60 difficult bible questions for young people

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A selection of quizzes with difficult bible questions on various topics from the Bible. Each question has three different answer options but only one is correct. Use these good questions to play Bible games in youth society programs.

60 difficult bible questions for young people

Here you will find 60 Bible questions with a high level of difficulty. Each question offers 3 response options. The quiz covers topics from both the Old and New Testaments.

You can use these questions to do a biblical game with some friends or for your personal learning about the Word of God.

1. Which woman was the judge and leader of Israel according to the Bible?

a) Jael

b) Deborah

c) Esther

b) Deborah. See Judges 4:4-5.

2. Who was ruling Judah when Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem?

to David

b) Ahaz

c) Jehoiakim

c) Jehoiakim. See Daniel 1:1

3. Whom did Paul call “our fellow warrior”?

a) Apollo

b) Archippus

c) Afia

b) Archippus. See Philemon 1:2.

4. What hurt Paul’s soul during his trip to Athens?

a) The promiscuity of the Greek people.

b) The number of idols in the city.

c) The lack of synagogues.

b) The number of idols in the city. See Acts 17:16-17.

5. Which disciples asked Jesus if they could call down fire from heaven?

a) John and James

b) Peter and John

c) James and Peter

a) John and James. See Luke 9:54.

6. What was the name of the king of Israel who sacrificed his son in the fire?

a) Joaz

b) Ahaz

c) Jehoahaz

b) Ahaz. See 2 Kings 16:3-4

7. What was the name of Leah’s only daughter?

a) Zilpah

b) Dinah

c) Rachel

b) Dinah. See Genesis 30:21.

8. To which tribe did Saul belong?

a) Naphtali

b) Levi

c) Benjamin

c) Benjamin. See 1 Samuel 9:1

9. What were the names of the nominees to replace Judas Iscariot?

a) Joseph (Barsabas) and Matthias.

b) Pablo and Matías.

c) Pablo and José (Barsabás).

a) Joseph (Barsabas) and Matthias. See Acts 1:23.

10. Whom did the Apostle Paul call “the dear physician”?

a) Jesus

b) others

c) Luke

c) Luke. See Colossians 4:14.

11. Who had hair that weighed more than 2 kilos?

a) Absalom

b) David

c) Samson

a) Absalom. See 2 Samuel 14:26.

12. What was Daniel’s Babylonian name?

a) Azariah

b) Belteshazzar

c) Abednego

b) Belteshazzar. See Daniel 1:7.

13. How many chapters does the Book of Nahum have?

a) 1

b) 7

c) 3

c) 3 chapters.

14. To what place was Paul taken when he was in Athens to speak about Jesus Christ?

a) Colosseum

b) Sanctuary

c) Areopagus

c) Areopagus. See Acts 17:19-20.

15. What was the name that Jacob gave to the place where he dreamed of God?

a) Bethuel

b) light

c) Bethel

16. How old was Caleb when he asked Joshua for Hebron?

a) 40 years

b) 85 years

c) 120 years

b) 85 years old. See Joshua 14:10-12.

17. Which contains more books: the Old Testament or the New Testament?

a) Old Testament

b) New Testament

c) They have the same number of books

a) Old Testament.

18. What was the name of the supposed prophetess who caused the Thyatira church to fall into sexual immorality and idolatry?

a) Jezebel

b) Lili

c) Delilah

a) Jezebel. See Revelation 2:18-20.

19. What is the longest verse in the Bible?

a) Esther 8:9

b) Psalms 119:43

c) Isaiah 24:2

a) Esther 8:9.

20. What were the names of the 7 churches that received the letters in the book of Revelation?

a) Ephesus, Philippi, Pergamos, Thyatira, Crete, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

b) Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

c) Ephesus, Macedonia, Pergamos, Philippi, Thessalonica, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

b) Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. See Revelation 1:11.

21. How was Sisera when he died?

a) sleeping

b) Fighting

c) praying

a) Sleeping. See Judges 4:21

22. Who were some of those who joined Paul after hearing his speech in Athens?

a) Nicodemus and his family

b) Dionysus and Damaris

c) Archimedes and James

b) Dionysus and Damaris. See Acts 17:34.

23. Death mounted on a yellow horse appeared at the opening of the ____ seal of the Apocalypse.

a) 1st stamp

b) 7th seal

c) 4th seal

c) 4th seal. See Revelation 6:7-8.

24. Which book of the Bible ends with a question mark?

a) Jonah

b) Joel

c) Jude

a) Jonah. See Jonah 4:11.

25. Whose life did God prolong for 15 more years after he prayed?

a) Enoch

b) Methuselah

c) Hezekiah

c) Hezekiah. See Isaiah 38:5.

26. What did Pharaoh give Joseph when he made him governor?

a) A good dinner

b) The official ring

c) Twelve horses

b) The official ring. See Genesis 41:42.

27. What was the name of Saul’s father?

a) Abiel

b) Quis / Cis

c) Zeror

b) Quis / Cis. See 1 Samuel 9:1.

28. How many disciples did Jesus send out two by two to prepare the places where he intended to go?

a) 7 disciples

b) 72 disciples

c) 12 disciples

b) 72 disciples. See Luke 10:1.

29. How many verses does Psalm 119 have?

a) 176 verses.

b) 200 verses.

c) 100 verses.

a) 176 verses. See Psalms 119:176.

30. In exchange for how many coins did Judas give Jesus?

a) 30 gold coins

b) 30 silver coins

c) 100 pence

b) 30 silver coins. See Matthew 26:14-15.

31. What are the books of the Bible in which we do not find the word “God”?

a) Esther and Song

b) Haggai and Amos

c) Hosea and Ecclesiastes

a) Esther and Songs.

