Why Do the Wicked Prosper? Here is The Truth To Know

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If you have ever wondered why the wicked prospers, consider this: all of their work in this world will be worthless. In the end, the earth will be dissolved and the elements burned up. Their hard work is worthless, and it will all be for nothing.

This truth is what Satan wants us to believe. However, the reality is much different. In fact, the wicked prosper because they know that their hard work will all be for nothing.

Satan’s evil world system

Knowing your enemy is essential for victory in battle. Erwin Rommel, known as the Desert Fox, was a world-famous military general during WWII. After studying his published memoirs, the Allied command was able to “get inside” Rommel’s head. This helped them gain insight into his tactics and personality. Likewise, Christians must learn the ways of Satan to avoid being a victim of his schemes.

David’s confidence in God’s protection

The first verse of Psalm 11 begins with an acrostic reference to God’s deliverance of David from his enemies. David recalls his victories over the lions, bears, Goliath, and Amalekites. His trust in God’s protection is not based on a narrow observation, but on God’s unfailing patience with the wicked. David lays out the problem before God in detail, demonstrating his faith in God’s protection when the wicked prosper.

The question David asks is, Why is God hidden from the wicked? David asks himself this question, knowing that the wicked will be tempted to plot against the righteous. He fears that the wicked will prosper and God will be far from them. In response to these fears, David turns to God for protection. David prays to God when he feels far from God and the wicked prosper.

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Interestingly, David’s trust in God’s protection is demonstrated by the fact that he prays for God to prevent Saul from killing him. Although it was not his place to intervene, he still sought God’s protection and continued to trust in his faith that the king would protect him and give him victory over his enemies. And he knew that it wasn’t his place to strike Saul.

The second part of Psalm 3 begins with David’s prayer for deliverance and continued protection. David asks God to see him as the “apple of His eye” and keep him as His pupil. The third part of the psalm tells of his recent salvation and the protection of God’s steadfast love. In the end, the Lord delivered David and his enemies.

Satan’s power to accuse

Scripture gives us some insights into Satan and his power to accuse the wicked. Although the data available in the Old Testament are limited, it sheds light on Satan’s commitment to accuse God’s people and his strategies. In this article, we will examine Satan’s strategies and rebellion, as well as how he can work against fruitful evangelism. Here are some points to consider in understanding the role of Satan in the life of the church:

Satan was originally an angel, or cherub, created by God without sin. God created him and all of his angels, but Satan took pride in his gifts, and he sinned against God. He then led his army of angels into rebellion and was cast out of heaven along with the rest of the angels. Satan’s purpose in life is to deceive people into thinking they are unworthy of God’s forgiveness. Ultimately, he seeks to discourage believers from choosing to follow Christ. He does this by accusing them for committing sin.

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The job description of Satan grows. Jesus said a woman was bound by Satan for eighteen years. Paul tells of handing a man over to Satan to destroy the flesh of a man. Revelation calls Satan the “Destroyer” and says he seeks to harm the guilty.

In other words, Satan has a broad job description and a growing role in the lives of people around the world.

The Bible shows that Satan was created with great wisdom, but he does not know it, and he has a warped perspective on what God wants for mankind. Because he is not a god, he continues to accuse the wicked and the weak. It is the power of the enemy to accuse the righteous and punish the wicked that is what Satan uses to manipulate the lives of those around him.


Selfish ambition

The bible is clear in its condemnation of selfish ambition. Selfish ambition is the hallmark of the wicked and is not in the character of God or Satan. Scripture warns us against selfish ambition, which is the antithesis of wisdom. We must learn to put ourselves in God’s place. Selfish ambition is destructive and is the root of much evil and discord. The Bible warns us about selfish ambition by warning us not to use others to satisfy our own desires and ambitions.

Lack of conscience

The fact that sin is so widespread and so easy to commit does not mean that everyone is guilty. Some people have a conscience but lack it. They contemplate adultery but do not commit it. Others find a trifle and don’t restore it. Even worse, some have thoughts and deeds that would shame God. Others are so horrified by their own sins that they are unable to act.

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If repentance were easy, people wouldn’t be so easily enraged by it. But when it is easy, wicked men will rise up against the preachers of repentance. They will not only kill the preacher’s name but also their own souls. Thus, lack of conscience is the root of human misery. This is why evangelicals push people to repent. And this is precisely what the wicked want: an easy way out.


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