5 Short prayer to overcome fear and panic

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If you are looking for prayer to overcome fear and panic, we have gathered 5 prayers for you on this article.

We all have felt anxiety at one time or another. Anxiety can come from a variety of sources, such as physical, mental or spiritual. However, in some cases, the source of our anxiety is simply fear. Fear has such a creepy place in our minds that it can be difficult to confront it and overcome it. This article provides five short prayers for overcoming fear that you might find helpful in your own life.


What is fear and panic?

Fear is a natural response to danger, but it can become a problem when it controls our actions. People with anxiety disorders often feel afraid all the time.

Panic is a type of fear that becomes overwhelming and causes a person to feel like they are about to lose control. It can lead to problems such as running away or not being able to breathe.


The best prayers to overcome fear and anxiety

If what you want most is to have peace and serenity in your spirit, you need to pray to the Father to help you. In this way, you will be able to overcome those oppressive feelings that only generate unhappiness and that do not allow you to progress in life. Get rid of them with the help of Heavenly Father, who wants the best for you at all times.

1. Prayer to overcome anxiety

One of the worst emotions we can face in life is anxiety; because it enters every thought and does not allow us to rest in peace at night. Do not let this negative emotion rule your life and get rid of this fear with the power of prayer. Only then can you find the long-awaited peace for your mind and spirit to rest.

Oh Holy Heavenly Father.

I need you to heed my call

I want to expose my request with all humility.

I pray to You to free me from this anxiety that torments me,

I spend sleepless nights because I can’t sleep properly.

The worries and problems of life overwhelm me,

My body already asks me for rest but my mind won’t let me.

Do not let this uncertainty form for each day,

It removes the nerves that prevent me from moving forward on the road.

Please grant me a lot of serenity and peace,

May well-being be part of my life again.

Pour all your blessings on me, Beloved Father,

Don’t ever leave me.


2. Prayer to face depression

Depression is an attachment that clouds our spirit and plunges us into a very deep sadness; if you want to face it, we recommend that you pray to the Most High to grant you all his help. Remember that Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be well, so ask him to take away all the bad things that make you feel down and down.

Dear Father who art in Heaven.
Heal my soul, erase my wounds. Today I want to leave all the worries that overwhelm me in your hands, Remove from my life all burdens and bad thoughts.

May all suffering be completely eradicated from my being. Don’t let my soul be empty anymore, I want to recover my smile and my joy for life.

I am aware that you love me infinitely, That’s why I beg you to pass this test now.
Give me the wisdom needed to get ahead, to leave these obstacles in memory.

Turn all this pain into joy, may every tear shed be only of happiness.

Deliver me from this bitter depression in which my spirit has sunk.
I trust that your divine help will come soon to heal me.


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3. Prayer to overcome nerves

Feeling nervous affects us negatively because it does not allow us to carry out our day-to-day tasks normally. It is very unpleasant to be emotionally affected in this way, so it is necessary to request the help of the Heavenly Father. Ask him with faith to remove from your life the fear and stress that torment you, and calm and control your nerves with this powerful prayer.

Almighty God, today I cry out for your help.

Take pity on me, help me overcome these nerves that afflict me.

I ask you to restore my well-being, do not let this affect me in my life.

I can’t perform my duties well because I’m nervous all the time.

Make my days balanced again, may peace be in my spirit.

Please, Holy Father, take away all the demons that are tormenting me,

That they want to see me fall through these bad feelings.

Help me to emerge victorious from this, to defeat the forces of evil.

Release me soon Oh Almighty God, I trust in You.


4. Prayer in cases of despair

There are cases in life where we must act wisely, but desperation does not allow us because it keeps us tormented. Faced with these types of problems, we must pray that God fills us with much serenity; Only in this way can we face any adverse situation in the best possible way.

My Lord, listen to this call.

Give me the strength to face this.

I no longer want despair to be a part of my life.

Calm my mind, soul and spirit O Almighty God,

Do not let the forces of evil win.

Quickly relieve me of this torment,

Infuse me with your wonderful peace and enlighten me with your light.

Do not neglect my pleas Beloved Father.

Make me come out undefeated and let me know your Glory.


5. Prayer to overcome panic

Panic derives from the fears that are stored in our being and that do not let us be happy. If you identify with this problem, we recommend you pray this powerful prayer to overcome panic in a short time. Remember to have a lot of faith in the Father so that help will come to you quickly.

O God, You who are Merciful and Omnipotent.

Have mercy on me.

Fear is so present in my days and I feel panic about absolutely everything.

I can’t leave my house quietly, because this emotion doesn’t leave me alone.

Every thought eats away at my head, it doesn’t let me be happy.

That is why I come to You with all the hope that you will help me.

Don’t let panic destroy me, Oh Lord.

I wish to take refuge in your loving arms, do not abandon me.

I know that I cannot overcome these fears alone, so I implore your divine help.

Do not let me fall further into the abyss, lift my spirit.

Cover me with your sacred mantle so that I am free from this evil.

Drive away all bad feelings and thoughts.

Take my hand and lead me to the path of eternal life.

Calm my torment on this earthly plane so that I can be happy.

I love you and bless you infinitely, Almighty God.



20 Effective prayers against fear and anxiety

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How to fight anxiety and depression

50 Praying in the Spirit Scriptures to Help You Overcome Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

Why do we feel anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or nervousness, which may cause physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and heart palpitations. There is no one answer to why we feel anxiety, but it can be affected by many things in our life, including our upbringing, genetics, and experience. Some people may feel anxious more often than others, and some may be more prone to developing anxiety disorders.

There is not always a clear solution to overcoming fear or anxiety, but there are many ways to cope with the symptoms. Some people find that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is helpful in addressing the underlying causes of their anxiety. CBT teaches people how to identify and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs that lead to anxiety. Other techniques include relaxation exercises and stress management training.

Whatever approach you choose, be patient with yourself. The first step is always recognizing that you have an issue and taking the time to address it head-on.

How to overcome anxiety

There is no one answer to overcoming anxiety. Everyone’s experience with anxiety is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some things that can help ease anxiety and make life more manageable.

One of the first steps is to identify the source of your anxiety. Is it something that has always made you feel nervous or anxious, or is this new feeling happening recently? Once you know the root of your anxiety, you can start to address it by looking for ways to reduce its impact on your life.

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Some people find relief from anxiety by practicing mindfulness or meditation. These techniques help you focus on your thoughts and sensations without getting involved in judgment or debate. Mindfulness meditation is especially helpful in reducing stress because it helps you learn how to focus on present-moment experiences rather than ruminate over past problems.

If mindfulness meditation isn’t an option for you, another approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps you change the way you think about anxiety-related situations in order to reduce their impact. One example of a CBT technique is graded exposure therapy. In this approach, you gradually increase the amount of exposure you have to the thing that makes you anxious until your fear begins to decrease.

Another way to overcome anxiety is through self-compassion. Self-compassion involves forgiving yourself for having feelings of Anxiety and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally while dealing with Anxiety symptoms. It’s important to remember that everyone experiences anxiety differently, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, following these tips can help you feel more in control of your anxiety and live a better life.


Emotions can sometimes affect our mood in a negative way; A clear example of this is the panic and anxiety that make us feel dejected and not wanting to get ahead. However, there is a solution and that is that we can free ourselves from these feelings with the help of powerful prayers that give us peace and strength.