40 Prayers to attract a man to love you easily

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The prayers to attract a man can be criticized a lot, but it is very effective and powerful. It is a prayer that is not intended to be made exclusively by women, although they are the ones who use this weapon the most to fight for that love relationship that needs divine intervention.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to wait for the relationship to deteriorate in its entirety to make this prayer, but it can be done from the first symptoms that things are not going well.

Prayer for a man to come to me fast

Holy Spirit, I ask you to attend to my request, that with your power you make my approach, that person feels all my virtues and falls attracted to them, I ask you, Holy God, bend his will and let his desire be with me side.

Dear Lord, today I want to ask you to come to me, and help me to answer my prayer. I ask you not to omit my prayer and you can answer me, I ask you not to avoid me, that he is always willing to talk to me, that the energies conspire only in my favor.

I ask you, that the man who loves you comes to me. And may our energy be one. May your power be the one that binds me to that man I love so much. For the divine redemption of my beloved Holy Celestial Spirit, give me the energy necessary for that person to love me, you know our souls and today is the time for you to unite them.

I promise you from the bottom of my heart to love him, that (beloved person) will always be happy with me, that there will never be enough or sadness in his heart if he depends on me. Amen

Prayer for him to dream of me

Prayer for him to fall in love with me

This should be the prayers from you to God:

1. Lord, I love this man with all my heart and wish he should love me back so that we can become a great spouse tomorrow. Lord, let him begin to consider me before every other lady and divert his attention to notice me.

2. Lord, protect my heart from been destroyed by the pain of not been noticed by him. I am going through emotional pains because I want to be with him all my life. I beseech that you should put my love in his heart once again.

3. For many days I have not been able to get myself since the day I met him; Lord, this could be a trial to dry away my attention from every other good thing in life. I pray that you put peace back in my heart and make him fall in love with me as I do.

4. My husband has changed his attitude towards me, this is why I came before you to bless me with the beauty and features that will bring his attention back to me. Lord, do not let me suffer this pain in vain.

5. I love him with all my heart but it seems he loves someone else. Lord, show him how I feel for him and plant the tree of my love in his heart so that he will not have a choice than to fall in love with me.

6. It is quite unfortunate how I love him but he is not responding. If there is any way you can cause him to love me in return, Lord does it because I believe and know that you have a solution for a problem in life.

7. May your name be glorified forever and ever. Lord, I am here before you; invest in the heart of my husband my love so that he will always be happy with me. I am in pain all alone; I beseech you to forgive me so that his heart will turn towards me.

8. Lord, the highest, the owner of true love, the one that joins two souls together to love each other, please direct his heart towards me and let him fall in love with me for the rest of his life. I wish to be with him for the rest of my life.

9. May the Lord open his heart to love me; may the Lord protect the man I love so that he will find that mercy to look at me because I am deeply in love with him. Bless me, with this man and let him be my husband.

10. Bless me with the kind of man I want, introduce my love in his heart so that he will see me as he sees other women or better than that. I love him but he seems not to notice me. Lord, every soul needs a lover, please, link me with him soon.

11. He may not be aware that I love him deeply. Bless me with his love so that I will be happy again; make my soul settle so that I will be able to lead a healthy life. If there is any sin that hinders me from having a husband, Lord, forgive me and bless me with his love.

12. Lord, do not let him forsake me as the previous suitors have done, Lord have mercy on me so that we can be together anytime soon. Bless me with a man that will love and care for me. Make my life an epitome of peace and rest of mind.

13. I beseech the Lord to protect the one I love and put my love in his heart so that he will look at me with eyes of mercy and love and care for me. Bless my home and make it easy for me to do all things with ease.

14. Lord, bless me with a good thing in life, acknowledge my pain with true love and bless me with all I need in my life. Protect my heart so that it will find peace in the man it loves as he loves me back. Bless me with love and success.

15. May my heart be blessed with every good thing of life; my husband is part of the best achievement in this life for me, please let him love me as I wanted. Let him take good care of me and make me smile all the time.

16. If the only achievement in this year is for my husband to care for me once again, Lord let it be. I am getting tired of the pains I have been going through since the day we had the last quarrel. Let him fall in love with me once again.

17. Bless me this year with something special. Bless me with goodness and it should be the love of my husband. I need him to look at my side and make me happy once again. Take good care of him for me and let me glow like sunshine before him so that he will admire me.

18. You are the blessed God, the one great in power who can make things happen as supposed. My Lord, you are the highest, the owner of affection and passion. I beseech your holiness in my marriage, come and bless me with the love of my husband.

19. Lord, the most blessed, God of mercy have mercy upon me. Let my man love me alone, divert his attention from other women so that I will enjoy his love. Protect him because I love him. Let him live long to stay with me.

