7 Effective Ways God Speaks To Us

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How does God speak to us? This is the question that brought you here to discover 7 effective ways God speaks to us.

Does God speak to me? Without a shadow of a doubt! He speaks to us every day, every hour. But often we don’t understand the means He uses, so we miss what He is trying to tell us.

Religion makes us believe that God is a prehistoric concept, far removed from us. Yet He is as real and present as a human being and He communicates with us all the time.

Job 33:14
God speaks, however, sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, but we do not notice him. 


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7 Effective Ways God Speaks To Us


Psalm 119: 9
When you are young, how do you lead a pure life? By obeying Your word, Lord. 

This is the first way He uses to talk to us. And this is the one that He will use most often. The Bible is the Word of the Lord. Do you want to know what He thinks? Read His Word. The Bible is the compendium of God’s opinions on us, life, the world, and everything related to it.

As Christians, we can never be successful in our lives without knowing the Word. How can you claim to be a lawyer without knowing the laws almost by heart? How to live like God without knowing the rules? It’s impossible! We must constantly read and reread the Bible.

Through His pages, God will speak to us a lot. Our eyes will fall on a verse that we have already read at least 40 times but this time it’s different! As we read it, we feel something special that catches our attention. Or, it immediately responds to a situation that we are currently experiencing, a question that we ask ourselves, or a prayer that we made a few days before. There you are, God is speaking to us through this specific passage.


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Romans 9: 1
I am united with Christ, therefore, I will speak the truth, I will not lie. My conscience guided by the Holy Spirit also confirms to me that this is true. 

What is our consciousness? It’s that part of us, that little inner voice that’s constantly talking to us. Have you ever heard words like this within yourselves: “You shouldn’t react like that. “,” Stop saying that. “,” Don’t do that. “,” Go apologize to him. “,” It’s time to pray. »,« Read your Bible, you told you you would do it tonight when you get home. “,” Don’t worry, God is in control. »,« Calm down, it will be okay. “,” Offer that to such and such a person. “,” Kiss such and such a person. “Call such. ” etc. A reproach, a correction, and encouragement, an instruction, a verse from the Bible comes to our mind. It is the Spirit of God speaking to us in what is called consciousness.


Acts 3:22

Indeed, Moses said: “The Lord your God will send you a prophet like me, he will be one of your brothers. You will listen to whatever he tells you.

Who are our spiritual authorities? Our pastor first, then everyone in the church who teaches us about the Bible and leads us.

Sometimes our conscience is too weak to understand what God is telling us and we do not know the Bible well enough to know how to act in the situations that present themselves to us. So, God is going to speak to us a lot through men and women in positions of authority in the church. We go through a special situation, we come to church, the pastor speaks and we have the impression that he is telling our life story! We say a prayer in the morning, we talk to a church leader, and He gives us the solution we were looking for. In reality, it is the Lord Himself who is speaking to us.

James 1:19
Remember this well, my dear brethren: everyone should be quick to listen, but slow to speak and slow to get angry.

Even when we are stronger spiritually and know the Word of God much better, He will continue to speak to us through these people very often. This is why we must have a humble heart ready to obey because the voice of God is often hidden behind a word from the pastor, an instruction from the minister in the church, or reproach from our spiritual mentor.

Never think we already know, be slow to speak and quick to listen, so we won’t miss what God says.

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Romans 14:17
But the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy by the Holy Spirit.

Emotions and thoughts do not speak to us on behalf of God. Never take a thought or a feeling for the will of God.
However, the Bible tells us in Romans 14:17 that
the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy by the Holy Spirit. If you want to do one thing and it creates a lack of peace, then it is not God’s will. 

A lack of peace within us is an indicator that we are on the wrong track. If you are asking yourself lots of questions, you are wondering how you are going to do this or that, you are dating and are not at ease in your heart about this person, so take a step back. You accept a new job but are not comfortable in yourselves and you cannot understand what is bothering you, know that God is talking to you: this job may not be the one that He wants for you.

As soon as our inner peace is disturbed, it is a sign that we are no longer in the right direction.


Anyone more or less close to us who knows the Bible well can be used by God to speak to us. We must therefore be open. It also doesn’t mean that we have to listen to everyone and do everything they tell us. No, if what a person tells us echoes something we have read in the Bible, a prayer we have made to the Lord, a word from the Pastor or a word of the Holy Spirit in our conscience, then that person speaks to us on behalf of God. She may not even realize it. But we will know, because what she says will only confirm what we already felt inside of us. In fact, that person is just vocalizing something that God has already told us.

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The Lord often warns us about situations. Madam, you ask Him if the man you are dating is the right one for you and then in the days or months that follow, you discover something negative about his life or you find a weird text message sent to another girl… God is talking to you!

Job 36:15
However, God delivers the unfortunate by his very misfortune, and it is through suffering that He speaks to him. 

When He has spoken to us through His Word, then through the Pastor, and then through our loved ones and we still do not listen, God as a last resort will use the circumstances. It will allow us to go through a difficult, stressful or painful situation. Because unfortunately for us, we are stubborn and it is only when we are in pain that we listen to and obey His instructions.


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It is possible but rare. Be careful, dreams are a sensitive subject that is very confusing when we are not familiar with God’s ways. In any case, know that a dream that comes from God NEVER contradicts the Bible or what is said by your spiritual authorities.

Final Words:
We cannot choose how God should speak to us about this or that situation. He speaks when He wants using the means He wants: He is God. What we need to do, now that we know exactly how He speaks, is to be alert to everything that is going on in our life and everything that is being said by the people around us. And we will see that in the space of one and the same day, God speaks to us about many things!