Prayer for those suffering from Covid-19

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The lord is able to heal, to restore and to make whole.

There’s nothing impossiblenothing impossible for him alone to do.

In that your current situation, do you believe that God can still help you?

Indeed he can help you, you’re never alone.

He said; I I’m with you always.

Here’s Prayer to help stay strong admist your current condition.

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Everyone Who’s Suffering.


> May your love be strong in life

> And strengthen the weak

> And encourage the fearful

> And calm the horrible storm

> And pray for the suffering every day

> As I join the priests to pray for the sick today

> And Lord Jesus Christ keep me safe and warm

> Sheltered from the coronavirus storm

> And stay in my heart every day

> And deliver us from evil in life

> And glory to the heavenly Father

> And God have mercy

> And I promise I’ll love and

> Pray for everyone who’s suffering

> From coronavirus every day and

> Lord Jesus Christ hear my prayer

> Amen.

Above is Prayer for those suffering from Covid-19


Credit: David P. Carrol