20. I pray that the Lord should not separate us especially at this moment I need you most. Lord, put a smile on my face through his love and bless me with endless love. I beseech your mercy to respond to my passionate need of my husband’s love.

21. He has no idea how I love him, Lord, put my thoughts in his heart so that he will feel what I feel, love what I love, enjoys what I enjoy. Lord, you are the most capable, never let him turn away his eyes from me.

22. I have always been lonely O Lord, I need a man that will understand me and care for me. I need a man that will always be with me to support me when I am weak and sick. Bless me with the most handsome man in the world.

23. Lord, send to me a comforter to wipe away my sorrow. The pains I have gone through is becoming worst, Lord, make it easy for me to find the kind of man I need and deserve. Bless me with a good husband.

24. I love him so much and my wish is to see him love me back. I pray that you give me the strength and ability to make him love me better than this. You are my Lord, the one that can do everything. Bless me O Lord.

25. I have all the beauty a woman can use to attract a man, I am endowed with one of the best characters, Lord, I know that whatever you do not approve will not be possible, please bless me with a man that will love me for who I am.

26. May your light shine in my life; may you provide for me, the kind of man that will be my joy and happiness. Bless me with a husband that will be a comfort to my heart, bliss to my eyes and help to my need.

27. When there is love, life will be good and easy to live. Lord, I ask you for a good husband that will love me sincerely and cater for me and my kids for your sake and the sake of the truth that exists in his heart for me.

28. Yours is the love that exists in heaven and earth, never let it be a burden or difficulty for me all my life. Address my issues and send unto me the most amazing and caring husband in the world. Let him find good reasons to love me better every day.

29. Lord, I have no special power to make someone love me, but with you everything is possible. Lord, in your holiness, I pray that you open his eyes to see my value and his heart to love me better than any other women around him.

30. Lord, you can see my heart, and you are the one that gives love to whom you want. Please, I need his love, let him see me and ignite the fire of the blazing love in my heart in his heart too. Love me abundantly so that he will do also.

31. My happiness is buried in the quest to make him understand that I deeply love him but it seems he is not looking at my side at all. Lord, in any way you can merge our hearts together for better for worst.

32. Lord, my heart needs the love of your servant, the son of your servant, the brother of your servant and the most beloved character and face I have ever met in my life. Prevent him from falling in love with other ladies now and forever.

33. I deserve him alone, Lord, bless me with his companionship and make him love me with all his heart. Do not allow his attention to be diverted away from me for any reason. Make my life better off with him.

34. I ask you, Lord, to join me with the most caring husband and you did. Lord, now I want you to increase his love for me so that we can enjoy each other until the end of time. I pray that his mercy prevails over his dislike for me.

35. I pray that my life is blessed with the kind of love that it deserves. I think I have found the man I love O Lord, I beseech you to give me this man as my lover, let him have my interest in his heart so that he can take care of me and my kids.

36. I have suffered a lot to find a good man, Lord, if he is good for me, please, in his heart for me and make my love in his heart permanent until we become one. Let him be proud of me anywhere he is.

37. Your holy name will be praised forever; your merciful eyes should be directed to me this year so that my man will love me and request for marriage. I will forever worship you to put a smile on my face and bless me with the best love ever.

38. Make my heart be filled with joy and happiness. Let my matter be important in his heart. Lord, you are the highest, please let my love in heart be the best. Let him see no other woman save me.

39. May your name be glorified forever. God almighty, to you, belong all that is easy, to you belong all that is hard. Put my thought, love, passion, and sympathy in his heart so that he can care for me like a child and pamper me like his daughter and play with me like his wife that I am.

40. I bless His holy name; He who created love as a passionate bond between a man and a woman, He who does everything and is capable of stopping any movement. Let your power be manifested in my life and put an endless smile on my cheek, joy in my heart through the love of the man I love.

41. Dear Lord, I know you see my heart. I am in no way or form trying to manipulate people to my side, I will not say this person I love should fall in love with me. I will only ask that you open his eyes, to see the qualities that you have deposited in me. He seems carried away right now, but you can help me to make him focus with direction.

Prayer to be able to get the love of a man with a mind

The season of love is upon us. The heart awakens again. Today I ask for my own self-esteem to be activated, and my innate ability to love and live in the embrace of love. I have had problems in love for a long time. It has disappointed me.

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My heart has been hurt. Once I was lonely, angry, unhappy, sad, and worried. I thought for a long time that I would never get true love. But I choose to heal this now.

Today I decide to make a new choice. To be able to recover the genuineness of my heart. And reconnect with a deep and moving love. In these moments where we question our skills. To give love or where we do not have physical contact with that man. We can pray this powerful prayer for you through the connections. Both spiritual and mental connections.

On the other hand, I ask you that long-distance relationships can work and that we can keep that man’s mind always thinking about us, it can help us a lot and can even make him fall madly in love.


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