Prayer to Archangel Samael to have better relationships

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Commissioned by God to be the archangel of love, Archangel Samael dedicated himself to bringing and promoting unconditional love among men and showing them that this love is real and eternal. He also protects us from bad energies, bad thoughts, and pain.

Prayer to Archangel Samael for love

Dear Angel, you who have been anointed by God to spread your love to the men and women of the earth, you know better than anyone how important this feeling is in life.

You are the representation of affection, positive feelings, and deep love of the Lord and of others, that’s why I come to you in this prayer asking for help. God has blessed you with the gift of spreading love among men, so today I ask you to offer me an extra dose of your love to help my heart.

I am alone, I have no one, and my soul feels incomplete for not finding an equal with whom to share the love. Thanks to your work, Angel Samael, I am full of love to give to others. I always share this with my loved ones in all areas of my life, but this time I beg you to let me feel the love of a partner that I need.

I beg you to put the right person in my path to start a relationship and then start a family. I am ready to receive this love with open arms and show all the love you gave me years ago.

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Let me find the person of my life, my adventure partner and my faithful companion from now on. Give me your blessing for a fruitful and lasting relationship under the eyes of the Father.

Thank you and Amen!


Prayer to Archangel Samael to think of me

Archangel Samael: You are one of the seven envoys of God to protect and guide the steps of men on earth. Your mission entrusted by Almighty God himself is to spread the love for others among men and show them by example the unconditional love of the Lord.

Today I thank you for all the love you have brought to my life. Because I already found my ideal partner, the man I want to spend the rest of my days with.

I ask you, Ángel Samael, that from now on our bond of love. The one that you have helped to form, may not be destroyed by any circumstance. And that we are destined to live as a family for the rest of our lives.

Do not let him stop thinking about my day and my night as I do about him. Put me in his mind and heart. So that I am the only woman he thinks of and has eyes only for me. We are destined for that because you made us meet on our way.

Intercede before God to give us His divine blessing and promise eternal love, as we feel for Him.



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