18 Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration and Reconciliation

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Marriage is one of the most important relationships we can have in our lives, we have compiled 18 prayers for marriage restoration to help you stand still whenever the test and challenges in marriage arise.

Marriage is the joining of two people in a bond of love, commitment, and partnership that is meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, not all marriages are able to withstand the tests of time and trials. Many couples struggle to keep their marriage intact, whether due to communication breakdowns, financial stress, infidelity, or many other challenges.

In such situations, the prayer for marriage restoration can play a significant role in restoring broken relationships and rekindling the love between two partners.

Principles of marriage in the bible

What God has joined together, can it be separated?,  Follows us on this article as we explore 18 powerful prayers for marriage restoration.

Prayer for Marriage Restoration

“Lord God, I come to You today in prayer asking for Your guidance and wisdom to restore my marriage. I humbly ask that You send Your Holy Spirit to guide me on this journey and that my marriage will be unbreakable, united always in the love of Jesus Christ.
I ask You, Lord, that You touch the heart of my husband (a) bringing healing, forgiveness, and renewed love to our relationship, that there is discernment and understanding in the face of everything we live. May You give us mutual understanding, respect, and consideration for each other. May the desire to be together become unshakable as well as faith in you.
Helps us communicate clearly and constructively, without anger, resentment, or judgment. Give us the grace to mutually allow each other to leave the past behind to follow a dignified life in love and respect for our family.
I trust You, Lord, and I know that You can restore what is broken and bring renewal to our unity. I thank You, in the name of Jesus, for Your unwavering faithfulness in our lives. I pray confidently in victory knowing that you are a beloved father and that nothing can go unnoticed in your eyes, your justice protects us and your love feeds us. Give us that gift and I’ll thank you all my life. Amen!!!”

Prayer to Strengthen the Union of the Couple

“Lord, make us share life as a true couple, husband and wife; that we know how to give each other the best we have in us, in body and spirit; that we accept and love ourselves as we are, with the riches and limitations we have.
Let’s grow together, being a path for each other; let us know how to carry each other’s burdens, encouraging each other to grow in mutual love.
Let us be everything to each other: our best thoughts, our best actions, our best time, and our best attention.
Let’s find each other the best company.
Lord, may the love we live be the great experience of Your love (Agape).
Grow, Lord, in us, the mutual admiration and attraction, to the point of becoming one: in thinking, acting, and living together.
For this to happen, you are among us.
We will then be eternal lovers. Amen!”

Prayer for the reconciliation of spouses

Beloved Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus, I ask for the restoration of my marriage.
May I be able to forgive my husband (my wife), and may he also forgive me.
Lord Jesus, free us from all past hurts, wrong attitudes, and feelings; for I know that by the power of Your Name, all things are possible.

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It doesn’t matter if we are tired, with an aching heart, and bruised by the events in our relationship, for the Holy Spirit makes all things new.
Mary and Joseph, who lived fidelity in marriage, intercede for us.
Holy Spirit, prepare this moment of dialogue and forgiveness.
Lord, renew love and hope in my heart, so that, strengthened, I trust in Your victory and have a happy and obedient family to the Lord Jesus.


Prayer for Spouse

Lord my God and Father, I come into your presence at this moment to place my spouse’s life in your hands.
The Lord knows you better than I do, He knows your dreams and your fears, so I ask that the Lord bless you at this moment.

And I raise my voice right now against all evil that is wanting to disturb my spouse’s life, wanting to put some barrier between us and I tell you to get out of our lives in Jesus name!
I determine that there are victories, health, and blessings without measure in my marriage and in the life of my spouse that I love so much and I deliver his life into your hands, Lord.

15 short Marriage Restoration Prayers Guide

It is said, let nothing put asunder what God has joined together, However, even the most loving and committed couples may face challenges and difficulties that put their relationship to the test. When this happens, the 15 short prayers for marriage restoration we are about to give you below will be of help.

Prayer for Happy Marriage

Here are 15 examples of prayers for marriage restoration:

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1. Prayer for Forgiveness

Dear God, please help us to forgive each other for any wrongdoings we have committed. Help us to move forward from our mistakes and rebuild our marriage with love, trust, and understanding.

2. Prayer for Healing

Heavenly Father, we ask for your healing power to be upon our marriage. Heal any wounds and hurts that we have caused each other, and fill our hearts with love and compassion.

3. Prayer for Strength

Lord, we pray for strength to face the challenges that come our way. Help us to trust in your plan for our marriage and give us the courage to work through any difficulties we may encounter.

4. Prayer for Patience

God, please grant us patience as we navigate the ups and downs of our relationship. Help us to be understanding and compassionate towards each other, even in the toughest of times.

5. Prayer for Renewal

Lord, we pray for a renewed sense of love and commitment in our marriage. Help us to reignite the spark that brought us together, and to build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

6. Prayer for Communication

Dear God, we ask for your help in improving our communication with each other. Give us the ability to listen with an open heart, to express ourselves honestly and respectfully, and to work through any disagreements with love and understanding.

7. Prayer for Wisdom

Heavenly Father, we pray for wisdom and discernment in our decision-making as a couple. Help us to make choices that strengthen our relationship and honor our commitment to each other.

8. Prayer for Humility

Lord, please help us to remain humble and selfless in our marriage. Teach us to put each other’s needs ahead of our own and to serve each other with love and devotion.

9. Prayer for Protection

God, we ask for your protection over our marriage. Protect us from any negative influences or temptations that may threaten our commitment to each other.

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10. Prayer for Trust

Dear Lord, we pray for trust and faith in each other. Help us to trust in your plan for our marriage and to trust that we are both committed to each other and to our relationship.

11. Prayer for Gratitude

Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the blessings of our marriage. Help us to recognize and appreciate the goodness in each other and in our relationship, and to express our gratitude and appreciation often.

12. Prayer for Unity

God, please grant us unity as a couple. Help us to work together towards common goals, to support each other’s dreams and aspirations, and to always have each other’s backs.

13. Prayer for Intimacy

Dear Lord, we pray for intimacy and connection in our marriage. Help us to deepen our emotional and physical intimacy, and to find joy and fulfillment in our love for each other.

14. Prayer for Reconciliation

Lord, we pray for the restoration of any brokenness in our marriage. Help us to heal any wounds, to repair any damage, and to rebuild our relationship with love, grace, and compassion.

15. Prayer for Each Other Faith

Heavenly Father, we pray for faith and hope in our marriage. Help us to believe in the power of your love and to trust that with your help, we can overcome any challenges and build a strong and enduring marriage.


Marriage is like a vehicle that requires a constant effort from the driver to accelerate, marriage is a journey that requires love, commitment, and hard work if you must see it work.

Also, note that Couples are very important cells for God here on Earth, responsible for sharing his universal love and procreating humanity, which is why the renewal of marriages is so necessary.

And finally, A marriage will prosper only if the two involved are in communion with God.