32. What happened when the Lamb broke the seventh seal?

a) The devil was imprisoned for 2000 years.

b) A sign that caught believers in Christ.

c) Silence in heaven for about half an hour.

33. During the reign of which kings did Hosea prophesy?

a) Saul, David, and Solomon.

b) Josiah, Jehoahaz, Ahaziah, and Jotham.

c) Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Jeroboam.

c) Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Jeroboam. See Hosea 1:1.

34. How many more years did Noah live after the flood?

a) 350 years

b) 100 years

c) 7 days

a) 350 years. See Genesis 9:28-29.

35. Who was a wealthy man and tax collector?

a) Zacharias

b) Zebedee

c) Zacchaeus

c) Zacchaeus. See Luke 19:2.

36. Which of these books has more than one chapter?

a) Jude

b) Obadiah

c) Joel

c) The book of Joel has 3 chapters.

37. What were the characteristics of the beast that came up from the earth in the book of Revelation?

a) Two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon.

b) Ten horns with crowns and seven heads.

c) Seven horns, seven heads, and fire came out of his tongue.

a) Two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon. See Revelation 13:11.

38. Whom did the crowd of Lystra call by the names of Zeus and Hermes?

a) Peter and John

b) Barnabas and Paul

c) Jesus and Paul

b) Barnabas and Paul. See Acts 14:12.

39. Who ruled by being king and priest at the same time?

a) Jehoahaz

b) Melchizedek

c) Manasseh

b) Melchizedek. See Genesis 14:18.

40. What is the shortest book in the Bible?

a) Jude

b) 2 John

c) 3 John

b) 2 John has only 13 verses, all in one chapter.

41. During the reign of which king was Zephaniah a prophet?

a) Reign of Josiah.

b) Reign of Ahab.

c) Reign of Ahaz.

a) Reign of Josiah. See Zephaniah 1:1.

42. Who was the woman who first welcomed her enemy and then killed him?

a) Rachel

b) Deborah

c) Jael

c) Jael. See Judges 4:18-21.

43. How many iron chariots did Jabin have?

a) 900

b) 300

c) 100

a) 900. See Judges 4:2.

44. Who did Jesus nickname “Boanerges” which means Sons of Thunder?

a) John and Peter

b) John and James

c) Peter and James

b) John and James. See Mark 3:17.

45. In John’s prophetic vision, how many were the horsemen of the Apocalypse?

a) 7

b) 4

c) 5

b) 4. See Revelation 6:1-8.

46. ​​The Book of Acts of the Apostles is classified as…

a) a historical book.

b) a prophetic book.

c) a poetic book.

a) a historical book.

47. Who wrote the Epistle of Jude?

a) Judas, brother of James

b) Judas Iscariot

c) John the evangelist

a) Judas, brother of James. See Jude 1:1.

48. Which 2 men did the Apostle Paul say had shipwrecked in faith?

a) Jannes and Jambres

b) Silas and Barnabas

c) Hymenaeus and Alexander

c) Hymenaeus and Alexander. See 1 Timothy 1:19-20.

49. Which of the following is not an apocryphal book?

a) Book of Enoch

b) Book of Haggai

c) Book of Tobias

b) Book of Haggai, found in the Old Testament.

50. The archangel Michael and the devil disputed over the body of…

a) Jesus

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b) Elisha

c) Moses

c) Moses. See Jude 1:9.

51. Which of the disciples accompanied Jesus to his crucifixion?

a) Andrew

b) James

c) John

c) John. See John 19:26-27.

52. How many years did Adam live?

a) 930 years

b) 1000 years

c) 500 years

a) 930 years. See Genesis 5:5.

53. Where did Paul go after his visit to Athens?

a) Thessaloniki


c) Corinth

c) Corinth. See Acts 18:1.

54. Which animal bit Paul on the hand?

a) Lizard

b) Scorpion

c) Viper

c) Viper. See Acts 28:3.

55. During which day of creation did God create the sun, moon, and stars?

a) 1st day

b) 3rd day

c) 4th day

c) 4th day. See Genesis 1:14-19.

56. What elements made up the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream?

a) all gold

b) Gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay

c) Gold, silver, bronze, iron and onyx.

b) Gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay. See Daniel 2:32-35.

57. Who was the people that received Paul eagerly and examined the Scriptures well to see if it was true?

a) The Thessalonians

b) The Bereans

c) The Athenians

b) The Bereans. See Acts 17:10-11.

58. Of the 12 disciples of Jesus, which were brothers? (2 pairs)

a) Simon (Peter) and Andrew, James (James) and John

b) James (James) and John, Thomas and Matthew

c) Simon (Peter) and Andrew, Thomas, and Matthew

a) Simon (Peter) and Andrew, James (James) and John. See Matthew 10:1-4.

59. What was the name of Job’s wife?

a) Abigail

b) love

c) The Bible does not say

c) The Bible does not say his name.

60. Who swore not to eat or drink until they managed to kill Paul?

a) A group of Jews

b) A group of Greeks

c) A group of Romans

a) A group of Jews. See Acts 23:12-14.



1. Of whom did Jesus say, “Here is a true Israelite, in whom there is no falsehood”?

a) From Paul

b) Of Nathanael

c) From Peter

b) Of Nathanael. See John 1:45-49.

2. What did John the Baptist eat?

a) Rice and honey

b) Lamb and vegetables

c) Of lobsters and honey

c) Of lobsters and honey. See Matthew 3:4.

3. Who was notified that he would be king while looking for his father’s donkeys?

to David

b) Saul

c) Ahab

b) Saul. See 1 Samuel 9:3-17.

4. According to the book of Revelation, how many bowls of God’s fury will be poured out on the earth?

a) 6

b) 12

c) 7

c) 7. See Revelation 16:1.