5 Inspiring Healing Stories in the Bible

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It’s always encouraging reading great Bible stories about the healing power of Jesus Christ.
The stories of Jesus healing power encourage me and it its what give confidence of most believers.
Take for instance, the story of the woman with bleeding who does not recover until she touches the garment of Jesus Christ.

Also, imagined the blind man in Siloam’s pool returning his figure after scattering mud in Jesus’ eye. the paralyzed man coming down from the roof, taking half of his body and walking according to the command of Jesus.

All these are great healing stories of of Jesus in the bible


5 Great Jesus Healing Stories In The Bible

The Gospels show the power of Jesus to heal the sick.
Read your story below if you or someone you love is experiencing a health crisis. They will encourage you and give you hope. Remember that Jesus comes in every situation. Illness is another opportunity to approach it. This will give you peace that people can not understand.

Touching of Garment

Our first healing stories in the bible comes the story of the bleeding woman who encouraged herself to touch the garment of Jesus and was made whole.
“A woman who shed blood for 12 years appeared behind Jesus and barely touched his clothes. She said to herself, ‘If only she can touch his clothes, it’s better for her.’ Jesus turned and so the woman then said, your faith has made you whole.” Then she was healed. ”
Matthew 9: 20-22

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Cure All Diseases

Second on the list of healing stories in the bible is the curing of all diseases.
“Jesus went to all the towns and villages. He taught in his meeting places and preached the gospel of the kingdom of God. Jesus healed all kinds of diseases and ailments.
Matthew 9:35 (NIV)


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A Paralyzed Man Walks Again

“Would it be easier to tell this lame man that his sins are forgiven? Or would it be easier for him to get up and go home with his Mat?” Let me show you that people have the right to forgive their sins on this earth. Then Jesus said to the man, Arise! Take your mattress and go home. The man stood up. He takes the mat and goes outside while watching everyone in amazement.
Mark 2:9-12

10 Lepers Recovered

While Jesus was going to the city, ten lepers came to see him. They stood far away and cried, “Sir, sir, have mercy on us!” When Jesus looked at them, he said, “Go and show it to the priests.” They were healed on the way. When one of them found out he was healed, he cried out to God again, came and bowed at Jesus’ feet to give thanks.
Luke 17: 12-16

Story Of The Blind Man In The Siloam’s Pool

“After Jesus said this, he spat on the ground. He made mud and put it in the man’s eyes. Then he said, ‘Go, wash the mud in the pool.’  The man obeyed and went to washed in Siloam, When he had washed off the mud, he was able to see again. ”John 9: 6-7

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Brethren, above are great stories of Jesus doing the miraculous in the bible via healings.

If you were discouraged and ready to give up on that situation before, this healing stories in the bile will give you hope and help you stand your ground again.

God bless you.