4 Ways to love a woman who is not yet submissive

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Here are ways to love a woman who is not yet submissive

What are the ways to love a woman who is not yet submissive
I can answer this question by simply saying: “By being subject to Christ” because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 11: 3 (KJV) “, I want you to know that Christ is the head of all men, that the man is the head of the woman, and that God is the head of Christ. Clearly, Paul makes us understand a certain hierarchy and the conduct to be followed in terms of submission. By respecting her, it will be less difficult for you to love your wife, even if she is not yet submissive.

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Find out the good ways to love an unsubmissive woman

4 Ways to love a woman who is not yet submissive

After the little introduction, Below are ways to love a woman who is not yet submissive.

1. Understanding true love.

According to God, the true meaning of the word “love” is sacrifice. His ability to love us led our Heavenly Father to sacrifice His Son for the world according to John 3:16.

This is what He wants from you too. Look how many times you can or have already refused to do His will, and yet He renews your breath of life every morning… and this is just one example among many.

In 1 Corinthians 13:7, the Apostle Paul gives four essential characteristics of love: “In every occasion he forgives, he trusts, he hopes, he perseveres. (BDS) . If you love your wife and continue to really love her, you will forgive her in advance for these behavioural deviations. You thus trust in God, hope that she changes her character and perseveres to accompany her to leave this stage.

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2. Submit yourself to Christ.

In life, man often claims his rights without always fulfilling his duties. Unfortunately, this is also the case here. If the woman must submit to the man, the latter must first also submit to Christ and His commandments. In Psalms 119:144, we read, “Your precepts are righteous forever. “Therefore, we must take them whole and not observe what suits us. No one can claim rights and refuse to play their score. In giving the hierarchy, Paul was showing the role of each but will go further in Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for her”. So, to love is only the part that you, man, will have to accomplish in your home, independently of your wife’s submission, whether it is submitted to you or not. Didn’t Jesus answer the Pharisees: “Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and God’s what is due to him”? Everyone plays their role and reports to the Grand Master.

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3. Pray for his wife and not focus on her faults.

We tend to ruminate or dwell on the faults of the other. Unfortunately, this is not the best attitude. It’s as if you are planning evil, and God hates that because He says in Proverbs 16:30 that: “He who closes his eyes to meditate perverse plans and purses his lips has already committed evil.”. So, husband, instead of focusing on the negative side and thus bringing God’s wrath upon you, trust in Jesus Christ and then pray for your wife to progress.


4. Give thanks to God for small efforts and progress.

Many times you want to see things change overnight. But let me tell you, it won’t happen all the time.

Imagine that a large tree is blocking customers from seeing the sign of the new store you just moved into. It takes several blows of an axe or a large saw to clear the tree, but what is on it will not fall on the first blow or on the first contact with the saw. Sometimes, after ten shots, the feeling of having done something is seen, and a small hope of completing the mission is born. In this way, you must also know how to appreciate the small progress made by your spouse and give thanks to God for what He began by accomplishing so that He can complete it. It takes a little patience to bring it down with the tree. It takes even more praise to God to greet weak beginnings with your wife. As soon as you see that your wife is beginning to take small steps, you must redouble your ardour in giving thanks to God and continue to intercede for her. Remember, Jesus Christ told His apostles that there are demons that are only cast out by prayer and fasting, so you need a little effort like in the case of slaughtering the troublesome tree.

Finally, I would like to tell you that God knows your mission in this home or that of your wife in your home. Perhaps your simplicity or supposed submission to God hides a part of pride or vanity. How far can you go intolerance? Do you have a tolerance level towards others? If you have some towards your wife, you are certainly not yet submitted yourself to Christ, which is part of the hidden faults that God wants to reveal to you. Understanding these things will make you less focused on your wife’s faults, and forgiveness will constantly be in your heart.

God's timing is perfect

So first, remove the beam that is in your eye before trying to remove the speck in the eye of the other. It’s so subtle. Think about it.

I pray that God will help you better understand His thinking and lead you to properly manage this delicate situation in the Supreme name of Jesus Christ. Amen!