5 Powerful Prayer to Radiate Christ

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Here is a compilation short and Powerful Prayer to Radiate Christ

Being a child of God is one of the most important tasks in our life, being able to transmit his message of love and peace to others is a complex job, so it is necessary to know how to radiate what Our Father transmits, and that is only possible with help from Him, through prayer , so He can fill you with His power of communication and others will understand His message.

On Earth we are the messengers of God, we make the rest of the world see how wonderful it is to follow his path, to open their eyes and praise Our Father Christ.

Short and effective prayer to radiate Christ

Many of us want to show the world which is the right path, which path we must take so that evil is completely removed from our lives, with this prayer the message of God will accompany you wherever you go, the world will be able to understand it and realize that Our Father is our only guide.

Oh Lord, allow me to
Communicate your message
You are my Father
I have always followed your steps
But there are many who do not
That do not know that with you
Life is happier
That is why I bow before you
In search of your permission
Let me convey your word
As well as Many have done it
During these years
I am your son
And many do not know that they are also
I beg you Father


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Cardinal Newman’s Prayer to Radiate Christ

The Cardinal Newman was one of the great preachers of the word and the message of God, he instilled great things in the heart and soul of the children of Our Lord, so with this prayer you encomendarás him, with his can help spread the message so that everyone follows God’s way.

Great Cardinal Newman
What are you
In the kingdom of God
Today I come to you
In search of help and knowledge
I want to show the world
The path of God
Keep people away from evil
Help me spread the brightness of God
Let the world know of his word
And I managed to connect with Him
You knew how to do it
Help me so that I can too I
am a child of God
And I want to help others
To also feel like me

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Prayer to radiate Christ from Mother Teresa of Calcutta

There are religious entities that lived in this world and could radiate Our Lord, share him with the world, one of them was Mother Teresa of Calcutta, with this prayer you will ask Mother to help you show the world the way of God.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
You were a messenger of God You
spread his word throughout the world
As a good daughter of God
Stay with me
Convey your wisdom to
me Teach me how to radiate Christ
To show the world
How wonderful to follow his path
With this prayer
I ask you to take my hand
And to me lead the path
To reach people
Who know God
As I know him


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Prayer to the blood of Christ

Jesus Christ shed blood for us, we are bathed in it, we can show the world that his sacrifice is the reason why we are here, this prayer is to consecrate you with the blood of Jesus and with it to communicate the message of God to the world in the one we live in.

You spilled your blood
For all of us
I bow before you I
praise your sacrifice
And I want to ask you something
Let me spread your word
I just want to spread your fragrance
Many live in ignorance
They do not realize that you are everything
And without you we are nothing
That is why I bathe in your blood
So that the world opens its eyes
Listen to me Father
I want to be of help
Many need to know
That your path is not easy
But it is the right one for all
We, your children


Prayer of surrender to Christ

In order to inform the world how is the path of Our Beloved Lord we must give ourselves completely to Him, in mind, body and soul, with this prayer you will give yourself to Christ to transmit his message to the rest of the world.

Today I give myself to you
Christ, Our Lord
I want to communicate your word
Let the world realize
that we are who we are
Only for you
I give you my soul
My mind and my body
So that you guide me
On your path
And give me the gift of communication
So I will be able to reach the mind and heart
Of many of your children
Who still do not follow your path
Hear my prayer Father
I want to be your messenger
I give myself to you completely
Your message is the most important
That is why I must spread it

We as faithful children of God have a mission in the world and it is to radiate what He has given us, all the good things and the things we achieve are thanks to Him and therefore the world should know it, we have to transmit to others what we feel, how we live and our fullness internally and externally, so people will understand that the correct path is God’s.

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It may seem difficult, but we just have to be ourselves and enjoy life as we do it little by little and with the help of prayer, other people will perceive God in us.