5 Important powerful Prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel

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One of the most recognized Saints of the Catholic Church is Saint Michael the Archangel; He is credited with many favours granted to ward off the forces of evil. And it is that he fought a great battle in Heaven against the evil one, emerging victorious from his fight. That is why many people fervently ask him to protect them. Here you will find powerful prayers to Saint Michael to ward off evil.


5 prayers dedicated to Saint Michael to ward off evil

If you want to feel totally protected and free from the tricks of those who intend to harm you, you need to entrust yourself to San Miguel. Thanks to his struggles in heaven, he is now very close to the Heavenly Father; Many people ask him to fight witchcraft and ties that put his integrity at risk.

Prayer to Saint Michael

1. Prayer to Saint Michael to eliminate witchcraft

It is common for some people to feel envy of the success and happiness of others, and that is why they resort to this type of curse. If you feel that something is wrong because luck is not on your side and you suspect someone close to you, pray this prayer. Thanks to this, you will be able to completely eradicate this type of actions that the Heavenly Father abhors so much.

Powerful and heavenly Saint Michael the Archangel,

Allow me to approach your Holy presence.

You who have fought so many battles against the evil one,

Come and attend my call.

Give me your hand so that I can get rid of this evil that afflicts me,

Remove and erase from me all witchcraft that is harming me.

I know that someone has risen against me, throwing this evil at me,

I need justice because I don’t deserve it.

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I ask you to break this curse that afflicts me,

Keep unscrupulous people away from my life who only seek to harm me.

Please, mighty Saint Michael, heed my plea,

Do not abandon me in this adverse moment of my life.


2. Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for protection

So that your enemies are very far from you, it is advisable to ask for the holy protection of Saint Michael as soon as possible. Ask him with all your heart so that his presence will always be with you, to free you from the clutches of evil. In this way, nothing and no one can touch you, because his protection is extremely powerful

O Saint Michael the Archangel,

Here I am raising this prayer to you.

Give me your infinite protection, do not forsake me,

I am in a moment of great anguish.

My enemies attack me, they want to see me badly.

Help me fight this battle so I can be happy.

Don’t let anything bad happen to me

Do not allow the plans of my enemies to be carried out.

Guide all my steps in the right direction,

Lead me on the path that leads to Heavenly Father.


3. Prayer to Saint Michael to break ties

The ties are inventions created by very dark beings, who only seek to seriously affect the people who suffer from them. If you need Saint Michael to free you from this situation, ask him with great fervour through this prayer. He will act immediately in your life, breaking all evil that he wants to attack you.

Dear Saint Michael the Archangel,

Help me in this torment that I am living.

You more than anyone know what it is to feel threatened by evil.

You are the warrior of heaven, faithful servant of our Lord.

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Please, I beg you to break these ties that cause me harm,

They won’t let me be happy or get ahead on my path.

Don’t let this affect my life anymore,

Help me so that my spirit is free again,

So that the smile is painted on my mouth again.

Remove this horrible bondage Oh Mighty Archangel of God.

Pour all your blessings on me, protect me always.


4. Prayer to Saint Michael to break curses

Saint Michael is always willing to help all those who trust in his name and have high hopes. If you have been cursed and notice the changes in your life, you need to get rid of this evil through the powerful help of him. Ask San Miguel so that peace returns to your life and you are free.

Soldier of God, a mighty warrior of Heaven.

Today I cry out your name and request your divine help.

You who are so brave, so fighter,

Come to me, heed my call.

Evil lies in wait for me and I don’t know what to do or how to act,

That’s why I want to ask you to help me,

Give me a helping hand.

Renew my strength to emerge undefeated from all this torment.

Break this invisible curse that affects me so much.

Do not let me fall into temptation, erase the traces of evil from my life.

Grant me divine freedom, now and always.

I ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord.


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5. Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel against the enemy

Believe it or not, many people who are part of your environment do not always have the best intentions. Enemies abound everywhere and that is why we must be protected; it is necessary to request the help of Saint Michael at all times. He will grant us the security that we so much need to get ahead and live in peace.

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Holy Mighty One, faithful servant of God,

I come to ask you to help me fight a battle.

Don’t let the bad intentions of those around me harm me.

Don’t let anything or anyone bother me.

I beg your infinite protection in every moment of my life,

Be my shield against the forces of evil.

Point your mighty sword at my enemies so they don’t touch me.

Guard my steps so they don’t fall into the trap,

Make my exits protected by you,

And allow me to always arrive safe and sound to my abode.

Take care of me and protect me, don’t leave me alone or my loved ones.


With these short but effective prayers, we assure you that you will be totally protected and you will be able to escape from the clutches of evil. With the help of this powerful warrior from the sky, you will be able to get rid of the enemies that want to harm you. Never lose faith or stop trusting because divine help will always be given to those who ask for it with the heart.