Free online bible study tools

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  As soon as you became a born again child of God, you’re ready to take your spiritual  life to the next level.

Here are top free online bible study tools you shouldn’t do without.

Immediately you’re born again, the first thing that comes to your mind is getting free useful online bible tools for understanding the word of God easily.

There are many free useful bible tools online and offline which you can use for betting understand the word of God and  any type of Christian published materials  such as bible, books, magazine, tracts etc.

As a new believer, You may want to start with high word study zeal  especially when you have little understanding of the word and as such you may not be able to afford to study less.

As a matter of fact, starting word study with a high zeal be better than starting with less/low passion for the word.

If you’re looking for a useful bible study tools that you can use for your daily studying of the bible then i have four suggestions for you. Like i said earlier, there are many free useful online bible study tools but am only recommending these four bible study tools because i have used them and am still using them.

Even if you’re not a young believer/Christian,  You may also need them for the the passion of your bible study .

Am a big fan of  Free useful online bible study tools and i love using most bible tools online. sometimes free online bible tools can be better than the offline materials . Beside that, am not the patient type who can afford to spend lots of time opening pages of books while I can just type what I need online and get results, I just have to manage the little time  i have studying  my bible smoothly.


 am sure you’re also like me and that’s why you’ve visited this page. so let’s roll

Are you eager to get more out of your Bible study time? These online tools for Bible studies  can help you get more from your time in God’s word. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated! The same Bible study tools for beginners are perfect for seasoned students of God’s word as well, thank God for the online bible study tools that we have at our fingers print.

This list of free useful online Bible study tools will help you understand the Bible in a whole new way and to better know God more.

With all mentioned above, Below is a list of useful online Bible study tools that will enhance your passion to know God more and for better understanding of his words. As you check them out, bookmark them on your phone or computer for easy access later.

Free online bible study tools


The Bible study tools contains Bible Commentary of Matthew Henry. Each bible commentary has link to King James Bible verses and you can navigate to the King James Bible book.

It has a Beautiful design and great user experience.

With the beautiful design for Bible Commentary,  It is easy to choose bible book and chapter for reading commentary.

With this online bible study tool, You can easily find meaning of bible word via Bible Dictionary.

Also, it Link to King James Bible

With the addition of  King James Bible, you can read book and bible verses with Bible Commentary and Share verses with beautiful background.

This bible study tool offers you the choice to  choose the one of the most beautiful background for you to share verses. You can spread the God’s word to everyone.

Not just that, its very easy to Bookmark and note colorfully with your loved verses and  it allows You to note your loved verses colorfully for reading later.


This bible study tool has a User Friendly Interface.


The blue Letter Bible is another powerful bible study tool every Christian should know.

Blue letter bible help you Dig deep into God’s Word with over 15 available Bibles, text commentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, interlinear, dictionaries, word searches, and more. Personalize your study with highlighting, tagging favorite verses, and parallel Bible views.

Blue letter bible enables you to;

• Study the Hebrew & Greek with  original language lexicon

• Perform word study searches using the many available dictionaries and encyclopedias

• Use the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for an in-depth study.

This online free bible study tool  lets take notes while organizing them into notebooks

• Tag your favorite verses and collect them into custom folders

• Highlight verses in unlimited customized colors

• Show / hide footnote and verse markers

• Show / hide words of Christ in red

• Adjustable font size and line height for easier reading.


Got Questions is a Bible study tool with answers to over  thousands of frequently ask questions from the bible.

This tool has over 6,000 of the most frequently asked questions about the Bible organized by topic, with a built-in search function, the ability to select favorite articles for easier future access, the ability to easily download new/updated articles, and the option to ask a question if the answer to your question is not already available in the tool.

Sometimes when you’re reading Scriptures, you’ll come across a passage that confuses you, or you don’t like what it says.  This is where you will fall in love with Got Questions.

We bring our humanness to our Bible reading. In our flesh, we sometimes get it wrong.

Got Questions’ authors are reliable, educated, Godly individuals who have done the work of putting Scripture into proper context, cross-referencing, and Greek and Hebrew word study for you. They also back up each of their explanations with the Word.

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The Bible Gateway is another FREE Bible reading, listening, and learning tool with a great experience.

The Bible Gateway study tool makes it easy to read, hear, study, and understand the Bible. With the Bible Gateway study tool, you can:

• Read more than 90 different Bible translations, including the NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, NASB, and The Message.

• Listen to over 20 audio Bibles, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, and other translations.

• Quickly and easily search the Bible for a verse, passage, or keyword.

• Enjoy a daily Bible Verse of the Day in the translation of your choice.

• Follow one of many different Bible reading plans to journey through God’s Word.

• Learn more about any Bible passage with a library of trustworthy Bible commentaries and other references.

• Take personal notes, highlight Bible text, and bookmark your favorite verses.

• Share Bible verses with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

• Upgrade to the ultimate Bible learning experience with a free 30-day trial of Bible Gateway Plus. Plus members enjoy access to their expanded study library.

Bible Gateway has a clean, easy-to-navigate site. They provide over 50 Bible versions, Bible reading plans, devotionals, passage search, keyword search, as well as provide an audio Bible.

Bible Gateway is committed to making the Bible available to everyone. To begin exploring and understanding the Bible yourself.

Conclusion of free useful online bible study tools, thank God we now have a solution at our fingertips for all the reasons we ignored Bible study in the past.