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There is nothing great and more powerful than the power of prayer. Prayer is the way we can communicate directly with our Heavenly Father, the God of creation. With these biblical resources, get encouragement by learning how to pray with our topical prayer guides to help you find strength, healing, inspiration, and peace at any time in your life. You will also find popular prayers for common situations in daily life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the supernatural peace and healing that only God can provide when we come to Him in prayer!

What is prayer?

Prayer is not a ritual that depends on us closing our eyes and putting on the face of holiness. Nor does it require us to sit or kneel in any particular way or for any specific length of time. We can pray at any point in time when we walk when we cook and even when we are working.

God remains attentive and constantly listens to both short words of prayers and focused, detailed prayers during a quiet time before or after reading the Bible. Prayer does not have to be something complicated, God is pleased even in our simplest words when we seek him from the heart.

Prayers is communications with God, at, Find all of our most recent articles on prayer, as well as the most popular prayers to communicate with God. Prayer