4 Ways To Experience the Presence of God

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How to Feel the Presence of God Today? Here’s 4 Ways To Experience It

Perhaps many have wondered how to feel the presence of God , when we talk about experiencing the presence of God, things can get really weird, very fast. Suddenly, we are in the realm of the subjective, of feelings, of supernatural experiences that go beyond the daily norm.

How do you feel the presence of God?

As we read the scriptures, we can convince ourselves that God wants us to truly experience his presence on a daily basis. We just need to change our perspective on what it means to experience God’s presence.

4 Ways To Experience the Presence of God

With that mindset of actually knowing what it feels like to truly experience the presence of our God truly, here are four simple and profound ways we can enjoy God’s presence every day:

1. We are always in the presence of God

Let’s start with the most obvious. Since God is omnipresent, we are always in his presence. Ponder that for a second and see if it doesn’t cause a shiver of pleasure. Every second of every day, we are truly in the presence of God.

We don’t need to do any special rituals or pilgrimage to a holy city. There is no need to handle relics or offer prayers to the saints. But because we are in Christ, this reality is even more profound. We are not alone in the presence of God in the same way that the rest of creation is.

Rather, God’s presence has made his home in us. The Holy Spirit has taken up residence in us, and we really are temples of God. That is why Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:19: Or don’t you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?

These are absolutely impressive words. God’s presence, the very presence that caused Isaiah to fall in terror, is nowhere to be found.

If we are in Christ, the presence of God is truly within us, and we have access to this glorious presence at all times through Christ our mediator.

Isn’t this amazingly good news? God’s presence is not blocked by a massive curtain, not hidden within the Holy of Holies, accessible only by the High Priest once a year. The Holy Spirit has relocated and now dwells within.

We can communicate with God and experience his presence in the car, on the subway, in our cubicle, in small groups, and anywhere else.

God’s sweet and holy presence is always available to us, and we don’t need to use any manipulative “revival” techniques to access it.

2 – Through the Scriptures

The best way to learn how to feel the presence of God is through the bible. Just as the presence of God hovered over the waters in Genesis 1, so it hangs over the pages of Scripture. The Bible is not an ordinary book, it is not a mere collection of words and pages.

Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that the Word of God is alive: because the word of God is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow , and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

When we open the pages of Scripture, we find the living, active, and speaking God. God can speak to you in my ways as you read scripture He can:

  • Convince you of sin and lead you to repentance.
  • Strengthen and encourage you in the depths of your soul.
  • Asking you to pray for a friend who is struggling and lagging behind.
  • Bring you to your knees in worship.

Every time we open the Bible, we encounter the presence of the Most High in a unique and powerful way. We are foolish in trying to experience God’s presence elsewhere if we are not constantly immersing ourselves in God’s word.

3 – Through prayer

Consider, for a moment, the glorious nature of prayer . God, the creator of the universe, the King of Kings, the one who keeps the planets in the proper orbit and the atoms do not divide, wants us to request things from him. It is absolutely mind-blowing.

God wants us to open our hearts to him , to bring our burdens to him, to ask him for great and bold things. And this is not a simple exercise, like writing a journal or talking about problems with friends. When we pray, God really does things! God’s presence suddenly inhabits all the small and large details of our lives:

  • He lifts our burdens and gives us peace.
  • It empowers us to overcome our sin.
  • Heals the sick.
  • Save the rebel and take over the tramp.
  • Satisfy our needs.
  • When we pray, God takes action.

Nothing is well done without prayer for the simple reason that it leaves God out of the picture. When we pray, God is counted, and when that happens, there is no impossible. When God enters the equation, the normal laws of nature go out the window.

If we want to know what God’s presence feels like on a daily basis, it is as simple as praying. Isn’t that glorious? Prayer says to God, “Please come and invade the details of my day. I’m not enough on my own for the day, but you are.

4 – Having fellowship with Christians

In Matthew 18:20, Jesus said that where two or three are gathered, there he is. In other words, Jesus himself is present only when Christians meet in his name.

I consider Matthew 18:20 to mean that God’s presence is manifested in a unique way when believers come together. In other words, we experience his presence in a way that we simply cannot when we are alone.

God does something special when we pray, sing, and serve together. I think this is partly why the author of Hebrews says: not neglect to gather together, as is the custom of some, but to encourage one another, and even more so when they see the Day approaching.


Experiencing the presence of God is never “strange.” Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when it will be astonishingly supernatural. When God answers prayers in ways that are humanly impossible.

When He absolutely levels you through a particular passage of Scripture. When another Christian has a deep insight into your life. However, most of the time, our experience of God’s presence will be very “ordinary” (as if the encounter with God is ordinary; you get the point?).

This should be a profound encouragement for us. We do not need to work in an emotional state to experience God. We don’t need to go to a conference or travel to a special meeting (not that there is something inherently wrong with that).


We can experience the beautiful and glorious presence of God every day. What a privilege!