5 Things About Archangel Michael You Should Know

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Archangel Michael is the best known of the archangels. It is also the most invoked, the one who has prayed the most and the one who most people ask for help. This is due to his role as a spiritual warrior.

Check out the 5 Things About Archangel Michael You Should Know below.

The four labors of the archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is, first and foremost, the enemy of Satan. He is also the angel of death as he is said to offer souls the opportunity to redeem themselves before they die. His third task is to weigh the souls in a perfect balance on the day of the Last Judgment. He is also the guardian of the universal Church.

The archangel Michael in the scriptures

The name of the archangel Michael means “Who is like God”. In the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions, the archangel Michael is known as the leader of the armies of angels. He is the “Chief of the Armies of God” in the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions. According to 1 Thessalonians 4:16, the trumpet will sound on the day of the rapture. His name is mentioned in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible.

Attributes of the Archangel Michael

Due to these religious references, the archangel Michael is represented in the armor of a warrior or a centurion soldier. The most frequent image shows him as the conqueror of Satan, with the heel on the head of the fallen angel. He almost always carries a sword or a spear, but he can also carry a scale, keys, or chains in his hands, as well as a cloak.

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The attributes of the archangel Michael refer to his role as a vigilante, protector of the innocent, and judge of evil.

Archangel Michael symbolism

The image of the Archangel Michael is literally based on biblical verses. The book of Joshua mentions him as “Captain of the Lord’s Armies” ( Joshua 5: 13-15 ). However, it also has another level of meaning that reflects the human condition and need. Each attribute of the archangel Michael has an essential symbolism to understand its role in the life of the human being:

    • The image of a warrior represents the defense against the forces of evil and darkness that threaten the human being, such as ignorance, unconsciousness, and slavery to material and emotional attachments.
    • His title “Prince of Light” represents the illumination of the path of the human being to free him from the darkness of fear.
    • His breastplate signifies the willpower to face life’s challenges. It also represents faith and security in the good.
    • The helmet signifies invisibility, invulnerability, and power. Protect thoughts from negativity.
    • The shield represents the universe. It is the protection that tells his adversary that he cannot defeat love.
    • The sword represents the light that gives spiritual strength. With this force divine peace and justice are established. The sword also means the weapon of truth. With it, the veil that ignorance creates is broken.
    • The scale means justice, balance, and order. Good and bad actions hang in the balance, balanced by love and goodness that redeem the human soul.
  • When you carry keys, they represent the power to open the door of heaven to souls who through their actions, thoughts and feelings have gained entry.
  • The chains represent their power to break the bonds that enslave the human being through vices and attachments.
  • The cloak represents protection and the power to inhabit the space where positive and negative beings coexist. With it he protects human beings from the negative vibrations of evil beings.

Both literally and symbolically, the archangel Michael represents justice and the fight for good. His role in biblical scripture highlights him as the captain of the armies of God, which are the forces of good in the universe. Its meaning implies protection, security, power, overcoming obstacles, and the destruction of fear and doubt. For this reason, the archangel Michael inspires the human being to dress with the symbols of his armor.

Prayer of Pope Leo XIII to Saint Michael the Archangel

“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the fight. Be our protection against the wickedness and stalking of the devil. May God manifests his power over him, is our humble supplication. And you, oh Prince of the Celestial Militia, with the power that God gives to you. has conferred, casts Satan into hell, and the other evil spirits that roam the world for the perdition of souls. Amen. “

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