21 Powerful Prayers For Teenagers And Young People

If God is for us who can be against us
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God has given us the tools to be in communion with Him, one of them is prayer. Learn precious prayers for teenagers and young people so that they can overcome the problems they go through during adolescence.

The teenage years can be full of growth, change, and potential, but they can also face an uphill climb along the way. It is pertinent to keep the young people in our lives in constant prayer. Because it is during these pivotal years that their personalities, choices, and ideals can affect much of their adult life.

Prayer for the youth

Praying is simply communicating with the Almighty, the Creator of all things. The way we have to be in communion and mediate for young people through prayer. In fact, the Holy Scriptures make us this wonderful and surprising invitation, as the following verse says:

JAMES 4: 8


what can we do to get closer to Our Beloved Father, In principle to pray, since prayer is the way we have to talk to Him. Secondly, to study the Holy Scriptures that represent the way our Lord responds to us.

In such a way that this communication that includes these two actions (praying and studying the Bible), will allow you to be closer to God, to be a friend of God as Abraham was, to have an intimate relationship with God.

God Almighty commands us to pray for each other, that is, for everyone. Part of the body of Jesus Christ is our teenagers and young people, who have been facing great threats that come from the world, as well as perversities and distractions that are strongly damaging their hearts and minds.

In such circumstances, it is impossible to sit idly by and do nothing. In this case, we want to offer you some examples of how you can say a prayer for teenagers and young people and pray with them.


21 Powerful Prayers For Teenagers And Young People

Do not miss the opportunity to pray frequently for the young, for a child, or adolescent. The act of praying has become a factor that is leading this generation away from the Holy Spirit in their lives.
This is because the culture of prayer has not been promoted in the youth. On the other hand, the speed with which we live takes us away from prayer, that is why we must discipline the flesh and establish a time for prayer.

know if you are born again

Here are a collection of powerful prayer teenagers and young people

Prayer for Teens Making College Choices

Father, we lift up today teens making the choice of college. If a child chooses to attend a college or to enter into the workforce, they will be faced with many challenges and new-found forks on the road. We know that although we carry our own opinions in the matter, ultimately You know where each path could potentially lead. Father, we pray on behalf of the teen we have in mind that You would steer them towards the choice that will lead them closer to You and the one that will bring fruit to the Kingdom, and a true joy to them. The kind of joy that can only be born of the Spirit of God, and the kind of joy that comes from walking in obedience to You. Father, just as the Israelites followed You through the desert so we pray that our teens would follow You into the Promised Land You have for them.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


Prayer for a friend

Lord, I give you (name) and thank you for them. I thank you for everything that they are And for all their gifts and talents. I thank you for the many things that they have given to others And for all the kindness that they have shown me. Lord, at the beginning of time You breathed Your life into creation May you breathe Your life into them now So that each step they take is filled with Your faith Each thought they think is filled with Your hope and each moment they live is filled with Your love.
May they fully know Your life And fully live in Your love This day and every day Amen


Prayer for Teens with Family Problems

Father, we lift up teens dealing with family problems today. Those teen years are filled with many voices in the ears of these young people, but we pray that Your voice of wisdom is the most pronounced. We pray in Your Holy Name that they will be given hearts of wisdom and discernment, so that they may see how to treat those in their families with respect and love. In the Commandments You gave to Moses; you call for us to respect our earthly parents. We pray for these children not only to respect their parents but to come into understanding as to why. More than anything, we pray that they would come into a deeper understanding of the love their families have for them, that the attacks of the enemy would be stifled, and Your love would flow throughout. We pray for healing and we pray for beautiful memories to be made from the restoration You have ushered forth.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Prayer for Teens Who Are Bullied

Father, we lift up teens who are bullied. Bullying creates wounds that scar on the inside, but we believe in the healing You can bring. We pray those wounds would not fester and create lifelong issues, rather we pray that Your truth would shine on them. That You would pour over them Your truth of how You see them, bringing forth Light where darkness sought to reign. We pray barriers of Holy protection around them so that the arrows of hurtful words and actions would not be allowed to penetrate the hearts and minds of these children. Instead, that words of godly truth would flow like a fountain over them. Teens can often have insecurities and fears that cause them to be mocking, and often cruel to others. Father, we pray for those children to be healed by You so that they would live a life of kindness and tenderness to others. We pray for the bullies to be brought forward in healing so that they would no longer desire to hurt others, but in their own healing they would instead extend compassion to those around them.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Prayer for A Job Interview

(a short prayer to say before the interview)
Dear Lord, Help me to give my best today in this interview. Wrap me in your loving arms when I feel insecure. Hold me in your steady embrace when I feel nervous. Help me to understand the questions I am asked, And answer in an honest and inspired way. In the interview, I pray you would show me if this is the right job for me. I am your servant and I seek to do your will on this earth. Lead me in your paths and guide me into all truth. I ask all this in the beautiful name of Jesus My Saviour and friend. Amen.

