10 Ways to Serve God Acceptably

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10 Ways to Serve God | How to Serve God acceptably as a Believer.

We spend years trying to do things to serve God.

However, the reality is that very few people understand what this means, and what our Lord really wants. Most of us will get normal jobs, start families and maybe find a hobby in between, it is what we will do the most for this it is important that we find ways to serve God in all circumstances.

As a Christian, it is important that you understand that service is not an option, it is a responsibility, one that you must take seriously and embrace with joy. Don’t let the idea of ​​service intimidate you and never feel like you have nothing worth offering. We all have something to offer. However, if you need some ideas on how to serve God , here we will give them to you.

How can we be of service to God in our daily routine?

An ordinary life still offers numerous opportunities to be in the service of God.

Here are some simple ways Christians can grow their faith in a daily routine and discover the joy of serving God.

1. Invest in other people

“The whole law is summed up in one command: Love your neighbor as yourself ‘” – Galatians 5:14

It’s remarkable how often we interact with people, but we never make the effort to get to know them. The cashier at your favorite store, the woman who cleans your office, the man you pass by on your way to work every morning; each of these individuals is someone that God created.

Christians seeking to share Christ can begin by building relationships with the people around them. Ask them about their day, compliment their outfit, or just take a moment and listen to them. By investing in other people, we open their hearts to the prompting of the Holy Spirit .

2. Offer help where it’s needed

“The King will answer: Truly I tell you that what you did for one of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” ( Matthew 25:40 ).

There is an old saying about how an act of kindness, no matter how small, can never be meaningless. Even small tokens of love can change lives for the better. Do you know a couple who just had a baby? Bring them a meal some night. Does anyone move next door? Welcome them to the neighborhood and help them carry their belongings.

Is anyone you know sick? You can offer to watch their children for a day so they can rest. Do not miss the opportunity to help where it is needed. These moments may be brief, but they will be remembered. In addition, it is a great opportunity to put yourself at the service of God.

3. Seek wisdom

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding instead of silver!” Proverbs 16:16

Cars need gasoline, knives need to be sharpened, and Christians need to be polite. It is tempting to leave this up to our pastors, to just ingest what they have to say every Sunday morning, but the individual has to gain true wisdom.

Every Christian needs to spend time studying the Bible on their own, and living God’s word. You can learn how to apply the truth of God’s Word to everyday life. Remember, tests are easier when you study for them!

4. Practice hospitality

“Don’t forget to entertain strangers, because by doing so, some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13: 2

There is a reason why Jesus often chose to share meals with his followers. Hospitality builds trust between strangers and builds bridges over the rugged landscape of our lives. If Christians want to share God’s love with their neighbors, they simply have to invite them.

5. Show forgiveness

“And when you are praying, if you have something against someone, forgive them, so that your heavenly Father will forgive your sins.” Mark 11:25

Forgiveness, true forgiveness, can be difficult, but it is one of the things that we necessarily have to achieve in order to be in the service of God. As much as we like to believe that we understand the concept of grace, some of us are still learning what it means to let go of our anger and pain.

There are dozens of moments in life when even Christians prefer not to show forgiveness: the guy who cut you off in traffic, the co-worker who hasn’t sent you that important email yet, the friend who fires you at the last. minute. God teaches us that forgiveness means letting go of grudges, the expectation of revenge, and choosing love over retribution.

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6. Make room to worship God

Since we live by the Spirit, let us stay in tune with the Spirit. ” Galatians 5: 24-25

It’s easy for Christians to get carried away by our daily schedules. We get up, go to work, have dinner, maybe watch TV and get ready to do it again tomorrow. In such an environment, we can often forget to worship Christ regularly, but that worship itself refreshes the soul.

Before heading out the door each morning, sit down and take a moment to thank the Lord for a new day. If you work in a nice area, spend your lunch hour walking around and praising God for your work. At night, make a space where you can be alone with God.

7. Share the word with your family

This should be your biggest focus in life as far as (Deuteronomy 11: 18-19). Spend time in the Word with your children, Pray with them. Sing praises to God with them. You have very little time with your children before they leave the nest, so make your life with them of eternal value! Also, you must love your spouse.

Make your children feel like they are the only person you want to grow old with. They look up to you mom and dad. They see what you do, they imitate what you do. If you are setting bad examples, your children will probably take some of them into their own families one day. If you want your children to be like Jesus, you must be Jesus to them.

8. Serve your pastors

My brothers and sisters, our pastors do a lot for the church, and many are not paid enough for everything they do. We can all step up and help you! Ask them for dinner and a game night. Call them on the phone and see how they are, ask if they need prayer, offer to take the load off them so they can focus on other things.

If you allow your pastor to make disciples of the congregation, your church will prosper beyond your wildest imagination. Therefore, start groups in your church that can ease some of the burdens on your pastors. Have a group “on call” to visit those who unexpectedly go to the hospital.

If your senior pastor leads the congregation in worship because he can’t afford a music minister, volunteer to fill that position for free. Our pastors need us more than they say. So, I say it now, put yourself at the service of God by supporting the pastors of your church!

9. Become a prayer warrior

There is serious power in prayer! Become a prayer warrior !

Be intentional, and pray for specific people with specific needs, always putting God’s will in the situation first.

Just as the Holy Spirit intercedes for us on our behalf when we do not know how to pray (Romans 8:26), we can intercede on behalf of others when they are not praying. God always hears the prayers of those who are faithful, so take some time and pray for others in their afflictions.

10. Use your gifts

God has blessed all of us with gifts and talents. Use them for the kingdom! Are you good with construction? Help with things that need to be fixed at church! Offer to fix things in people’s homes for free!

Can you play an instrument or sing? Join the praise team! Do you like to act? Join the drama team! Is it easy for you to speak in public? Become a preacher or teacher! God has given you talents for a reason. You can make a big impact in the church and in the community through your service!

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Being in the service of God is an incredible experience! There are many more ways than I have written to serve our Lord. Take some time and think about where you can do it if you are not already serving for the kingdom. God bless you, remember to work to live a life worthy of the calling!