10 Powerful Prayers for safe travel and protection

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If you like to travel frequently, it is important that you include God in your plans with these Prayers for safe travel and protection that will help you get to where you are going safely.

When we take a trip we usually take care of every detail of it: luggage, tickets, money, accessories, and more. But do you remember God? He must be there first, so be thankful for the opportunity of this trip and ask him to protect you along the way.


 Why is it necessary to pray for safe travel and protection?

When we go on a trip we are exposed to any type of accident. It is for this reason that we must leave covered with the blessing of God. And in prayer to entrust his will in our lives, so that the trips are blessed and keep us protected from the attacks that the enemy can send to cause us harm.

We must activate Angels that fight on our behalf and keep us protected, God has placed his army of angels at our disposal, and we are the ones who must use them. That is why, every time you are about to leave home, whether it is to travel or elsewhere, you should pray before leaving.

10 Powerful Prayers for safe travel and protection

Many people at some point are presented with making decisions about leaving their homes to embark on a trip. Either for work or perhaps for taking a vacation. Here we bring you Prayers for safe travel and protection that will allow you to trust God to keep your exit and also your entrance.

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Prayers for safe travel and protection

Prayer to travel and return with God’s blessing

Father, I place this journey in your hands, free me from all danger, I cannot control the circumstances but I am confident that your love protects me, help me to reach my destination safe and sound, and protect my life. Direct me to my arrival point and accompany me back home.

He placed this trip in your hands and I declare that I arrive at my destination with your blessing, with your divine coverage over my life, it is you who opens the doors and no one can close them, this trip ends with your blessing and without any setbacks.

Lord send your angels around me to keep me from all evil that the enemy wants to send to put me in danger. I ask God, that your will be done and not mine on this trip, that you take me to my home in the same way that I left.

Bind, beloved Father, every plan of darkness that wants to rise up against this trip, in the name of Jesus, I declare the grace of God in my life and that his favor accompanies me to manifest your presence everywhere, I declare that this journey Lord you keep it and cover it with your precious blood.

Lord, I thank you because this trip will be a blessing, I present my life in your hands, keep me and deliver me, my Lord. I thank you because you will make me arrive with good. Yours is the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.

Car Travel Prayer for Safety and Protection

Dear Lord,
I pray for safe travel in our car today. I ask that no unexpected mechanical or tire issues will occur. Please keep us safe on these crowded roads as well as the others we are sharing it with. As the driver, give me the discernment as to when to take breaks so that I do not push myself to the limit. Release your angels to surround us and protect us until we get to our final destination. In your name, I pray. Amen.

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Prayer for Protection from Accidents

Dear Lord,
I pray for all those out on the roads today. I pray that they will be more cautious and less distracted. Help us to navigate the jam-packed roads on our way to our destination. I pray you will release your angels around every vehicle on the road and that no accidents will occur. I ask that all those travelings will reach their destination safely. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Airplane Travel Prayer for Safety and Protection

Dear Lord,
I pray over the trip we are about to take on this plane. I pray that no mechanical errors or emergencies will occur. I pray for our pilot, that he or she be alert, have sharp eyes, and have steady hands during this flight. I pray for our flight attendants that they will be friendly, alert, and adequately prepared for our trip. I also pray for my fellow passengers, that everyone will be in good spirits and in good health. I pray that everyone will be able to make it where they need to go safely. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for safety and protection during a trip

Oh God, my Father, I have left my home clinging tightly to the rope of Your love, and I have entrusted myself entirely to Your care and protection.

I implore You, by Your power, by means of which You protected Your loved ones from the stray and the wicked, from every stubborn oppressor and from every evildoer who has turned away from You, to protect me through Your bounty and Your grace.

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Allow me, then, to return to my home by Your strength and Your power. Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Amen.

Prayer to protect yourself from envy and rancor

Oh God, my God! Shield Your loyal servants against the evils of selfishness and passion; protect them with the watchful gaze of Your loving-kindness from all rancor, hatred, and envy; shelter them within the impregnable fortress of Your care and, free from the darts of doubt, make them the manifestations of Your glorious signs; illuminate their faces with the refulgent rays emanating from the Aurora of Your divine unity; rejoice their hearts with the verses revealed from Your kingdom of holiness; and strengthen their backs with Your irresistible power coming from Your domain of glory. Thou art the Almighty, the Protector, the Almighty, the Magnanimous.

Prayer for help and protection against the wicked

Glory be to You, oh Lord! You are the God who existed before all things, Who will exist after all things and endure beyond all things. You are the God who knows all things and predominates over all things. You are the God who treats all things with mercy, Who judges between all things, and Whose vision encompasses all things. You are God, my Lord, You are aware of my position, You witness my inner and outer being.

Grant Your forgiveness to me and to all the believers who responded to Your Call. Be my help enough against the wickedness of whoever wants to cause me pain or wishes me harm. Verily, You are the Lord of all created things. You are enough for everyone, while no one can be self-sufficient without You.


A prayer for spiritual protection, safety, and guidance

Praised be Your Name, O Lord my God! I beseech You, by Your Name, through which the Hour has sounded, the Resurrection has taken place, and fear and trembling have gripped all who are in heaven and on earth, to rain down Your mercy from heaven. and from the clouds of Thy tender compassion that which gladdens the hearts of Thy servants, who have turned to Thee and aided Thy Cause.

Protect Your servants and Your handmaids, O my Lord, from the darts of idle fantasies and vain imaginings, and give them to drink, from the hands of Your grace, a sip of the still waters of Your knowledge.

Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous.

A prayer of protection and safeguard against difficulties

Oh, my Lord! You know that people are surrounded by pain and calamities, and involved in privations and difficulties. Every trial besets man, and every pressing adversity assails him like the attack of a serpent. There is no refuge or asylum for him but under the wing of Your protection, of Your preservation, protection, and care.

O Merciful! Oh, my Lord! Make Your protection my armor, Your preservation, my shield, humility before the door of Your uniqueness, my refuge, and Your custody and defense, my strength and my dwelling. Protect me from the hints of self and desire, and keep me from all sickness, trial, difficulty, and misfortune.

Verily, Thou art the Protector, the Guardian, the Preserver, the Sufficient, and verily, Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful!

May these prayers protect you and your loved ones and keep you safe from emotional, spiritual, and physical danger even as you travel.