Prayer for Teens to Make Good Friends

Father, we pray for good and godly friendships for the teens in our lives. Godly friendships are important in these formative years, so we pray that You would lead good friends together for these young people. Just as David and Jonathan formed a friendship like a brotherhood rooted in You, so we pray that for our teens. Friendships and community circles will impact a person, the people they hang around will influence their own choices, ideals, and personalities. We pray for friendships that are destined of You, in order that together they could come to see more of You and more of the beauty they can pour out to others.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


Prayer for Teens to Grow Spiritually Amid School, Family, and Social Pressures

Father, we lift up teens to grow spiritually in You amid school, family, and social pressures. You often called great men and women in their teens to follow You into their destinies. From David being crowned King as a teen, to Esther saving her people as a young adult, to Mary being bestowed the honor of carrying Your Son, Jesus, as a teen You often have a tender spot in calling youth to their journeys. We pray that during this time between childhood and adulthood that they would come to know You more Spiritually. That it would not merely be religion in the sense of rules to be followed, but a deeply rooted relationship where they come to know the character and heart of God. We pray in these years they embrace You in their heats, and that seedling of faith will grow into gardens of splendor in Your Kingdom, full of fruit and life. We pray against attacks of the enemy or influences that are seeking to corrupt them. We speak against such spirits in Jesus’ name, for as You said in Matthew 18 that those who seek to lead a child into sin come in offense against You. We pray for Your Spirit protecting and leading them into true communion with You, growing in truth and Spirit.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


A Prayer for Teens and Social Distancing

Father, we lift up teens during this COVID-19 Crisis. Many have been called away from their schools, social lives, and normal activates. That can be shifting, to say the least, but we lift them up during this time. We pray for those who feel lonely to feel Your companionship and presence with them. We pray for them to come closer to You, to take this time distanced from the world to ponder the universe outside of their usual lives, and in the course of it to unlock more truth found in You. As they miss the social aspects of life, we pray they can connect with those they care for in new and creative ways. From snail mail to video chats we pray there will still be the ability for them to connect with others. We pray they respect and understand the need for social distancing, and that they would become compassionate and have tender hearts towards those who are sick or vulnerable to catching the virus. May this be a time of great growth in their lives.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Ways to Enjoy Divine Rest in God

Effective Prayer for a teenager Son/Daughter

Father, in the name of Jesus, I affirm Your Word over my son/daughter. I commit __________ to you and delight myself also in You. I thank You that You deliver __________ out of rebellion into right relationship with us, his/her parents.
Father, the first commandment with a promise is to the child who obeys his/her parents in the Lord. You said that all will be well with him/her and he/she will live long on the earth. I affirm this promise on behalf of my child, asking You to give __________ an obedient spirit that he/she may honor (esteem and value as precious) his/her father and mother.

Father, forgive me for mistakes made out of my own unresolved hurts or selfishness, which may have caused __________ hurt. I release the anointing that is upon Jesus to bind up and heal our (parents’ and child’s) broken hearts. Give us the ability to understand and forgive one another as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven us. Thank You for the Holy Spirit Who leads us into all truth and corrects erroneous perceptions about past or present situations.

Thank You for teaching us to listen to each other and giving __________ an ear that hears admonition, for then he/she will be called wise. I affirm that I will speak excellent and princely things and the opening of my lips shall be for right things. Father, I commit to train and teach __________ in the way that he/she is to go, and when __________ is old he/she will not depart from sound doctrine and teaching but will follow it all the days of his/her life. In the name of Jesus, I command rebellion to be far from the heart of my child and confess that he/she is willing and obedient, free to enjoy the reward of Your promises. __________ shall be peaceful bringing peace to others.

Father, according to Your Word we have been given the ministry of reconciliation, and I release this ministry and the word of reconciliation into this family situation. I refuse to provoke or irritate or fret my child; I will not be hard on him/her lest he/she becomes discouraged, feeling inferior and frustrated. I will not break his/her spirit, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Father, I forgive my child for the wrongs he/she has done and stand in the gap until he/she comes to his/her senses and escapes out of the snare of the enemy (rebellion). Thank You for watching over Your Word to perform it, turning and reconciling the heart of the rebellious child to the parents and the hearts of the parents to the child. Thank You for bringing my child back into a healthy relationship with You and with me that our lives might glorify You! Amen.


