Prayers for anxiety and depression to Calm People’s Nerves

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The Prayer to calm people’s nerves is performed constantly, since the human being by nature when he has a situation in which he does not have absolute control can feel anxiety and restlessness, so it is important to ask God in prayer that peace that only He can give.

In this way, it should be known that only with God on his side can a person have the tranquillity he needs, and will allow him to have that peace and confidence when he has some type of activity or is able to cope with a moment that causes him anguish, it is for This means that the power that comes from heaven will descend when raising a prayer from the heart.


Prayer to Calm People’s Nerves

Prayer to Calm People's Nerves

The prayer to calm the nerves should be a reason for seeking God since in those moments of anguish it can create that anxiety in people’s lives.

That is that the connection to God is the best option, and even the Bible shows it with David, who in his moment of fear prayed and received the help of the Heavenly Father.

“I love the Lord, for he has heard my voice and my supplications; because he has inclined his ear to me; therefore I will call on him all my days.

Bands of death surrounded me, the anguish of Sheol found me; anguish and pain had I found.

Then I called on the name of the Lord, saying: O Lord, now deliver my soul. Jehovah is gracious, and just; yes, merciful is our God.

Jehovah keeps the simple; I was prostrate, and he saved me. Return, O my soul, to your rest, for the Lord has done you good” (Psalm 116:1-7)



Prayers to Calm Nerves

Being a situation that affects people, several examples of the prayer to calm the nerves will be presented below depending on the situation they are experiencing.

1. Prayer to Calm the Nerves

Heavenly Father at this time I put myself in front of your presence because when I have anxiety, fear and nerves.

It is only you who can act in my life, establishing that it is you taking absolute control of my life.

Dear God, at this moment I raise my hands as an act of adoration and of my absolute dependence on you.

Believing that your power manifests itself in my life at this moment that my nerves are upset, due to this situation that is afflicting me.

Today I ask that your peace that has no understanding can descend into my life, that it takes away all the nerves that I feel at this moment in my heart.

May it be your peace, your tranquillity, your serenity completely enveloping me and my thoughts align to your will.

I establish liberation to my soul and that all thoughts that have brought disturbance, and nerves to my life go away.

I declare that everything good that brings peace, joy, love, holiness, and prosperity descends in my life and I will be able to see your presence working in my favour.

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Thank you Father because I can feel your power at this moment, and you are adding the wanting as well as the doing in my heart.

That every day I will seek more of your presence because only you bring to my life that peace that I need.

Thank you Lord because at this moment I see your love tangible, I know that this prayer has come with a fragrant smell before you.

I can feel that it is fulfilling in my life, all the nerves are gone, and I can only be calm in your presence.

Today I declare it in the mighty name of Jesus” Amen.


2. Prayer to calm the nerves before an important exam

There are times when people who are studying in primary, secondary, or university and postgraduate courses feel fear.

This happens when they are going to present an exam, which is going to take them to another academic level, it is, therefore, necessary to make the following sentence:


Prayer to calm the nerves before an important exam

“Dear God, on this day I stand before your presence because I know that only with you I can get the positive answer for my life.

That is why I praise you, I exalt you, I glorify your name because you are very good.

Right now I feel very nervous about taking this exam, which will allow me to pass this new academic level that I have longed for so much.

I ask you, my Lord, to bring that peace and serenity that I need because you know how much I have tried in this time to achieve my goal.

That’s why I ask you Lord to be you bringing that peace I need in the midst of this fear that has come to me.

Producing these nerves that arise at the thought of failing and seeing my dream of progress come to an end.

That’s why today I raise my hands demonstrating my absolute dependence on you.

I ask you to be you helping me throughout the exam process, to be you giving me the wisdom and intelligence to respond in the best way.
That everything I have studied can be implemented correctly in the evaluation.

Your word tells me that everything we ask in your name Jesus will be done, that’s why today I’m on my knees on the floor worshipping you and exalting you looking for you.

So that all fear and nerves go out of my life, and I can be confident that everything I do on the exam will turn out very well.

That’s why I thank you Lord because you are listening to my prayer, and I will see fulfilled what I am asking you, that my nerves go away.

