st benedict prayer against witchcraft

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If you want to give a final cut to any type of negative energy, fervently dedicate st benedict prayer against witchcraftFrom there, everything will change in your life miraculously!

Each prayer is appropriate to respond to the needs of thousands of people, to come to give comfort and relief to their hearts, all this with the strength of conviction and full assurance that we are being heard.

That is why the miraculous prayers to St Benedict, causing extra power to the hearts of all the faithful who hope to ward off witchcraft or remove them.

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st benedict Powerful prayer to remove witchcraft

Avoid going through moments of anguish and confusion, with this prayer your paths will open up, and you will have the guarantee that Saint Benedict will be listening to you at all times.


Holy of happiness,
That your strength transcended among men,
That your faith, went beyond life and death,
I ask you to give me that same temper,
That you help me in this moment of darkness,
That witchcraft separated from my way, from my body,
And I never managed to access my heart,
Because the soul is only yours
Father of mercy,

Ways To Walk In The Spirit

Prayer to remove the evil eye by witchcraft

Witchcraft can cause irreparable damage if we do not have the necessary faith to revoke it from our lives with the invocation of Saint Benedict, remember to recite it every day.


Saint Benedict listen to my prayers!
Listen to my heart with longing!
Fill me with your piety, with your strength and love,
And may that same feeling be my shield against evil,
Saint of the medal, remove the witchcraft from my step,
And before moving forward, clean You my way,
Fill it with your infinite grace,
I beg you, sir,


Feel the presence of the Lord at all times, through constant prayer, small sacrifices that demonstrate your commitment to the creator, but above all pray to Saint Benedict Abbot to avoid witchcraft.

Protect yourself from danger, which may be near you, even when you have not noticed it, feel the tranquility of being under the heavenly mantle.


Prayer to cut a spell

Oh, Venerable One, who has known how to tame the raven and at your feet was defeated by your audacity and strength… You are Omnipotent and Generous, which Jesus Christ has taught you… You owe yourself to your faithful and you always respond with inordinate Love and restraint!… Oh, Benedict Holy, Contemplative and Merciful!

You, Adored Celestial Saint, Saint Benedict Abbot! Only you could save me from this suffering! … My life and goals have changed since someone with dire energies has condemned me to this adverse fate … oh, Powerful you can against the same demon … and so much more!

You are unbreakable and you do not bend for a moment, when I proclaim you!… You always listen to my prayers and my prayers for your soul… I am kneeling at your feet, beloved Saint Benedict, telling you of my discouragement and my pain… Help, please! Well, someone … has tried to poison my heart!

I invoke you to remove from my life every curse that my broken soul … I can no longer bear this pain! With my request disjointed, I ask you Noble Saint, to relieve and heal the interior of my being … My soul needs your Grace … I can no longer bear my suffering!

Separate me from all spiritual risks! The poison that they have poured into my sensitive peace, return it to those who have served it without asking, I implore you, protect me from this witchcraft that they have inflicted on me, with silent impiety! Oh, pure and miraculous Saint, Heavenly Father!

Holy Honorable and Ethereal Benedict, do not abandon me to this cursed fate … Cleanse my soul of so much baseness! … Hear my prayer! … Heal my spirit and return the poison to whoever has left it in my body and soul … I leave you, oh, Holy, in this prayer, my purestmost sensitive and loyal prayer … I await your Grace, O Holy Benedict of Nursia, worthy of your Altar! Amen