10 Prayers For a Relationship With a Specific Person

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If you are praying for a relationship with a specific person in your life, these prayers for a relationship will guard you as you pray to rekindle your love life.

When you pray, keep the person in your mind. The goal is to create a relationship with that person. By putting your hopes and expectations into prayer, you will stir emotions in both parties and make it more likely that you’ll be successful. Prayers for a relationship with a specific person can be especially effective because the individual you’re thinking about is already in your heart.

How to Pray For a Relationship With a Specific Person

You can even pray as if God has already answered your prayers as if God had already answered your prayer.

Pray as if God has already made that happen

You can pray for a relationship with a specific person just as if God has already made it happen. When you believe that God has already made something happen, you will act as if it has already happened. By acting as if the relationship with the person you pray for already exists, you will build a strong connection with them. You will also experience a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship than you could ever imagine.


Pray as if God has already answered your prayer

When it comes to relationships, the key is to engage your heart. The deeper you get involved, the more your deepest desires will come to the surface. Pray as if God has already answered your prayer for a relationship with a particular person and you will see that God’s plan is far better than your own. When you are struggling with words, use these sample prayers:

In the Bible, James says to “ask God for wisdom” (James 1:5). This verse teaches that “God hears the prayers of the righteous” and gives them wisdom. Faith means believing in something you cannot see, and when you pray in faith, God will answer your prayer. Remember, God wants you more than you can possibly imagine, so don’t be frustrated when your prayer is not answered.

In marriage, if you go against God’s will, you can die completely. One woman I know divorced her abusive husband out of fear that she would die. I know first-hand of two girls who got divorced after marriage because they weren’t patient enough to wait for God’s will. Both girls were not patient enough to wait for God’s answer and went against what God had for them.

If you are facing difficulties with a relationship, it’s a good idea to start with prayer for healing. The most powerful prayer is one that is delivered by God through the power of His Spirit. By focusing on God’s will, you will see that God has already answered your prayer and has brought about the relationship you wish for. This is the best way to pray for a healthy relationship with a specific person.

Before you start praying for a relationship with a particular person, ask for God’s guidance and direction. Ask Him to reveal the perfect person for you to date and how to maintain a lasting relationship. If God tells you that your prayer is not in His will, you should move on. This way, you’ll know exactly what God wants and will be free of worry about your prayer being answered.

In prayer for a relationship with a specific individual, don’t mention that you’re not interested in a particular person. Instead, tell God you’d like to get married to that person. Ask Him to guide you in this. If God wants you to find the right person, He will provide the perfect man or woman for you. Then, he’ll give you the confidence to invest in him or her.

Almost every prayer has a reason why God should answer it. Jesus himself gave a model for prayer. Almost every prayer is filled with reasons why God should answer your prayer for a specific relationship. Jesus is the perfect model for this. When you pray as if God already answered your prayer for a relationship with a particular person, you’ll be more likely to receive the results you desire.

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How to Pray for Someone you Love?

prayers for your husband

Praying for someone you love is a special type of prayer. This prayer must be done with a lot of things in place:

  • You must have a strong desire to generate a result for this individual. The moment your desire is not strong enough, you will not get the intended result.
  • Do you care about this person? You must prove to the universe that you truly care for the well-being of this individual.
  • The power of love is strong. Therefore, you must be ready to infuse the power of love into your prayer. It is believed that love stirs up the energy in your subconscious to lay bare your heart before the universe, which generates instant results.

 Praying for a Relationship with a Specific Person

“God Our Lord, I turn to You today to ask You for help and assistance in my relationship with (person’s name). Our relationship is not good and it needs help to stay strong.

Me and (name of person) need help to overcome any obstacles in our relationship. We need help to be able to overcome challenges, adversities and even our enemies.

I need Your help to be able to live happily with (name of person) and to have a happy life with this person I love so much.

Please hear this prayer of mine with great affection and grant this request. I trust in You, in Your strengths and in Your powers. Amen.”

Finding the right person for you might not be difficult. However, the difficult part is in making the person feel the same way for you. I have heard several cases of people who are happily married today but never felt the same way about each other initially. It was the prayer for a relationship that stirred up the emotion.

Therefore, whenever you wish to go into a relationship with a specific person, offer prayers to the universe.

This prayer will not work for you until you have someone in your mind, which you want to fall in love with. This prayer only works for those with a specific person in mind. Therefore, you must have someone in mind before you offer this prayer.

The prayer for a relationship with a specific person always delivers outstanding results and leads to a beautiful love relationship that is full of joy and bliss.

Prayer for a Man you Love

“Our Lady of Fatima, I love (name of person) very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with that person. Unfortunately, our love life isn’t doing so well.

My love and I need help, help and protection from all harm. We need spiritual help to fight any obstacles that appear in our relationship.

That’s why I pray to You, Our Lady of Fatima, to help me to be able to stay with (person’s name) forever. To help me have this man I love so much by my side, and happy to be with me.

I count on Your miraculous help, Our Lady of Fatima, to intercede for our relationship. Amen.”

Praying for a man you love will yield great results because of the love in your heart.

The bible and other religious books agree with the fact that love is the greatest force on earth. Therefore, the love in your heart will deliver outstanding results when you channel it in the place of prayer.

  • Do you want your man to love you more?
  • Are you concerned about his loyalty to you?
  • Are you worried about his financial situation?

All of these and many more can be settled as you offer prayers to the universe for him. All of your desires will be granted with speedy results, which will make you happy.

The prayer for a man you love can be offered at any time of the day because it will bring blessing from the spirit realm into the life of the man you love.

Prayer for your ex-boyfriend

“Father God, I pray You today that You enter the heart of (person’s name) and fill him with strength, hope and desire to be with me.

