3 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

3 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

Having an effective prayer life should be a necessity for every believer. this post will guard you on the right ways to improve your prayer life with God. An active prayer life is vital to your spiritual well-being, and yet modern life makes it difficult to have an active prayer life. We all struggle to … Read more

9 Verses about friendship with God

friendship with God

What does the bible say about friendship with God? Could it be that God has friends, Continue reading to discover more on this article.   What is a friend? A friend is above all someone faithful and reliable, in whom one can confide. It is a constant comfort, to which we find an attentive ear. … Read more

10 Important Bible Verses On Spiritual Growth

Verses On Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is one of the most unknown aspects of society and, in turn, has great importance for any individual. Knowing all its aspects and applying them in your day to day will make you a better person and you will be able to change your present towards a promising future. In this article are 10 verses … Read more

14 Signs of True Repentance vs False Repentance

Signs of True Repentance

For many, repentance comes down to simply asking God for forgiveness. After all, it is also the definition that we find in the traditional dictionaries, namely the fact of deeply regretting having done or said something. However, if we open the Word of God, we find that repentance is actually much more than that. David’s example confirms it for … Read more

Prayer For The Day – A prayer to start the day well

Prayer For The Day

Why is a prayer for the day important? Every day brings us another opportunity and blessing from God. Below is a prayer to start your day well. A prayer to start the day well Heavenly Father, I praise you, I give you thanks and I thank you for the life you have given me. You are … Read more

7 Biblical false doctrines in the Church today

false doctrines

False doctrines are like a spiritual disease. Without our knowledge, these false ideas can grow within us. Before leaving them, Jesus had warned his disciples of what would characterize the end times: the seduction of Christians, apostasy, and above all the many spiritual excesses that certain false teachers would bring into the Church. The Bible warns … Read more

The Greatest Commandments in the bible we must obey

Greatest Commandments

what are the two greatest commandments? Jesus gave his disciples 2 greatest commandments when he was on earth. Although the 10 commandments are important, He summed them up easily for us in Matthew 22:36-40: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?. Continue reading to discover the 2 greatest commandments below. The Bible is … Read more