12 Quotes About Friendship in The Bible

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12 Quotes About Friendship in The Bible

The Bible is the most powerful book in the world, not only because it is the most sold, commented on, studied, followed, or refuted, but also because it is simply the only Word of the living God, capable of inspiring breath of life, and transforming from the most deeply to the people who approach her.

In addition to that, in the Bible we find words of wisdom, love, and forgiveness, for every area of ​​our lives, regardless of what you are going through, I can guarantee that if you have your heart, in the Bible you will find a powerful word and that God has kept from eternity for you.

And in this case, we have prepared a humble selection of 12 Quotes About Friendship in The Bible, which we hope in Christ Jesus, will be of benefit to your life.

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12 Quotes About Friendship in The Bible

Sometimes, we have the opportunity to share a word with those special people that God has placed in our lives who are friends, and we just can’t find what to say.

Another case that occurs is that friends are so special that we want to share with them a message that they can really carry forever in their hearts.

That is why we are motivated to share these 12 Biblical Quotes for a Friend through which you will not only be bringing living words to their lives, but you can also express how important these angels are that God has arranged to make your life more pleasant, bearable and happy.


1. Friendship is a constant Love.

A friend loves at all times, and is like a brother in time of trouble.
Proverbs 17.17 

If God has blessed you with good friendships, you can affirm along with the Word of God that friends love at all times, and not only that, but they support you, help you and accompany you, both in good times and in not-so-good ones. good ones.

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2. Friendship is Fidelity.

There are friends who lead to ruin,
And there are friends more faithful than a brother
Proverbs 18.24 

Possibly, it has already happened to you, that even when even your family has turned its back on you, God has arranged those special friends who have not let you down, that is why this beautiful word is worthy of sharing with those people who have been faithful to you, and that more than friends have become your true brothers.


3. In friendship, love can do everything. 

Hatred causes dissension,
But love covers all faults
Proverbs 10:12 

It is very normal that we argue with our friends, well, if they are your real friends, they will not hesitate to make you see when you think you are right and it is not.

That is why we want to share this beautiful word with you so that it serves as a support and you can take from that love of God, and you can cover your friendship and recover it and strengthen it because a friend is always a blessing from God.


4. The Word of the friend is always a snack.

Anxiety weighs down the heart of man,
But a kind word makes it glad.
Proverbs 12:25 

How many times have we gone through situations that break our hearts to pieces, I assure you that your friends have always been there to give you their love, their company, and those beautiful words that have filled and sustained you.

So this time, using this beautiful verse for a friend, you can thank those words and even those silences in the company that has made your heart happy.


5. Forgiveness unites Friendship more.

He who forgives the offense cultivates love;
He who persists in offense divides friends
Proverbs 17.9 

To have good friends, we need to learn the golden rule of cultivating love, because we are all imperfect, therefore, we must tolerate each other with love and understand that each of us makes mistakes.

On the other hand, if we know that we have made a mistake towards our friends, we must learn not to insist on the mistake, let us take care of our friends even of ourselves, because friends are more united and more faithful than even the family itself.

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6. Trust is the basis of Friendship.

It has happened to many people that they open their hearts to their friends and are betrayed, many say they are good friends but they are not.

But, it is in difficult times where we see if we have really found trustworthy friends, if your friends are like that, then thank God and share this beautiful word with them. He continues with us and continues to enjoy these wonderful 12 Bible Quotes for a friend.

There are many who proclaim their loyalty,
but who can find someone worth trusting?
Proverbs 20.6 

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7. In Friendship there is Prudence.

If you visit your friend, do not do it often
, lest he get tired of you and come to hate you.
Proverbs 25.17 


Many people think that when we have a friend we can go to their house all the time, stay with them, be there, and do as many activities together, among other things. However, the Holy Bible in its wisdom states that we must be prudent, because in friendship there must be prudence, and in prudence there is love.

So we must have a love for our friends and avoid bothering them, giving them the space and privacy they deserve.


8. Even if you are right, be a trustworthy person.

Defend your cause against your neighbor,
but do not betray anyone’s trust
Proverbs 25.9 

He who wants friends has to show himself a friend, and that implies being a trustworthy person.

There are countless people who do not mind betraying the trust they have placed in them, that is why in true friendship a person’s honor and loyalty are tested in the various situations of life.


9. The frankness of true friendship.

More trustworthy is the friend who hurts
Than the enemy who kisses
Proverbs 27.6


A friend is not necessarily the person who says yes to all your craziness, a true friend rather is the person who is able to confront you with love and make you reconsider.

It is the person who will assertively tell you when you are in error, therefore, we must learn to value these wonderful people that God puts in our path to serve as a mirror even of our blind spots.

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10. Friendship Strengthens.

Perfume and incense gladden the heart;
The sweetness of friendship strengthens the spirit.
Proverbs 27.9 NIV


Having a good mood is not an easy task, since life is naturally full of ups and downs, therefore, it is a blessing from the Most High to have friends who are like incense that makes the heart happy.

On the other hand, when the friendship is true, there is sweetness in the treatment regardless of whether it is a friendship between men because when one truly loves his friends, there is no possibility of treating them rudely and without respect.


11. Friendship is Continuous Learning.

Just as knives need to be sharpened from time to time, because they wear out from so much use, in the same way, we as human beings are losing or gaining attributes with the situations that arise in daily life.

Sadly, many of us lose sensitivity, or empathy, over time.

However, our true friends are those wonderful people capable of improving us and helping us to be the best version of ourselves every day, for which we should be grateful.

“Iron sharpens iron,
and man sharpens man”
Proverbs 27:17 NIV


12. In Reproof there is Wisdom.

There are a lot of people who love to be flattered, if you are one of them, I want you to know that sadly there is no sincerity in the many compliments, so do not trust yourself.

Learn to value those true friends, who are capable of telling you things and reprimanding you so that you are a better person, because ultimately, that is what friendship is all about, and for a reason, God blessed us with those, who with love, They will help us grow.

“In the end, the one who rebukes is appreciated more than the one who flatters.”
Proverbs 28.23 NIV