5 best prayers to get a job (powerful prayers for employment)

prayers to get a job
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If you find yourself distressed because several months have passed and you still cannot find a stable job, you should not worry. Since leaving everything in the hands of the Lord and asking him with great faith will allow you to feel calmer and get that long-awaited job in a short time because the Heavenly Father never abandons us and always wants the best for us,. On this post are 5 prayers you use to secure a job.

5 best prayers to get a job immediately

If you looking for a solution to all your problems, including work problems, you need to trust in the Lord and raise your prayer for work to heaven. In this way, God will give you the necessary wisdom so that you can handle this type of situation and move forward with your head held high.

That is why, on this day, we have brought you 5 very effective prayers that will allow you to get the job you want and that will help you solve all your financial problems. So, we advise you to pray them with the best feelings of your heart and with all the faith placed in the hands of the Creator so that in a few days you will receive that long-awaited call and start working as soon as possible.

prayers to get a job

1. Prayer to find a job

This is a beautiful prayer to get a job, which if you do it with a lot of conviction and devotion, will allow you to get results in a very short time. this prayer is very powerful. Furthermore, when we ask with great sincerity and feelings of humility, the Father always responds to our call.


Heavenly Eternal Father, you are my guide, my hope and my strength; On this day I come to you to help me in my purpose of finding a good job. Which, be worthy and honorable in order to help my relatives to have a better quality of life. with you, everything is possible and your power is infinite, I know that you always take care of me and do not forsake me, that’s why I cry out to you in these moments of so much anguish.

I ask you to guide me and not let go of my hand on this arduous path, Lord. You are life, hope and comfort for all those who need it most. You are my light in the dark and my support in times of uncertainty. Please have mercy on me and let employers see the potential I have to fulfill all their assignments so they won’t hesitate to hire me.

I beg you to alleviate all my worries and to listen to this call that I make today with all the sincerity and kindness that is in my soul. I ask you to help me find a new job, Dear Father, and that my pleas be answered promptly, I know that you will not let me down and that you will never forsake me. In you I trust Heavenly Father to help me at this time, I love you infinitely. Amen.


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2. Prayer to do well in a job interview

In those situations where there is a position available but there is a lot of competition, it is a good idea to ask the Lord to help us and give us all the wisdom and intelligence necessary to stand out from the rest and obtain that job no matter what. This is why we recommend that you pray this prayer before going to any job interview so that the Lord will be with you and with his guidance you will be successful.

Beloved Father God, on this day I feel nervous and I ask you to fill my mind and heart with your beautiful light, peace and serenity. Allow me to show my full potential in this job interview and get me hired fast. You more than anyone know that I need to solve the financial needs of my family and I want to help them lead a full life, always being at your service.

You are my Savior, my Shepherd and my Lord; I adore you and praise you for your compassion and kindness to me and my loved ones. I ask you to fill me with your grace right now and come to my aid so that you fill me with the best feelings. Help me in this economic trouble in which I find myself and make me get that long-awaited job.

They have been difficult days and of great need, that is why I beg you to come to my aid and grant me much success in my job search. Give me your beautiful assistance in this interview so that I can achieve the financial stability that I am so much in need of at this time in my life. I want to be a prosperous person and worthy of all your love and blessings, Beloved Father. Amen.

3. Prayer to find a job urgently

This prayer is ideal for those moments in which all our efforts do not bear fruit and generate a feeling of conflict and anguish. Especially, in those circumstances where we knock on the door of an establishment where they are not even looking for staff. So when this happens, it is best to raise your hands to the sky and ask the father for all his help.

Merciful God, You are the greatest employer in the world, only You allow us to be good and successful people. On this day, I want to ask for your help so that you allow me to find a job in which I feel happy and with which I can give my family everything it deserves. I want to be a prosperous and happy person, who has the best opportunities to grow and advance in the workplace.

I ask you to have mercy on me and help me get employers to give me this job that I need so much. I trust that they are good and good people, and I know that with your help I will find a place where there is a warm and fair work environment for all employees. I know that you always want the best for me and that is why you will listen to all my requests. Amen.

4. Prayer to be called from a job

If you’ve already been through multiple interviews, ask Heavenly Father to help you through those anxiety-provoking times. Ask him to help you be more serene and calm, so that feelings of anguish do not take over your being. Remember that patience is a gift that must be cultivated day by day and that despite the bad times, the Lord never abandons you.

Oh Beloved Father, in these moments of anguish and despair, I come to you so that you infuse me with all your wisdom and your light so that they guide and illuminate my path. I ask you to help me find the job that best suits my needs and to call me for that job interview.

I want you to take control of my life and that with your infinite mercy you allow me to make the best decisions. I beg you to allow me to find a good job that allows me to solve all my economic problems. I am grateful for all the good qualities and all the gifts that you give me, and I need that to be reflected in the work environment that I am going to be part of.

I ask you to calm my anxiety and allow me to have the patience to wait for that call that I need so much to give my life a new direction. I want your peace to infuse my whole being and my spirit and that it also falls on my mind and my heart. Blessed be God Heavenly Father, in your hands I entrust my entire life. Amen.

5. Prayer to bless the job

If the Lord has granted you the joy of finding a good job, you should thank him from the bottom of your heart for helping you fulfill your great purpose. Remember that God was always with you in the process and heard all your pleas and calls, so it is time to thank him for his great mercy and love for you.

Today, I want to thank you Lord for all the good things you give to my life, especially for finally finding that long-awaited job . Now that I can work, I rejoice in your grace and feel that I can get ahead and help my loved ones.

I hope that your blessing is never lacking in my home or in my workplace. Also, I ask for the health and well-being of the colleagues who are part of my environment. Allow us to always be your servants and to achieve success in the most honest way possible. Every day, I want to raise my prayer to heaven and thank you for your many blessings in my life.

Help us to always give the best of ourselves in the work and spiritual environment and grant us the grace to always be humble and good people to serve you my God. I will never get tired of thanking you for having the opportunity to work and bring daily support to my family, I love you and bless you God Heavenly Father. Amen.


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Final words:
Now that you know all these beautiful prayers, you must perform them with great faith and according to your need. Likewise, we advise you that if you know a family member or friend who is in times of need and anguish, share these prayers with them, which will prove to be of great help.