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Wisdom of God

Teach Me Wisdom Prayer

Holy Father, thank You that reverence of You is the beginning of true knowledge. Teach me wisdom and discipline in all aspects of my life. Make me successful in my studies, in my relationships with others, and in my future. Help me to do what is just, right and fair. Give me insight and discernment. Help me to listen and to learn from the correction and instruction of my parents, my spiritual leaders, and my teachers. Amen.


Prayer against Peer Pressure

Heavenly Father, please help me not to just blindly follow the crowd. When they entice me to do something I know isn’t right, help me to turn my back on them. When they say, “Come join us, just for fun,” help me remember that hurting others or causing harm to myself is wrong. Help me be bold and courageous to walk on Your path of justice – not their path of destruction. Amen.


Make Me a Person of Integrity Prayer

Lord, help me to be a person of integrity. May I carefully follow Your instructions, Give me joy as I follow You with all my heart. Give me strength not to compromise with evil. May my actions consistently reflect You. If I slip and fail, please don’t give up on me! Please don’t let me wander away. Help me hide Your Word in my heart so I won’t sin against You, and so I honor You. Amen.

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Prayer Against Sexual Temptation

Father God, I am struggling with a sexual temptation right now. Give me the strength to do what is right according to Your Word, and not dishonor another person or myself by engaging in sexual sin. Give me the strong discipline to avoid media that that objectifies people. Give me the wisdom to avoid situations where my urges may overcome common sense. Help me to stay pure. Amen.


Prayer for Making Good Choices

Heavenly Father, every day I have to make decisions. Help me make good choices through Your Holy Spirit’s wisdom. Help me to keep the big picture in mind, and not get distracted by the small stuff. Help me remember that values matter. Help me to learn from my mistakes in the past. Help me not to procrastinate. Help me to seek the wisdom of others – and especially You – when I don’t know what to do. Amen.


Prayer for Friendships

Dear God, thank You for being my closest friend – always with me and supporting me. But now I ask for earthly friends that share my values and interests, so we can be mutually supportive of each other.
Bring people into my life to stretch, motivate and encourage me. And help me to be a good friend – to be real, to be honest, to be a good listener, to maintain confidences, and to be encouraging and loyal.


Prayer Regarding Hurtful Words

Dear God, I hate the sarcastic hurtful words on social media and even in person: words that make people feel excluded or insecure, words that cause harm. Sometimes those words are directed at me, and they hurt. I confess that sometimes I am the initiator of hurtful words. Forgive me Lord; help me to only speak words that encourage. Help me not to respond to others in anger or hurt, but to bless instead. Help me to discourage others from hate speech. Amen.


Prayer About Love

Dear Jesus, Your greatest command is to love the Lord My God with all my heart, soul, and mind. Holy Spirit, help me keep that command. Help me not get distracted by things that take my attention away from You, or that go against Your Word. Remind me to spend time daily with You in prayer and Bible study. Help me to love others as I love myself and show me how to put that love into action. Amen.


Prayer for Discernment

Heavenly Father, please help me grow in my knowledge of You through my time in the Word and at church and youth group. Help me not to fall for what everyone around me believes is good or evil. Give me spiritual eyes to see what belief systems, what ethical systems, and what teachings are right and wrong, so that I won’t be deceived. Help me use Your Word as a measuring stick to discern true morality and goodness. Amen.


Prayer for Hope

Almighty God, when I descend into negativity and depression, help me to take every thought captive for Jesus Christ. Fill me with Your hope, and protect my mind and heart from the lies of the adversary.
In times of discouragement, help me to cling to You, Jesus, and soak up Your strength.
Help me raise a hallelujah, even when I’m down because praise is a great weapon! Amen.


Prayer about Identity

Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am Your child – I can come to You, crying out “Abba!” “Daddy!” I thank you that You created me in Your image. Help me to comprehend my identity as Your son/daughter, and that I am completely accepted in Your unconditional love. May I serve You with the motivation of deep thankfulness for Your unceasing love and acceptance. Amen.


Prayer for Holy Spirit Power

Dear Holy Spirit, I thank You that when You are operating in me, I am no longer ordinary. You bless me with unexpected courage, knowledge, and power. May I mirror You and walk in obedience to You, and may I receive Your power so that You accomplish in and through me infinitely more than I could ever ask or imagine. May my life be one of service to You, utilizing the spiritual gifts You have given me to draw others to You and build up Your kingdom. Amen.


We hope this topic 21 Powerful Prayers For Teenagers And Young People has served you and has been a blessing.

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