31 Famous Christian movies about faith and overcoming Difficulties

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Considered some of the most famous religious-themed films, check out a selection of Christian movies and evangelical feature films that we have chosen for you.

The titles are the ones that most attract the attention of the international public, between outstanding releases and acclaimed classics:

Famous Christian movies about faith

Below are the most famous Christian movies about faith to overcoming difficulties.

1. Blue Miracle (2021)

Blue Miracle (2021)

Available on: Netflix

Exciting from start to finish, the American feature film was based on real events that happened in Mexico in 2014. Directed by Julio Quintana, the work became popular with viewers.

When an orphanage loses funds and is about to close, the head of the place and the children in their care need to find a solution. That’s when, with the help of an old sailor, they sign up for a fishing contest, with a prize that would solve their problems.

2. Show Me the Father (2021)

This is a documentary by the Kendrick Brothers that brings stories about fatherhood in an emotional way.

Thus, the narratives invite the public to reflect on the role of parents in each one’s life, as well as the importance of God.

3. The Week of My Life (2021)

Available on: Netflix.

Directed by Roman White, the musical film stars Will, a teenager who is always getting into trouble. Forced by the court, he has to attend a religious summer camp to avoid being sent to a juvenile detention center.

During the season he spends there, he has the opportunity to rethink the way he lives and seek a new purpose, meeting a young woman named Avery, with whom he falls in love.

4. The Lost Husband (2020)

Available on: Google Play Movies.

The romance film directed by Vicky Wight was inspired by the book of the same name by Katherine Center, published in 2014. After the sudden death of her husband, Libby needs to take care of the children and start her life over again.

With nowhere to live, she moves to her aunt’s farm, located in rural Texas. There, the protagonist meets James, a local worker, who helps the family adapt to their new routine, rekindling hope in their spirits.

5. A Fall from Grace (2020)

Available on: Netflix

Combining drama and suspense, the feature film scripted and directed by the North American Tyler Perry caused a lot of talk due to the heavy themes it addresses. Grace is a middle-aged woman known for having a good and fair heart.

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After being betrayed by her ex-husband, she rediscovers love with a younger man, whom she marries. Shortly thereafter, the companion dies and Grace becomes the prime suspect. With the support of an inexperienced lawyer, she fights for her freedom, without losing faith in God.

6. As Long As We’re Together (2020)

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

The Christian romantic drama was directed by brothers Andrew and Jon Erwin, inspired by the true story of American singer Jeremy Camp and his first wife, Melissa.

Soon after they get married, they discover that the woman has terminal cancer. To overcome suffering and gather strength to carry on, the protagonist finds support in his faith.

7. The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (2021)

Available at: Globo Play.

Richard Correll’s American Christian drama tells the story of Sara Hopkins, an 11-year-old girl who believes in God above all things. Trusting the strength of your prayers, she begins to pray and manages to heal an injured bird.

After performing some miracles, the girl begins to become famous in that region, attracting the curious looks of the media and the judgments of public opinion.

8. In the Ballad of Love (2019)

Available on: Netflix.

The romantic comedy was directed by JJ Englert and Robert Krantz, chronicling the meeting of two suffering souls. Faith is a woman going through a messy divorce and in danger of losing her dance school.

To raise funds, she decides to participate in a dance competition, but she needs a partner. That’s how she meets Jimmy. The man is a lonely widower looking for a partner to share his life with and help raise his daughter, Demetra.

9. Interview with God (2018)

Available at: Globo Play.

The drama directed by Perry Lang caught the public’s attention, winning over even viewers who usually don’t look for this genre of films. The plot follows in the footsteps of Paul Asher, a journalist who returns home after a season in Afghanistan, where he was a war correspondent.

Shaken by everything he’s experienced, he can no longer be the same person. That’s where he finds a unique opportunity: to interview someone who claims to be God and find answers to the great existential questions that haunt us.

10. On the Way to Faith (2018)

Available on: Netflix.

Inspired by true events, the biographical drama directed by Joshua Marston tells the story of American pastor Carlton Pearson and his departure from the congregation.

Although he is a consecrated figure in his community, the man begins to question some of the teachings that were transmitted to him, doubting the existence of Hell.

11. Overcoming – The Miracle of Faith (2019)

Available in: Star Plus.

The American drama was directed by Roxann Dawson and inspired by the Christian work The Impossible, which contains stories of the protagonists of the story.

John Smith is a teenager who has an accident while playing on the ice and ends up being trapped underwater for a few minutes. When her son goes into a coma, Joyce does not give up and continues to pray for his recovery.

12. To Cabana (2017)

Available at: Star Plus, Now.

The American film was directed by Stuart Hazeldine and inspired by the novel of the same title, written by Canadian author William P. Young.

The plot stars Mackenzie Phillips, a man traumatized by the loss of his six-year-old daughter, who was allegedly kidnapped and murdered in a cabin. Everything changes when he receives a note from God, ordering him to return to the place where it all happened.

13. I Can Only Imagine (2018)

Available on: Globo Play, and Google Play.

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The film by the Erwin brothers tells the story of one of the most famous Christian songs of all time: I Can Only Imagine, by the band MercyMe.

The biographical narrative follows the troubled relationship between the composer, Bart Millard, and his father and talks about overcoming, underlining the importance and power of forgiveness.

