3 Effective Prayer for the Toxic People in Your Life

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Heres How to Pray for the Toxic People in Your Life and be at peace

As Christ’s disciples, we seek to show love with a pure heart and don’t need a person to give us perfect love in return. We choose to let God provide us with the perfect love, and we give up the right to demand it from anyone else. To be in accordance with God and His Word, we place our minds on being kind and patient. We pledge to model Jesus sacrificed love. However, there are times when the person we pledge our affection to repeatedly does not show us love and causes us to be wounded. How can we show the 1 Corinthians 13 love in this circumstance?

Kuddos on behalf of Debbie McDaniel for her insight in ” How to Protect yourself from the 10 Most Toxic people.” McDaniel wisely suggests that we establish boundaries and be aware of the limitations someone who is unhealthy could have on our lives. McDaniel also suggests that the moment “we take a look at the reflection of our souls, we might discover that we have unhealthy habits that God would like to transform.”


Identifying Dysfunctional Patterns

I’m a perfect mercy streak. Over the years, I’ve searched for the good in everyone. I cultivated relationships with emotionally unstable people. I was sure God loved them, and I could, but I didn’t know how to manage limits. I loved unconditionally regardless of the amount of pain poured out in exchange. I was afraid to express my true feelings about my feelings.

I was plagued by a ferocious fear of being in a confrontation. My rational thinking slipped into a coma whenever I saw any sign of an explosive response. Then resentment pushed me to the floor. In pain and exhaustion, I decided to leave the relationship.

This is how I dealt with it the first time I got married. A few years later, I was very close to repeating that pattern in my second marriage.

A major issue in our marriage forced me to engage in intense Bible study and counselling for prayer. God revealed many of my unhealthy relationships. I was obsessed with the approval of other people. I was a huge gossiper and blamer. If there were an event for uncaring victims, I would have won the prize.

I was blind at first; however, now I can see.

Restoration is God’s work.

My pride prevented me from experiencing these truths about myself, and it also made me focus on the ways in which I was the “other person” who had to change so that I could feel safe. Through incredible mercy, God revealed the truth to bring me to completeness.

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God sent His Word to me to heal me and free me from self-destructing. (Psalm 107:20my paraphrase)

God provides relief and peace to all.

He’s waiting to change the lives of all who leak emotional nuclear reactions and throw out verbal blasts. The abuser, the controller, and those who are easily angry aren’t impervious to God’s power and powerful Word. There is a promise that there is no limit to the power of God ( Luke 1:37Mark 10:27). It is possible to find a solution for those who are bullies, addicts, or the person whose mind is in a negative mindset. The gossiper, the blamer and the arrogant victim all receive new doses of mercy from God every single day.

God has created people who have hurt us, and he has a great strategy for them. He understands that a “why” drives their destructive behaviour. He understands the lies they tell themselves, and he understands what is between them and their completeness. The Shepherd focuses on all sheep who wander away from the services He provides.

Collaboration with God

We are the temples of God’s Holy Spirit and are aided by God to believe in things we do not yet comprehend. We are the vessels of His compassion and His wisdom and the Word of His mouth. His power is working within us to accomplish more than we could ever dream or think of. ( Ephesians 3:20 meaning).

“We don’t wrestle with blood and flesh ( Ephesians 6:12 )”.

There is an evil force that lurks behind every deadly personal disorder and a self-defensive mechanism for coping. Every person who has been a victim is a victim of the person that steals, murders and causes destruction.

The good news is that God has much more strength than Satan. He is the God who has angels in his armies and gets us ready for battle by His righteousness, truth, faith, peace, righteousness and the sword, God’s Word. God. His victory banner flies over us. If we put on our arms with prayer, we affirm His authority and join His plans to build the entire family of God.

What could please the Lord our God more than to shift our focus from our problems and concentrate on Him? He is our answer.

3 Effective Prayer for the Toxic People in Your Life

Praying to God is an effective initial line of defence. We can praise and worship Him, Our wonderful counsellor and ultimate relationship expert.

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Holy God. You are compassionate and loving, slow to anger, and overflowing with love. Nobody can judge Your excellence, and you extend your hand to meet their needs.

You guarded Daniel in the lion’s savannah. You built an ark before the flood. You create streams in deserts. Any situation is not too daunting for You, and it is all possible because You are the Creator and Redeemer.

You love imperfect people incredibly. Your love is perfect and drives out fears.

You’re powerful to save!

It is possible to live with humility and prayer before God. God can assist us in loving those who don’t have a good relationship with us. The purity of our hearts.

Father, I could not be aware of my part in the toxic relationships I have with others. Please help me to see the truth about me. Use The healing powers of your Word on my mind and heart. Please take me away from any hardening which causes me to hurt others through the words I speak and my actions. Keep me from self-destructive patterns.

I have a problematic relationship with _____. I’m asking You to provide me guidance on being a good friend to _____. You are my protector and shield. Help me understand when and where to draw boundaries within our relationship. I trust You as my healer, and It is my trust in You that you protect my heart and my mind.

I’m looking for specific instructions regarding how to communicate with _____.

I would like to love the Lord with an honest heart, an upright conscience and sincere faith. (1 Timothy 1:5)

Help me to love _____ in a way that is courageous. Let me be filled with Your truth, and force me to openly speak the truth in the love of my life. Let Your love for me remove all my fears about our relationship.

I forgive ______ for hurting me. I ask you forgiveness for ______ and ______. I am aware of my feelings such as _______, _________ and the _______. And I ask you to calm my heart so that my emotions don’t overrule my decisions

I am releasing what I believe the relationship between us should look like. Let it be transformed so that it is in honour of You.

In Jesus, I pray. Amen.

The person you are unable to tolerate that you are living with may make you be viewed as an enemy. This is the way Satan would like you to feel towards your partner, family member, church leader, etc. However, remember that the true person to blame is Satan.

God gives us precise directions to bless people who curse us and pray for those who abuse the people around us ( Luke 6:27-28). Jesus demonstrated this affection for us on the cross, and also, when He washed Judas his feet, He knew that He was about to betray Jesus. He washed his feet, knowing that he would betray Him.

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Praying for your enemies is similar to training in preparation for Christian Olympics. The stakes are very high, and the requirements are rigorous. However, the reward is higher than any gold award. God uses prayers in people’s lives, their families, and the generations following them.

Make use of this prayer prompt to begin an ongoing dialogue with God in the name of the person who is causing harm you have in your life.

God, I thank You as the provider of ______. Thank You for everything _______ needs to be in harmony and peace with other people and me.

Your Word is alive and is an offer of healing for _____. I ask You to enrich the life of _____. Let it be a healing salve for the wounds of _____. Please make use of it to set _____ free from the trap by the adversaries.

Your name is the Good Shepherd. Please save _______ from the paths of destruction.

You are the most wonderful counsellor. You can break down the walls of _____’s mind and heart with Your hammer of revelation. Give _____ the spiritual insight and wisdom to be aware of You. Fill ______’s heart with Your love.

In the event that _____ has been a victim of shame, pour two parts of honour into the lives of _____.

The Holy Spirit prays for _____ all the time. Let me be the same. I will raise an entire army of prayer warriors on _____’s behalf. The heavens and the earth must cooperate in harmony to save _______ from evil.

Get _____ ready to listen to me, and others share Your heartfelt love and truth. Help _____ to feel Your Love and Your presence.

You are the One who can make _____ be hungry for Your Word and follow Your commandments. That is why you are the One who can make _____ hungry for Your Word. _____.

Faithful in Jesus, I ask Jesus to ask God to grant me the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen


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