7 Powerful Prayers For Money And Prosperity

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Are you looking for prayers to ask God for money and prosperity? Are you looking for ways to increase your financial abundance and bring more prosperity into your life? Prayers can be powerful tools to help manifest your goals and desires, and when it comes to money, there are a number of prayers that can help you focus on your financial needs. From prayers for debt relief to prayers for financial abundance and prosperity, we’ve compiled a list of 7 powerful prayers for money and prosperity. Read on to learn more about how to use these prayers to bring more wealth into your life.

In these difficult and uncertain times that the world is going through, you may find yourself distressed regarding the economic field. But do not despair, remember that God never abandons us and that there is always a solution to each of the problems. That is why we have brought you the most effective prayers to attract money and prosperity.


Why is it so important to ask through prayer?

Mainly, because words have power and even more so when we express all our feelings and desires towards the Creator. That is why it is important to express all our anxieties and concerns through prayer so that God the Almighty Father helps us and grants us the wisdom, strength and will necessary to face the evils that afflict us.

Similarly, the Lord always wants our good and wants us to be blessed through all the provisions necessary to survive on this earthly plane. So, if you feel sad and downcast, we recommend that you pray these beautiful prayers so that in a short time your financial problems will be a less heavy burden and your life and that of your family will be filled with abundance and much prosperity.

Prayers to ask God for forgiveness

5 prayers for money, abundance and prosperity in our lives

If you want your life to be filled with many blessings and provisions that allow you to lead a more pleasant existence, you have to ask with all faith and hope placed in the hands of the Lord. In this way, you will be attracting into your life the money and economic prosperity that you long for, as well as the peace and wisdom to lead a fuller and happier life.

1. Prayer for abundance

Father God Almighty, on this day I am on my knees before you to ask you to grant my life all the abundance and prosperity that it so badly needs. These are difficult times and that is why I ask you to allow me to attract money and provisions that will lessen all my burdens. I want to be successful in all the goals that I set for myself, as well as economic well-being in my work to lead a more pleasant life.

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I give you all my worries and the feelings of sadness that weigh me down so much, I fully trust in your power and that you will help me face this complicated moment in my life. I thank you infinitely for always being by my side and for helping me get ahead despite all the difficulties.

I strongly ask you to listen to all my pleas and to attend my call as soon as possible, and to grant me all the abundance and good things to be part of me day by day. I also ask you to send your beautiful and powerful Archangel Uriel to guide me along the way and help me achieve all my economic goals and all the prosperity for myself and my loved ones. In your hands I entrust my existence and my destiny, Heavenly Father, I know you want the best for my well-being. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.


2. Prayer for money

God Heavenly Father, you who know all my actions and my behaviour on earth, you are my redeemer and my saviour. Today, I prostrate myself before you to ask you with all the humility and kindness of my heart to help me so that I do not lack money, and that each coin multiplies so that I can give all the best to my family and help my neighbour.

Allow each work I do to be honoured and always under your divine protection because it is You who grants us all the strength and prosperity to get ahead. I ask you to listen to all my prayers and help me so that abundance and money are never lacking in my home. I give my heart to you and I put my life at your service for the rest of my days.

Guide my path and my actions at all times and help me to face with intelligence and wisdom all the debts that come my way. Come to my call and allow me to get the financial help that I so much need in these circumstances that I am living. I want you to make me get up from my falls and allow me to learn and grow spiritually daily, I love you and bless you. Amen.


3. Prayer for prosperity

Lord, only You are the one who gives me the necessary wisdom to live daily; you are the one who lights my way in the storm and leads me in the right direction. Thanks to your guidance and your infinite love, I find the peace that my spirit needs. All the things I have, I receive them under your hand and I greatly appreciate them.

Today I cry out to you to come to my aid in these moments of restlessness that I am facing. I make this prayer so that you allow me to have economic solvency and all the prosperity to enjoy all the peace and fullness. I want to be victorious in all the battles I have to face because I know that all problems are part of my personal and spiritual growth.

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Open the doors of prosperity and abundance in my home, so that food is never lacking or the essential things to lead a happy and peaceful life. Allow my work and my businesses to be successful and bless all the economic investments I make so that they multiply and help those who need it most in this world.

Make me prosper in all the goals I set for myself and never miss work and clients in my professional life. Grant me the help that I request so much financially and let me have the wisdom to be able to deal with situations that may get out of hand. I ask you to send me your Holy Spirit to guide me and help me make the best decisions and grant me all the prosperity under your powerful hand. Amen.

4. Prayer to Archangel Uriel

Oh loving Archangel Uriel, I ask you to come and illuminate me with your ray of light so that I can make the best decisions in my work environment. I ask you to bring into my life from the hand of God the Almighty Father, infinite blessings and unlimited provisions in our homes. Fill me with peace and divine abundance, as well as success and prosperity in the economic and professional field.

I humbly wish that my hands are never empty and that I can offer my loved ones everything they deserve on this earthly plane. Light my way to reach all the abundance and success that you have in store for me so that I can give and help those who most need a helping hand.

Archangel Uriel, you are the messenger and an instrument of peace from God our Lord, grant me the gift of wisdom and intelligence necessary to know how to manage my finances and not make mistakes that could put my savings at risk. Come into my home and bring your light so that you illuminate each one of my steps to follow the direction that leads me to the Heavenly Father.

Allow me to be presented with good opportunities that make me grow and that bring much prosperity to me and mine. Make your mighty ruby ​​ray bring riches and abundance to me and that they be for good.  Allow me to live in peace and harmony with my fellow men and make me a better person to please the Heavenly Father. Amen.

5. Prayer to pay off debts

Merciful Father God, I earnestly ask you to help me get out of this situation that torments me and keeps me awake at night. I beg you to listen to my call and come to my aid, I have made mistakes that have put me in a difficult situation regarding my finances. Have mercy on me and allow me to emerge victorious from this problem that distresses me as soon as possible.

My debts have increased over time and I do not have the necessary resources to solve them, that is why I ask you to come to my aid. I beg you to send me all your angels to guide me and help me survive this crisis in which I find myself. Have mercy on me and let me see your light in order to solve my financial problems.

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Allow my finances to improve so that I may have the necessary wisdom to take charge of my path and pay the debts that afflict me. I want to get out of this predicament of your hand and that you comfort me on my way; protect my finances and help me obtain the economic resources that I so much need in the most honest way to serve your name. Amen.

Prayer for Financial Freedom

The Prayer for Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a deep desire of many people. Prayer can help you to achieve this desired goal. There are many prayers that can help you to increase your money and wealth. The following prayer is a powerful one for prosperity.

Dear God,

I ask You to give me the financial freedom to do what I want with my life. Please make all my financial decisions straightforward and easy for me, and please protect me from bad investments. Guide me towards wise spending choices that will grow my wealth over time. Give me the wisdom and courage to face any challenges that come my way with confidence and strength. Thank You for creating me in Your image and providing everything I need to be successful. Amen.


The Prayer Against Poverty

God, Wealth and Prosperity Prayer

Dear God,

We come before you in humble prayer asking for wealth and prosperity. We know that you have the power to bring good into our lives and we ask that you would do so now. Please guide us in all of our decisions and help us to use our resources wisely. We also thank you for all the blessings you have given us in the past and we ask that you continue to bless us in the future. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


We hope that all these prayers have been of great use to you to achieve peace and serenity regarding the financial difficulties in which you may find yourself. We know that if you pray fervently, the Merciful God will listen to your pleas and heed your call to help you face the problems that come your way.