(Person’s name) needs to be with me, needs to be by my side, because that’s the only way to be happy. This man still loves me, but he has no idea. This man still wants me, but he doesn’t know it.

That’s why I ask God the Father to bless our relationship and our true love. That’s why I ask God the Father to unite us in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Father God, attracts good energy to our relationship, good luck to our love and a lot of peace to our life. Amen.”

Do you know that it is possible to pray for your ex-boyfriend?

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A lot of people don’t know this truth. Without going back into a relationship with your ex-boyfriend, you can offer prayers for him.

This is a display of pure feelings, which the universe will always compensate you for in the future.

Therefore, the prayer for your ex-boyfriend will protect him from harm, and allow good things to happen in his life. If he has made a mistake in the past, your prayers will guide him to correct his ways and reconcile.

There might be an icing on the cake, which is a reconciliation between you and your ex-boyfriend as a result of the prayer you offered for him.

Have you ever felt the urge to pray to the universe for your ex-boyfriend?

Then offer these prayers right away and keep them consistent every morning and evening for lasting results and impact.

Prayer for your ex-husband

“Saint Valentine, saint of love, saint of lost relationships and saint of desperate relationships. Saint Valentine, I need Your help to get my ex-husband back.

I need to have (ex-husband’s name) back in my life to be happy. I need to have this man by my side to be able to fight against all the obstacles that come my way and I need to have that man by my side to love him and to make him happy.

(Ex-husband’s name) You also need me, you also need my support and you also need to receive all the love I have to give you.

That’s why I pray to St. Valentine, to use your powers of love to bring us together. So that you use your powers in love so that I can be with (ex-husband’s name) again, now and forever. Amen.”

Marital failure can lead to an emotional and mental breakdown. Therefore, it is best to pray for your ex-husband – especially when he took the hit too hard. Furthermore, you can pray for your ex-husband to rekindle the fire of love in his heart.

However, your desire and genuine care are 2 major ingredients that must be present in your heart before the intended result can be generated. Without a desire, you will not be able to properly channel the energy in your soul for your ex-husband, which will render your prayer useless and void of the result.

Whenever you offer prayers for your ex-husband, the results might not be immediate. This depends on what you are praying for because of the many desires in your heart. Therefore, you must remain consistent in prayers for your ex-husband to get the results you desire.

Do you want to pray for your ex-husband?

Then offer these prayers right now.

Prayer for Someone Special

“Love is the emotion that drives me here Lord. I love him/her enough to pray on his/her behalf and You love me enough to make level all my worries. Father, I need You to take good care of (name of person).

He/she, despite the act, is always in need of Your favour and I pray that You show him/her more than enough. (Person’s name) shall be protected, raised heads about others, and miracles will be performed in his or her life.

Praises be sung about Your everlasting mercy, and In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Someone special to your heart might need your prayer. Therefore, you must become spiritually sensitive to pick these signs in your daily life. Finding the right person to pray for will come as you open up your heart to pray for someone special.

The prayer for someone special will be answered by the universe because you care for such an individual. There are different types of prayer to pray for such an individual.

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Do you feel like praying for someone special to you?

It is time to get out of your comfort zone and offer prayer to the universe. It might save a life or grant clarity to a confusing path. The universe will grant all of your requests within a few days of offering the prayer for someone special. Therefore, don’t allow doubt to settle in your heart as regards this.

God's love

Prayer to make Someone Specific Love You

“Saint Valentine, saint of love, saint of all hearts, saint of all relationships, I pray to you today with great despair in my heart.

I love (name of person), I love this person and I want to be with them and I know that (name of the person) will be happy with me, but for that I need Saint Valentine’s help and interception.

I need You, Saint Valentine, to bring (name of the person) to me, to make him fall in love with me and want to be by my side.

Saint Valentine, you need to attract (name of person) to me, make that person like me, want to love me and want to be with me.

It takes away all the negativity that exists between me and (name of the person) and allows all the love that exists in our life to enter. So be it,

This type of prayer will create a fresh passion in the heart of the person involved. 

It has been recorded that the prayer to make someone specifically love you has worked 90% of the time.

Therefore, you have a better chance at making the individual love you. You should pray for his/her heart to be bonded with yours. You can burn red candles and use the picture of such an individual to offer prayers if you have them around you.

This prayer brings instant results every time it is offered to the universe for someone specific.

Praying for a Relationship to Work

This is a noble prayer that should be offered by everyone in a relationship.

The desire to make a relationship work is necessary for both parties. Therefore, it is advisable to offer these prayers whenever you lack ideas on how to make your relationship work. Whenever you’re dealing with a difficult partner, this prayer will help you to derive creative strategies to make the relationship work.

In addition to this, the prayer will change your perception of your spouse, which will make you love him/her much more.

For a stronger bond, loyalty, trust, truthfulness, and a long-lasting relationship, offering the prayer for a relationship to work is the best means to achieve them.

Therefore, if you have a desire to make your relationship work – even though it is on the verge of breaking up, then this prayer will perform the magic and enhance the love and bond between both parties.

We Walk By Faith

Will Praying for Someone Specific work?

Praying for someone specific will work every time it is offered.

It is believed that whenever this prayer is offered, the answer will be instantly gotten because it is easy to locate the person for whom the prayer is intended. Adding the name of someone in prayer gives your prayer a focus and target.

Should I use the person’s name in my prayers?

Using the name of an individual in prayers also works powerfully. It will deliver an instant result in the life of the individual. Whenever you use the name of an individual in prayers, the universe will grant the request speedily because of the conciseness of the prayer focus.

Can I light a candle while I pray?

A candle works with prayer. Therefore, it is okay to use a candle to pray. However, you must ensure that the candle’s color releases the exact spiritual energy that is required for the prayers you are offering.