What does the Justice of God mean in the Bible?

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In the bible, we have been able to read a lot about the Justice of God as well as about his punishments and what he considers fairWe speak of an almighty God who sacrificed his entire life to give us ours and that the only thing he asks in return is kindness, love and above all, respect for others. We need to love each other as if it were a single person.
For those who do not comply with the above, divine justice falls. This is a fairly extensive concept, and it encompasses a wide range of things that we can find in the Bible. In this article, we will briefly talk about this.

What can be understood as the Justice of God?

God is a loyal, noble, understanding, all-powerful being, but above all his qualities, he is fair. What happens with justice is that the human being tends to be blind to what he does not want to see or accept. Or rather, for us, everything is rosy, until the word ‘justice’ is mentioned in the room.

The justice imparted by God is wonderful. Have you heard the famous phrase ‘Above there is a God who sees everything? Well, it is totally true, because this justice is present in our day to day. There are so many churches where people are shocked and horrified by the term ‘justice’ because the very idea can seem terrifying.

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But nevertheless, if we find ourselves in the sacred writings, we find that this same justice involves the holiness of God. So, there is nothing to be alarmed about, since everything comprises God.

Justice of God


What does the justice of God speak of in the Holy scriptures?

It is evident that God’s justice is found in all the verses of the Bible, and that it will be put into practice to counteract the disobedience of a people and their rebellion before the supreme god. We can find this present in all the pages of the bible. Divine justice will fall on all those people who lead a malicious, greedy, greedy life and on all those who never think of their neighbour.

Justice of God is distributive and Governative

Here we can talk about two concepts that we find in the bible, distributive and governmental justice, we can denote that the ‘Governmental’, refers to what its name indicates since it offers us divine justice which is applied to the moral government of the world. On the contrary, the distributive one is the one entrusted by the almighty God, for the execution of laws, and of the punishments, if these same ones are not fulfilled. As you can see, there is a quite remarkable difference between the different types of justice.

The acts of man should always be acts of thinking of others as if he thought of himself or his loved ones. Lies, all betrayals and hypocrisy will be gravely condemned. Since God expects us to be sincere, honest and clear people in life, as well as being kind and empathic. Indirectly, divine justice vehemently seeks that we, the lambs of God, can be equal to or even more just than him. 

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The Bible tells us that human beings are not worthy of awards for good work, since we should do this by nature. We do not deserve awards for a well done, but we do deserve punishment for doing wrong before God, for being disobedient. This also tells us that a heart full of nobility will always be a heart full of nobility. Your bad deeds will be forgiven, but you will still receive divine justice. God will always see everything, he will always be with us, and sooner or later he will forgive us since we are his beloved children.

In the eyes of God, absolutely all of his children deserve forgiveness and mercy. We have to thank God for everything he does for us, we have to pray, in order to leave everything in the heavenly hands of the creator. It is necessary for the Almighty to do divine justice for him.