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Free online bible study tools

online bible study tools

As soon as you became a born again child of God, you're ready to take your spiritual  life to the next level. immediately you're born again, the first thing that comes to your mind is getting free useful online bible tools for understanding the word of God easily. There are

Dealing with selfishness in our lives

Dealing with selfishness in our lives and in the society What's selfishness? Selfishness means caring about your self rather than about other people. Selfishness is contrary to the Christian faith and must be removed from our lives. Love is our Christian identity (john 13:35). One of the major characteristic of love is giving. God


Understanding the secret of power. What is the secret of power, Why are some believers powerless and some powerful? THE HOUR OF PRAYER IS THE HOUR OF POWER. It is important that We address the issue of powerless believers. This is such an important part of the Christian experience and such an

Top 11 ways to make your relationship work more better

Are you engaged or seriously dating someone you want to get married to, Have you been looking for how to make your relationship work even more better?, Do you need advice to make your relationship super better than it is now? You may be wondering,  “how can I make my relationship


WHY MUST WE THANK GOD INTRODUCTION Thanksgiving is not just a proof of civility but a Kingdom covenant practice that carries dividends. When you understand why you do some things, you get the virtues and results from such things, so why then must we thank God? WHY MUST WE THANK GOD Part4 (Thursday 10/01/19)