That I will come out victorious in the exam that I will present, in the mighty name of Jesus » Amen.


3. Prayer to Calm the Nerves before an operation

There are times when a person must enter the operating room due to some type of illness and the nerves can attack, which is why it is imperative to pray the following:

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Prayer to calm the nerves before an operation
Heavenly Father on this day I give you praise, and glory because you are good and wonderful.

I declare Father that you are with me at this moment that I am living because I feel very nervous because soon I will enter the operating room.

I know that all things work for the good of those who are called in your name, but at this moment I feel that I have a million nerves as a result of this operation that they are going to perform on me.

That is why today I bow before you to ask for your divine intervention, and I can receive tranquillity and confidence in knowing that everything will be fine.

I ask you, Lord, to be you working at this moment in my thoughts and emotions, that these nerves that I feel go away from my life and that I may be at peace at the moment of entering the operating room.

Declaring that your Holy Spirit deposits the fruit of your Spirit, and you will use with power the doctors who will operate on me.

I establish that your divine power will move in the operating room, creating a heavenly atmosphere where your angels will be accompanying me at all times.

That you will use with power and glory the hands of the doctors who are going to intervene in my body, declaring a successful operation.

Mighty God at this moment the atmosphere changes completely because it is you who is covering me completely.

This place is filled with your presence which only brings me peace, believing that all the nerves are gone from me, and I will be calm during this operation.

The price I thank you because your word teaches that when we approach you in prayer you will grant the desires of our hearts.

I know that at this moment I am free of all nerves and I will be able to go into this operation in victory and come out in victory too.

Today he declared it in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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4. Prayer to Calm the Nerves for a trip

There are people who are very nervous about travelling by plane or perhaps by vehicle from one city to another, so if this is your case, this is an example to lower the levels of anxiety that you experience:


Prayer to calm the nerves for a trip

Dear God, at this moment I stand before your presence giving you the praise, glory and honour that only you deserve because you are the giver of life and the one who allows us to be blessed every day, thanks to your immense mercies.

Today that I am in a few minutes to go to the airport to take the plane and be able to travel, I ask you, Lord, to be you, removing all the nerves that I feel at this moment.

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I am always afraid when boarding a plane and negative thoughts come to my head, which comes to disturb my peace of mind.

That is why today I ask you to help me overcome this fear and these fears and nerves, which arise every time I go to travel.

That should not come into my life because I am trusting that you are my helper and my protector par excellence, that is why at this moment I seek you in prayer.

Your word teaches me that it was you Jesus who gave us that peace that has no understanding, a peace that no human being can give.

Today I ask you to be able to feel it, to take away all fear, all nerves, and to be able to feel that peace is tangible when you leave on a trip.

At this moment I cast out all fear and establish that all those thoughts that are not positive go from my mind.

I declare that confidence, and tranquillity, come into my life and that all my thoughts align to obedience in Christ Jesus.

For that, I thank you because I know that it is you who is working in the middle of this prayer, and I can already feel how your Holy Spirit is ministering to my mind.

That is why only thoughts of peace, joy, and tranquillity come because this trip will be a blessing for my life, where I will be able to fulfil all the objectives that I have set for myself.

Today with my hands raised I exalt your name and glorify your name because you are fair in responding to your children.

That’s why I know that this prayer comes with a fragrant smell in your presence, and all my nerves have gone from my life.

Today I declare it in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Seeing each of these examples of the prayer to calm the nerves, it is necessary for each of the believers or non-believers in God to understand that only by placing their trust in the Lord.

And you will be able to receive that peace that you need, and you will be able to control that fear and anxiety, which produce those nerves before the unknown.


That’s why we invite you to scrutinize the word of God and seek God in prayer every time you feel nervous about some kind of situation.

And they can declare with an audible voice, as King David did, that in any circumstance he lived in, he had confidence in God, who would always help him in everything.



“The Lord is my light and my salvation, who can I be afraid of? The Lord defends my life, who will I have to fear?…

Trust in the Lord! Have courage, do not be discouraged! Yes, trust in the Lord!” (Psalms 27:1,14)