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it is our destiny to exist as light in our generation.

Its the God plan for us to transform our generation, in the book of (Matthew 5:14,16), Jesus showing us there that we are the light of the word.
_14: Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
16: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

From the above scripture, we see that every child of God is a mobile light.
We are designed to exist as light in our generation.

We are the light of the world which implies that anywhere we step into, things are to be upgraded.

One major difference between the developed countries and the developing or underdeveloped countries of the world is the availability of power supply.
The developed countries experience uninterrupted power supply while the developing and underdeveloped countries have epileptic power supply.
Therefore, light equals development.
Light is a transformer of a generation.

So, As the light of the world, we are not only to transform our lives, community or environment, but we are to transform our generation, Jesus came to redeem us and restored our lost glory so we can be the transformers of our generation.
We don’t only exist as human being, we exist for the progress and revolution of our generation.

Dear beloved reader, as light, you are the transformer of your family, community, your city and your generation.
As a child if God, for an organization an assignment to degenerate in your hands is an abomination of a place of your association with God.

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As a child if God, we are meant to take territory and transform wherever we find ourselves.
If you arrived at a place and there is no revolution, something is wrong.
No, something is wrong, ^^”you are a city that can not be hidden”, its written, children of God are meant to light up anywhere they’re.


You must know nothing work or came to be outside of our mindset, so therefore, you must;

1. Be Determined: Be determined to impact your generation to the glory of God.

2. Be connected: Endeavour to connect with God’s word in order to fuel your light.

3: Endeavour to prayerfully discover the purpose of your existence if you are yet to discover it and deploy your potentials for the benefit of your generation.

So, make up your mind to light up your generation, starting from your family, loved ones, community, and everyone who comes in contact with you.

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