3 ways to recognize The Power of God’s love in your life

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Put together on this post are 3 ways to recognize the power of God’s love in your life

Saint John Mary Vianney said “in the heart of God there is nothing but love” and Pope Francis continues to remind us that “God never tires of forgiving”. God, who is the creator of everything, does not forget any person. Sometimes it happens to us that for some reason we stop feeling loved and many times even from God himself, either because of the problems or because of the suffering we go through.

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3 ways to recognize the power of God’s love in your life

Today, think and meditate for a moment about the love that God manifests in your life, here are three ways to recognize when God is loving you:

  1. God reveals his love in the affection of the people who love you, that’s right dear reader, no one has the obligation to love you or to love you, but God who loves you with eternal love puts people in your life who make your life more pleasant, more pleasant and more beautiful. Today, look at life and see the love that God has for you through the people who love you and are still there by your side.

  2. God reveals his love through nature, how many times have you had the opportunity to appreciate a great landscape with green meadows, or perhaps a sunset on the beach, or a night where you can admire the beauty of the stars, God is loving you there and letting his love fall to the depths of your being. Do not give up in the struggle of life, God has much to offer you.

  3. God also reveals his love through the spiritual candies that he gives you in a moment of prayer. There when many times your strength has already run out and suddenly the Spirit of God appears and manifests itself with power in your whole being, God is loving you.

The power of God’s love explanation

Why does true love move every heart? Why does the simple phrase “I love you” produce such joy in everyone?

Man gives various reasons, but the real reason is that every person who comes to earth is a spiritual son or daughter of God. Because all love emanates from God, we are born with the ability and desire to love and be loved. One of the strongest links we have with our premortal lives has to do with how much our Father and Jesus loved us and how much we love Them. Although a veil has been lifted over our memory, whenever we perceive true love, a longing is awakened that cannot be denied.

Responding to true love is part of our true being; we carry within us the desire to experience here on earth the love we feel there. Only if we feel God’s love and fill our hearts with His love can we be truly happy.


The love of God fills the immensity of space; therefore, there is no shortage of love in the universe, only in our willingness to do whatever it takes to feel it. To achieve this, Jesus explained that we must “love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27).

The more we obey God, the greater our desire to help others; the more we help others, the more we will love God and so on. And conversely, the more we disobey God and the more selfish we are, the less love we feel.

Trying to find lasting love without obeying God is like trying to quench your thirst by drinking from an empty cup; the formalities are fulfilled, but the thirst is not quenched. Similarly, trying to find love without helping or sacrificing for others is like trying to live without eating; it goes against the laws of nature and it is impossible to achieve it. We cannot fake love; it must be part of us. The Mormon prophet explained:

“…charity is the pure love of Christ, and remains forever; and whoever possesses it at the last day, it will be well with him.

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, ask the Father with all the energy of your hearts, that you may be filled with this love” (Moroni 7:47–48).

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God is eager to help us feel His love, wherever we are. Let me give you an example.

As a young missionary, I was assigned to a small island of about 700 people in a remote region of the South Pacific. For me the heat was suffocating, the mosquitoes were terrible, there was mud everywhere, the language was very difficult and the food was… “different”.

After a few months, a powerful hurricane hit our island; the devastation was enormous; crops were destroyed, people lost their lives, houses were blown away, and the telegraph station—the only thing that linked us to the outside world—was destroyed. A small government ship usually came once or twice a month, so we rationed our food to last four or five weeks, hoping the ship would arrive by then. But it didn’t come. Every day that passed we grew weaker. There were acts of great kindness, but as we passed the sixth and seventh weeks with very little food, our strength ebbed considerably. My native partner, Feki, helped me as much as he could, but as we entered the eighth week, I no longer had any energy. I sat under the shade of a tree and prayed,

The ninth week began with little outward change. However, a great change took place within me. I felt the love of the Lord more deeply than ever before and learned for myself that His love “is more desirable than all things… Yea, and most delightful to the soul” (1 Nep 11:22–23).

By then I was a skeleton. I remember watching, with deep reverence, the beating of my heart, the breathing of my lungs, and thinking what a wonderful body God had created to house an equally wonderful spirit. The idea of ​​a permanent union of these two elements, made possible by love, the atoning sacrifice, and the Resurrection of the Savior, was so inspiring and satisfying than any physical discomfort completely vanished.

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When we understand who God is, who we are, how He loves us, and His plan for us, fear dissipates. When we get the smallest glimpse of those truths, our concern for the things of the world disappears. And to think that we actually believe Satan’s lies that power, fame, and wealth matter is ridiculous, or would be if it weren’t so sad.

