11 Amazing Prayer for Happy Marriage and marital Bliss

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Is your marriage in crisis and you are looking for Prayer for Happy Marriage to make it work again, then you are in the right article. We all know that love in marriage is like the sun: it illuminates itself and it illuminates others. Open, now, the doors and windows of your heart to pray the prayer for marriage.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred bonds two people can share. It is a promise to love, support, and stand by one another through all of life’s challenges. However, we all know that maintaining a happy and healthy marriage takes work and commitment.

One powerful tool that can help strengthen and deepen your marriage is prayer. In this post, we will explore the power of prayer in marriage and share a beautiful prayer for a happy marriage that you and your spouse can use to strengthen your bond and deepen your love for one another.

Whether you are just starting your journey together or have been married for many years, this prayer can be a powerful reminder of the love and commitment that brought you together in the first place. So, let’s dive in and explore the power of prayer for a happy marriage.

miracle prayer to restore marriage

Prayer for Happy Marriage

Heavenly Father, we come to you today in prayer for our marriage. We ask that you bless our union and give us the strength and wisdom to love one another as you have called us to do. Help us to communicate effectively and to always put each other first. Give us patience, kindness, and forgiveness as we navigate the ups and downs of life together. May our love for one another continue to grow deeper and stronger each day. Thank you for the gift of our marriage and for the love that we share. Amen.

Prayer for Marriage Restoration

“The great Master Jesus taught that “what is impossible with men is possible with God“, so I invoke Divine Power and Infinite Wisdom so that all difficulties in our marriage are divinely resolved, and reconciliation, resumption, and the new covenant of love, more perfect, more pleasant, more durable and happier.

I definitely get rid of all existing obstacles, I am filled with goodwill and forgiveness; I reach out to you, and by Infinite Force our marriage is already becoming happier than ever. I know that we are made for each other, therefore only together will we overcome difficulties and live better and better. The past doesn’t exist, so I don’t think about it. The present is this truth of the love between us. I don’t wonder how it’s going to happen. That’s God’s part. God said: “When you call me, I will hear and answer.”. I, therefore, place the perfect and definitive solution in the hands of God and I know that everything is already divinely resolved.”

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Blessing Prayer for a New Marriage

My God, we ask your blessings upon this man and woman as we celebrate this momentous occasion in their lives.

Grant them happiness and contentment as they establish their new home, create a new family, and explore the depths of their love for one another.

Bless your families and friends and the relationships that have supported, strengthened, and sustained you throughout your lives.

Bless your home as a place of love and peace.

And if times grow and tempers grow, help them look into their hearts and remember the love that brought them here today.


Marriage prayers and blessings

God, as you join us today, we ask for your blessings on this couple (see couple’s prayer ) now that they are joined in marriage.

Let every day spent together be happy, and let all your words to each other be sweet.

Though their paths are intertwined, may they be aware of their separation from one another. Bless your home and allow it to be a place of joy and serenity.

Remind them to nurture each other’s bodies with mutual love, honor, and respect. Let your spirits dwell within.

As they learn from each other, may they grow stronger as individuals and closer as a couple.

And, as married life begins today with prayer, so they can continue, praying for them and with each other.


Catholic Prayer for marriage occasion

In recognition of this sacred purpose and the power of this occasion, let us pray.

Dear God, the One who gives us the yearning for love and the ability to love, we thank you for “Bride’s Name” and “Groom’s Name,” for your open hearts and willing spirits, and for the love, they embody here in our presence.

Be with them on this joyous occasion as two become one, and be with us, your witnesses, as we rejoice in what is said and witnessed here.


Prayer for marriage protection

May we be protected together
May we enjoy the fruits of our actions together.
May we reach strength together.
May our knowledge be full of light
May there never be discord between us

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Peace, peace, peace.


Prayer for the wedding day

Dear God, thank you for this happy day.

Thank you for your light that entered the lives of the bride and groom.

Thanks for all the miracles and blessings.

Please bless this union.

Help the Bride find the perfect place in this world for her love to blossom.

Let the radiant light of your love shine on all those around you.

May all your future creations be blessed.

God bless you with the inner gifts of trust, compassion, forgiveness, and truth so that you can live and grow together in love and peace.


Principles of marriage in the bible

Prayer for marriage to work out

Father of mankind, whose nature is love, look favorably upon this woman and this man who wish to take their vows before you.

We thank you for the providence that led to this union.

Grant that this is more than an outward union, but also the blending of hearts and spirits and purposes.

Bless each one with the inner qualities of integrity, trust, cooperation, and forgiveness so that they can live together in love and peace.



prayer to save a marriage

Dear God, make this relationship a great and holy adventure.
May your union be a sacred space. May the two find rest here, a haven for their souls.

Remove any temptation for them to judge themselves or each other or direct.

May they commit their conflicts and their burdens to You.

We know you are his answer and his rock.

Help them not to forget.

Bring them together in heart and mind as well as in body and guide them in the ways of holiness.

May this relationship be a flash of light.

May it be a source of love and wisdom for them, their family, their community, and their world.

May this bond be a channel for Your love and healing, a vehicle of Your grace and power.

As lessons emerge and challenges grow, let them not be tempted to let go.

Let them always remember that in each other they have the most beautiful woman, the most handsome man, the strongest, the sacred one in whose arm we are repaired.

May they remain young in this relationship.

May they be wise in this relationship.

Bring them what you want for them.

And show them how you would like them to be.


Prayer for marriage in crisis

dear lord

I come to you to save my marriage. Now we are going through a difficult time. We don’t communicate without shouting. We’re not talking for days. Acting like the other didn’t exist.

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I know we’ve done a lot of things in the past to each other. It’s hard to forget, but forgive us to improve in the future. Jesus, please. Help restore my marriage and I can’t do that without you and the faith I have in you. Please bring my husband back. Bring back the love we once had for each other. I know he loves me and his feelings are hurt.

Jesus helps me in this time of need. Satan is trying to destroy what you have gathered. I ask these things in the name of Jesus promising future improvements.


Prayer for marriage to improve and revitalize

Life is today, here and now. I say the prayer for marriage knowing that it is simple and easy to revitalize my marriage now. I want to be happy now, to be reborn for a more pleasant and peaceful life together now. I no longer look at the dark sides.

I will always look at the good things that exist between the two of us, and I know there are many. We are both perfect children of God, full of goodwill, we both ardently want to be happy, and we want to feel good when we are together.

We live life in a sporty way, without getting too hot with each other’s weaknesses. I know that only I can make my happiness and my unhappiness, that’s why I don’t cry sorrows, I don’t complicate anyone’s life, and I don’t harbor hatred or jealousy. We choose ourselves among millions of human beings; we married to unite the two halves of the same unity; therefore, only the two of us can achieve maximum happiness, union, harmony, and success in marriage.

So, I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. I am love and I radiate love and affection for you. I recognize your qualities, your kind, and generous spirit, which you’ve had since we met, and I want to do everything to make you feel good in my company. God is a blessing and illuminating our marriage. By the Divine Power that dwells within us, the miracle of love and happiness is now taking place among us. Today is a new happier and blessed day. And every day will be like this, because Jesus taught us the law of “ask and you will receive, for everyone who asks receives”. So it is and will be.