Top 11 ways to make your relationship work more better

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checkout this Top 11 ways to make your relationship work more better.

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Are you engaged or seriously dating someone you want to get married to, Have you been looking for how to make your relationship work even more better?,

Do you need advice to make your relationship super better than it is now? You may be wondering,  “how can I make my relationship work better?. To make your relationship work better with your partner here are top selected ways that will help you deepen the bonds with your partner.    

To make a relationship work better, we must be set to go the extra mile by putting  more efforts. Knowing how to make a relationship work is understood but knowing how to go the extra mile is something we’ve all wondered about.

There has not been a relationship that have not encountered challenges, there are different  stages all relationship must pass through.. in knowing how to make a relationship work better, one should also note some of the challenges  to encounter in a relationship such as, ups and downs, misunderstanding, lost of intimacy, communication difficulties, others when you struggle to find reasons to be together.

How to make your relationship work better

But, here is a big question,  why is it that some relationships seem to be able to pass through the ups and down and yet still far better than others? Why do some relationships make it through the difficult times, and even emerge stronger than before, while others crumble at the very first sign of trouble? Below are updated eleven ways to make your relationship work better.

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Love is work, to make your relationship work better, extra work is expected of you. Below Top 11 ways to make your relationship work more better will guide you into winning the heart and affection of that special one.

1.  COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PARTNER: In every relationship, communication is one of the most important thing that matter to make your relationship work better.

Many relationship has failed due to absent of good communication.

communication is the key to a healthy and long lasting relationship. If individuals do not communicate with each other effectively, problems are bound to come.

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Communication help to reduce misunderstandings and eventually strengthens the bond among individuals.

A relationship loses its charm if individuals do not express their feelings through various modes of communication .

Searching for how to make your relationship work better, then proper communication is one thing you must not ignore.

What role does communication play in a relationship?

Being able to share the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of  your life, without feeling judged or devalued, is what good communication is all about. Neither

you nor your partner is a mind reader, so you need to let each other know what you’re thinking and feeling. Remember that communication is the most important part of your relationship.

2. TRUST YOUR PARTNER: Lot of persons want they relationship to work well but lack the ability to trust they partner.

Trust is essential to any relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, you are in serious trouble. Think about why you feel jealous. Have they given you a reason not to trust them? If so, address the issue.

Understanding how to make a relationship work , you just have to find to trust your partner.

3. BE PATIENCE WITH YOUR PARTNER: Everyone can’t be the same, just as our faces are different so is our characters different, to have things work out fine with each other, both partners have to be patient with each other to make the relationship work better.

Patience is so important. Sometimes they’re expected things your partner won’t be  able to do, but with time, but Give them time and hopefully they will adjoin.

4. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PARTNER: relationships work better when people regularly acknowledge each other.saying thank you to expressing your appreciation on a deeper level will energize your partner, knowing this as a point on how to make your relationship work, will help increase the level of affection in your relationship.

couples who regularly acknowledge their spouse contributions to the home and family by saying “thank you” and “I appreciate you,” as well as those who acknowledge their relationships by regularly doing things that they know will make their partners happy, are generally more fulfilled.

you need to let each other know that you are grateful for one another actions and supportive of each other’s efforts. Look for every opportunity to show your partner that you are receiving your love’s positive energy and responding appropriately.

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5. INTERDEPENDENCE: A single tree can’t make a forest, to see your relationship work more better, its compulsory be dependent on each other.

Every relationship is different, there are myriad of things couples can do to make things better if they both want to have a better relationship.

Some times, when the person we are with has displayed behavior that make us uncomfortable or cause us pain, we think that we really don’t want things to be different, we don’t want them to be that way, to make our relationship work better, we just want them to be over.

And that can be a huge, painful and life-altering decision. What partners need in a relationship is to learn to talk about what they are going through, how they’re  feeling and make the necessary adjustment so that both people can feel better.

To be truly involved with each other in a supportive manner without compromising your values or sacrificing yourself for the relationship really matters.

Interdependence means having time to yourself as well as time together.

When there is too much in one direction it will throw things off, You need to give each other balanced time.

A balanced relationship gives you and your partner respect and this can make your relationship work better.

6. PLAYFULNESS: Have fun together. Whether it’s the tried-and-true or something new, being playful

keeps your love growing. Every time you do something to make your partner smile, it creates a closer atmosphere.

playing together Most times, strengthens your bond.

So, if must have your relationship work better, always find out means to play with each other as it is another thing which makes you both feel closer.

7. ACCEPT EACH OTHER: In a relationship, each person has certain wants and needs, some wants and needs will differ, and that’s when your attitude comes into play.   Everyone has quirks and traits that you may not like, but when you accept someone, you accept the bad along with the good. If you and your partner accept each other, you probably don’t find qualities in them that repeatedly annoy you.

We all need to learn how to accept each other and our circumstances, so we can

move forward in a way that enhances our lives and relationships. Make an honest assessment of

where you are in your life right now and accept it. It’s the only way you can move to the next level.

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8. LEARN TO  HAVE PRIVACY: To make relationship work better, Sometimes you need to keep things between the two of you. There are Some things you don’t need to discussed with the public. Make sure some things are kept private, and you’ll always feel closer together.

9. POSITIVITY: Make the mutual choice to maintain a positive attitude. Being positive may be the key to keeping harmony. You can control your behaviors and even your moods when necessary, and  having a loving partner who is willing to be there for you, even when you are struggling, can’t

help but make your relationship more positive.

10. REINFORCEMENTS: Showering your partner with little gifts, staying in touch during the day if you’re apart, and being there for your partner, no matter what, are some of the good ways you can make  your relationship work better.


Be mindful of any actions or behaviors that might undermine your love and get them changed ASAP.

11. HONESTY: Having a partner you can trust creates a buffer between you and the difficulties of the

world. When you have a mate you can rely on, it’s easier to take those risks that help you grow.

Always be honest with each other about your feelings and needs, and remember that you can tell

the truth without being harsh.Every successful relationship needs the care and nurturing of two committed adults, giving to each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial connection.

Giving your relationship what it needs to thrive is a truly loving gesture. Make the effort. You are both worth it.

Sometimes the healthiest thing you do for your relationship is think about whether it’s worth it. No matter how long you’ve gone out, or how much you don’t want to split up, really sit down and assess whether you are willing and ready to put all the effort in to make the relationship work.

Is this something you’re prepared to do? If it’s yes, that’s the first step in knowing how to make a relationship work. It’s all about whether the two of you are willing to make the effort for each other.

Making a relationship work better need more effort. Seeking ease in a relationship can bring both parties interest down, to avoid that, you need to diligently apply the points above so to make your relationship work better.

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