I learned that just as rockets must overcome the force of gravity to roar into space, we too must overcome the force of the world to soar into the eternal realms of understanding and love. I realized that my earthly life could end there, but I did not panic. He knew that life would go on, and whether it was here or there, it didn’t really matter; what mattered was how much love I had in my heart. I knew I needed more! He knew that our joy now and forever is inextricably bound up with our ability to love.

While those thoughts occupied and elevated my soul, I became aware of the uproar of some voices; My companion Feki’s eyes sparkled with excitement as he said, “Kolipoki, a ship has arrived and it is full of food. We have been saved! Don’t you like it?” He wasn’t sure, but since the ship had arrived, it must be God’s answer, so yes, he was happy. Feki gave me something to eat and said, “Here, eat.” I hesitated; I looked at the food and then at Feki. I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes.

I felt something deep in my being; I was grateful that my life in this place was going on as before, but I felt a certain sadness nonetheless, a subtle feeling of postponement, like when darkness dulls the brilliant colors of a perfect sunset and one realizes that you have to wait another afternoon to enjoy that beauty again.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to open my eyes, but when I did, I realized that God’s love had changed everything. The heat, the mud, the mosquitoes, the people, the language, the food no longer presented a challenge; the people who had tried to harm me were no longer my enemies; they were all my brothers. Being filled with God’s love is what gives us the most happiness and is worth any effort.

I thanked God for that special time and the many reminders of His love: the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the birth of a child, the smile of a friend. I thanked Him for the scriptures, for the privilege of prayer, and the most wonderful reminder of His love: the sacrament.

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I realized that when we sing the sacrament hymns with true intention, phrases like “He showed His great love” or “His great love we must know how to reciprocate today”, will fill our hearts with love and gratitude (see “Jesus in the heavenly court”, Hymns, No. 116 and “In a distant hill it was”, Hymns, No. 119). Listening sincerely to sacrament prayers, phrases such as “always remember him,” “and keep his commandments,” “have his Spirit with him,” will fill our hearts with a deep desire to be better (see D&C 20:77). , 79). So, as we partake of the bread and water, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, I know we will be able to feel and even hear those wonderful words: “I love you. Love you”.

I thought I would never forget those feelings, but the force of the world is strong and we tend to err, but God still loves us.

Several months after regaining my strength, we were caught in another severe storm, this time offshore. The huge waves capsized our small boat, plunging all three of us into the violent, churning ocean. Seeing myself in the middle of those turbulent waters, I was surprised, I felt fear and a little disgust. “Why has this happened?” I thought. “I am a missionary; where is my protection? Missionaries are not supposed to swim.”

But he had to swim if he wanted to stay alive. Every time I complained, I sank, so I soon stopped complaining. Things are as they are and complaints are useless. I needed all the energy I could get to stay afloat and get to the beach. Having earned my Eagle Scout award, I considered myself a good swimmer, but after a while, the wind and waves began to weaken me. I didn’t stop trying, but there came a time when I couldn’t move my muscles anymore.

I had a prayer in my heart, but still, I started to sink. As I immersed myself in what might be the last time, the Lord instilled in my mind and heart a deep sense of love for a very special person. It was as if he could see and hear her; Although it was more than twelve thousand kilometers away, the power of that love came suddenly, through time and space, and rescued me from the depths of darkness, despair, and death, lifting me to the light, life, and hope. With a sudden burst of energy, I reached the shore, where I found my companions. Never underestimate the power of true love as it knows no barriers.

If we have the love of God, we can do, see and understand things that we could not otherwise see or understand. Filled with His love, we can bear pain well, dispel fear, forgive freely, avoid contention, renew strength, and bless and help others in ways that would surprise even us.

Jesus Christ possessed indescribable love in enduring pain, cruelty, and incomprehensible injustice for us. Through his love for us, he rose above obstacles that would otherwise have been insurmountable. His love has no barriers. He invites us to follow him and participate in his infinite love so that we too can overcome the pain, cruelty, and injustice of this world and can help, forgive and bless.

I know that He lives and that He loves us. I know we can feel his love here and now. I know that his voice is of perfect softness that penetrates to the very soul. I know that He smiles and is full of compassion and love. I know that he has all gentleness, kindness, mercy, and desire to help. I love you with all my heart. I testify that when we are ready, His pure love will transport us instantly through time and space, rescuing us from the depths of whatever raging sea of ​​darkness, sin, pain, death, or despair we find ourselves in, leading us into the light, the life and love of eternity. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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In conclusion
God has infinite ways to show his love, but unfortunately, many times we find ourselves in another frequency, and we are not able to contemplate and recognize that great love that God gives us day by day. Today let yourself be loved by God.