with kindness and in a pleasant way all those
who require my services and I can treat their needs.

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I ask you, Lord, that today’s work, as I do it and for whoever does it,
be to your liking and fulfill the divine orders exercised by you.

God, when my work is done, guide me carefully
to my destination, to arrive safe and sound.
Bless my family and take care of my home while I am not with them,
and so that everything is in the position that I left it when I returned.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer to surrender your talents

short daily prayers

Among the short daily prayers, this is one of the ones that we highlight the most.

Oh Beloved and dear God!
Keep away from us spiritual laziness,
do not allow us to be like that unfaithful and fearful servant
who hid his talents in the hole of selfishness,
give us the understanding and action to multiply talents,
light the flame of the passion of love for you in our hearts,
so that on your return we offer you not only twice as much,
but an infinity of talents that are the reflection of your holy love for us.

Prayer for the total blessing of work

Saint Joseph, carpenter,
your profession and your family were underestimated.
Intercede before God for us:
so that we recognize the dignity
of each person and her work,
because she is a creation of God,
because each one of them participates with her work
in the creation of the world.


Daily prayer for my husband or wife

daily prayer for my husband

Protip: This daily prayer for my husband or wife has to be shared! Send it to someone who needs it!

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Lord, tonight I come to ask you for my husband/wife,
who for my heart and feelings is very adored,
who I selected in front of your eyes,
to be my eternal companion and friend,
who I preferred among the list of loves of my life.

Fill his/her heart with love and kindness,
so that every word, every action
transmits to those who meet him/her,
the company and trust that we so much require.

Enrich your hands,
may your work be honorable and of good merit,
direct your thoughts,
so that your steps may be blessed.

Hold his hand and guide him day by day
so that as a couple, he
is a defender of your testimony and glory
and his presence
instills security, rigor and trust.

Bless his job and his hands,
which day after day he uses them tirelessly,
every step he takes be blessed
and may I, as his wife/husband and partner until death,
discover true love in him.

Give me the ability to understand and love him/her forever,
without feeling the desire to change or replace him/her,
but wanting the best for him/her and valuing him/her more.




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