14. Miracles from Heaven (2016)

Based on the homonymous novel by Christy Beam, the gospel film directed by Patricia Riggen was inspired by a case that apparently took place in the United States of America.

Anna is a 10-year-old girl suffering from a disease that is difficult to diagnose and can be fatal. Her parents, who were devout, begin to question her faith until healing suddenly arrives.

15. War Room (2015)

Available on: Google Play Movies

The American film was directed by Alex Kendrick and tells the story of Elizabeth and Tony, a couple who are facing difficulties in their relationship, with several arguments and an increasing distance.

This tense atmosphere begins to change when the wife meets an older woman who teaches her to pray and keep hope.

16. A Matter of Faith (2017)

Available on: Google Play.

Considered one of the best evangelical films of recent times, the feature film directed by Kevan Otto tells the story of three families who live in very different ways.

Although they don’t know each other, these individuals inhabit the same community and end up uniting following tragic events that shake their lives. Together they seek healing through faith and forgiveness.

17. True Love (2005)

The period film directed by Ali Selim was inspired by a short story by Will Weaver. The action takes place in the United States of America, at the end of the First World War, and narrates the love of two immigrants.

The protagonist is a German girl who arrives in the country with the intention of marrying Olaf, a Norwegian farmer. However, the locals do not approve of the union and end up preventing the marriage.

18. Victor (2015)

Directed by Brandon Dickerson, the biographical drama was inspired by the life of a Puerto Rican immigrant in the United States of America.

The story takes place in the 60s, in Brooklyn, where the young man lives in poverty and ends up getting involved with a violent gang. Despite his somber conduct, the protagonist manages to change his life with the love and support of his parents.

19. Heaven Is For Real (2014)

Available on: Netflix.

Based on the book written by evangelical pastor Todd Burpo, the film tells the story of his son, Colton, and was directed by Randall Wallace.

After undergoing emergency surgery, the boy awakens claiming that he has spoken with angels and been able to see Paradise.

20. A Purpose Driven Life (2016)

Available on: Google Play.

The English biographical film was directed by Brian Baugh and inspired by the diaries of Rachel Scott, a young Christian who died during the Columbine massacre, in 1999, in the United States of America.

The story portrays his complex relationship with his colleagues and the events that would have preceded the crime at school, which caused controversy at the time of its release.

21. God’s Not Dead 2 (2016)

Available on: Google Play.

The drama is the sequel to the 2014 film of the same name and was directed by Harold Cronk. The story is set during a trial: Grace, a Christian teacher, would have expressed her faith during a class and was prosecuted for it.

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The feature film was received in very different ways in the various quarters of American society and raised the debate about religious beliefs and the education system.

22. The Power of Grace (2010)

Available on: Google Play.

The Christian drama directed by David G. Evans tells the story of Mac McDonald, a police officer who faces several family and work difficulties after the death of his son in an accident.

His life changes when he gains a new professional partner: Sam Wright, a pastor who starts working in the police forces to support his family.

23. Talent and Faith (2015)

Available on: Google Play.

Directed by the Erwin brothers, the biographical drama is set in the United States of America during the 1970s and is inspired by the stories of Tony Nathan and Tandy Gerelds.

In a country marked by the consequences of racial segregation, Gerelds coaches an American football team where there are still many prejudices. Nathan, on the other hand, is a black and evangelical player who trusts his faith and breaks social barriers.

24. Decision Point (2009)

Available on: Google Play.

The dramatic comedy directed by Bill Duke was based on the novel of the same name by TD Jakes, an American evangelical writer, and pastor.

Clarice and Dave have been married for many years and find a drastic change in their routine when the woman has a car accident.

25. Letters to God (2010)

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

The American drama directed by David Nixon and Patrick Doughtie was inspired by a true case and tells the story of Tyler Doherty, a boy who fights cancer.

Although many people around doubt his recovery, the boy does not stop believing and starts writing his prayers in the form of letters.

26. Preaching Love (2013)

The romantic drama was directed by Steve Race and written by Galley Molina, based on his own biography. The protagonist, Miles, is in love with a young Christian woman named Vanessa.

Although the feelings are mutual, he fears that his criminal past could hinder their relationship.

27. To Save A Life (2009)

After experiencing a traumatic event with an old childhood friend, Jake Talor begins to question his purpose despite leading a seemingly perfect life.

Brian Baugh’s film addresses adult themes and was met with some controversy by American critics.

28. Do You Believe? (2015)

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

The evangelical film directed by Jon Gunn tells the story of a pastor who meets a homeless man preaching his faith.

From then on, he begins to perform various actions to help others, causing the paths of several people to end up meeting.

29. A Forgiving Heart (2016)

The film was directed by M. Legend Brown and tells the story of two brothers named Malcolm and Silk. While the first follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a shepherd, the other chooses a very different path.

30. Challenging Giants (2006)

Available on: Google Play.

The gospel drama was directed by Alex Kendrick and featured a number of Sherwood Baptist Church volunteers. The football story is told from the point of view of Grant Taylor, the coach who is disillusioned with his career and family life.

After asking God for hope and help, he decides that the players will pray and give thanks after every game, regardless of the score.

31. Steadfast (2009)

The American drama directed by Bradley Dorsey was inspired by the story of Amy Newhouse, a Texas teenager who fought a battle with cancer. The case shook her community and generated a huge prayer chain.