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10 Prayer points for children with bible verses

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Prayer points for children with bible verses to guide your words to pray easily.

Children are God’s precious gifts and ( Proverbs 22:6) makes it clear that the way a child is trained is the way he would go in life.

As parents, Praying for your children and teaching them how to pray is very important. As a result, we have put together some prayer points for children with bible verses that you can use to pray for your children and meditate on.

To have fewer worries over the children, parents need to pray to God for several things.

Listed below are 10 Prayer points for children that will guide you as you pray for your words.

God’s happy when a child is communicating to him and it’s the joy of parents to see their children praying.


Here’s 10 Prayer points for children with bible verses

Use these prayers for your children and teach them to pray and personalize it and for themselves.


Prayer points for children

1. Prayer for God’s favour, wisdom, and understanding

Father, let my children find favour before you and before men.

I pray that you will bless them with the spirit of discernment and understanding.

I pray that they will be skillful and full of God’s wisdom.

They will have the competency to learn what they need to know to excel in life in Jesus Name .

Bible verse: Dan 1: 4/17 and 20.


2. Prayer for children to be obedient to the will and plan of God for their lives

Father, I pray for my children today that they will conform to your will in everything they think and do.

they will know and always learn to follow your plan for their lives and make a habit of doing the things that are pleasing to you. Amen.

Bible verse: 1 John 2:1, 3:2.

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3. Prayer for children’s health

Prayer points for children

Father, just as you have promised in your word, let every form of sickness and diseases be far away from my children and by your mercy and grace, I shall not bury any of my children thereby leading to fulfillment of their days in Jesus Name. Amen.

Bible verse: Exodus 23:25-26.

4. Prayer for safety and protection

Lord, I commit my children into your hands that they will be protected under your wings. Lord, please be their refuge and their fortress. I pray that no evil shall befall any of my children neither will any plague come near them.

I pray that you will keep them and be with them when they go out and when they come in.

You will protect them with your angels in all their ways.

I pray that you will be with them in any trouble they find themselves and deliver them out of it. And that you will bless

them with long life and show them your salvation in Jesus Name. Amen.

Bible verse: Psalms 91 


5. Prayer for children salvation and knowing the word of God

Father, help my children to desire to know you, read and understand your holy scriptures so to enable them make wise decisions unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Then grace to love your word and for it to dwell richly in their hearts in Jesus Name. Amen.

Bible verse: Timothy 3:15, Col. 3:16.

Prayer points for children


6. Prayer to be rooted in God’s love

Lord, let your love dwell in their heart that they may be able to trust you completely. Let them have a personal experience of your love that they may be able to understand the depth of your affection for them and therefore be rooted in your love, in Jesus name. Amen.

Bible verse: Ephesians 3 : 17 – 18.


7. Prayer for children to honour their parents

Lord, I pray that you grant my children the heart to obey and honour us, their parents, always. So, that everything will be well with them just as you promised in your word. And every other blessing that comes with honouring parents may follow them all the days of their lives in Jesus Name .

Bible verse: Ephesians 6:1, Col. 3: 30.


Prayer points for children

8. Prayer for children peace

Father, I pray that my children shall know peace in life. Help them always to learn how to follow and obey your instructions and your word. They will find peace, no matter what comes their way. Your peace that is beyond human understanding you will give to them in Jesus Name.

Bible verse Isaiah 54:13, John 16 : 33.


9. Prayer against fear

Lord, the world we live in today is full of fear and uncertainty.

But, Lord, I pray that you will help these children to be strong in you. Take away all their fears, the one I know and the ones they might not say out. I pray that you will make them as bold as a lion and you will be their confidence in Jesus Name.


10. Prayer to know Christ as the all in all

Father, I pray that my children will know Christ and that they will be able to do all things through Him. I pray that Christ will be their all in all and they learn to put their complete trust in Him in Jesus Name.

Thank you because I know you love them more than I can imagine and your thoughts towards them are higher than my thoughts. And these thoughts are of good and not of evil to give them a hope and a future. And because of all these, I thank you that you will do beyond what I have asked for in Jesus Name.

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Listed Above are 10 Prayer points for the children with bible Verses.

Children are gift from God and they need Prayer for protection and preservation from all kinds.

Pray for them and teach them how to pray for themselves.