Prayer For The Day – A prayer to start the day well

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Why is a prayer for the day important? Every day brings us another opportunity and blessing from God. Below is a prayer to start your day well.

A prayer to start the day well

Heavenly Father,

I praise you, I give you thanks and I thank you for the life you have given me. You are a great and wonderful God. No one is like You!

I want to put this day in your hands, as well as all the others. May your will be done in all that I am going to do today. I want to listen to Your Holy Spirit. Open my eyes and my ears so that I can listen and follow his voice.

Remove from me everything that could lead me to sin. Help me to resist temptation as your Son Jesus Christ did in the desert I want to silence the desires of my flesh in order to please you. Let all the plans of the enemy be bound in the mighty name of Jesus. I declare that all things will work together for my good, as You say in Your Word.

Fill me with compassion and forgiveness towards all who will harm me. Cleanse my heart of any impurity that could compromise my testimony. I pray that You may shower me with special spiritual protection so that I may walk in the light and witness Your love, peace, joy, and goodness around me.

Keep my family and all my loved ones where they are. Allow them to have a great day in Your presence.

I know, Lord, that the plans You have for my life will come to pass because my faith remains in You and You alone. Direct my steps so that I walk in the path You have traced for my life.

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I love you Jesus and I want to make you the priority of my day. May your name be lifted up forever, on earth, in heaven, and in my life, until you return for me.

Glory and praise to Your name, Amen.