20 Effective prayers against fear and anxiety

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Prayers for Special Request
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Fear can be paralyzing in all areas of our lives, but we can look to God for a spirit of peace and courage. use these short prayers to overcome fear and anxiety.

In times of uncertainty like the ones we live in, we need to remember that our God is always with us and that he is in control of everything. Let us lift our eyes to the Lord and hope in him (Psalm 123:1-2). We serve the Almighty God whom we can trust. He will work even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances, let us not doubt it.

One of the worst emotions we can face in life is anxiety; because it enters every thought and does not allow us to rest in peace at night. Do not let this negative emotion rule your life and get rid of this fear with the power of prayer. Only then can you find the long-awaited peace for your mind and spirit to rest.

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20 Effective prayers against fear and anxiety

Here you will find prayers that will help you overcome fear and anxiety. Overcome fear with these effective prayers. Here are 20 transcendental prayers against anxiety, which include images that you can print and share.

1. A prayer for light in a time of fear.

Lord Jesus, a shadow of darkness has fallen on the earth. Everywhere people are tormented by their fears and anxieties. This fear is paralyzing and drags people down. It breaks families and ruins lives. Fear takes hold of everyone and does not let go. Therefore, Lord, illuminate every dark place here on earth. Unmask those who hide in the dark to kill, steal and destroy. Make them see the light so that others can see their wickedness. It shines in the dark so that everyone sees you and rejoices in your presence. Amen.


2. Prayer from the fear of illness.

Sir, I am humbled. I have received a very scary diagnosis and I am very scared. Many things are still unknown. What will become of my life, Father? Will I have pain? Who will take care of my family when I am not there? Questions torment me and I get no answers. Lord, give me the courage to weather the coming storm. Give my family the strength and endurance to fight with me in this battle. Give my doctors wisdom and discernment so they know how to best serve me. Lord, don’t leave my side. Drive away all fear of pain and death. Hold me with a willing spirit. Amen.


3. A prayer against the fear of death.

Holy Lord, the wages of sin is death, and, unfortunately, all have sinned. I have lost my way and death awaits me. I came from dust and to dust, I will return. It is this death that I fear, Lord. Through this fear, the devil manipulates me. From the fear of death arise envy, jealousy, greed, and pride. With this fear of death, the devil has enslaved me. But You have seen to it that Your servant is freed from this fear of death. By Your death on the cross, You forgave my sins, and by Your resurrection You killed death. You have freed the enslaved, you have given life to those in the graves. Therefore remove all doubts and fears and let me share in the wonder of your resurrection. Amen.


4. A prayer when you feel overwhelmed.

Dear Jesus, you ask all sinners to come to you when we are burdened and you will give us rest for our souls. Because today I am overwhelmed, Lord. Wherever I venture, unhappiness always follows. Fears and worries keep me awake at night, and I find no rest and no way out. Lord, welcome me with your yoke. Teach me to walk like you walk and talk like you talk. Shape my heart after yours, so that I may be more like you. May you not live in fear and anxiety, but remain in faith, hope, and love. Because these things you grant to those who love you. Amen.

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5. A prayer for courage.

Lord God, you teach us in your Word to be bold as a lion and wise as a serpent. However, I am humble and I am afraid. The world has gone crazy and I’m afraid of what comes next. Lord, strengthen my spine and give me courage in my heart. Give me hope and perseverance so that I can face my fears with courage and trust you with my worries, knowing that you care about me. You are the author of life, Lord. Amen.


6. Prayer from the fear of condemnation.

Almighty God, no one can stand and live before your holiness. Your law cannot be transgressed, and your holiness cannot be profaned. For my sins are many, and I am burdened with fear of your name. However, you sent your only Son to bear the penalty of sin and save us. Therefore, there is no condemnation for all those who believe and call on the name of your Son, our Lord. Help us to grow in faith in your infinite mercy. Give us peace and assurance that you no longer remember our sins and renew our anxious hearts. In your name, we ask you. Amen.


7. A prayer against financial anxiety.

Lord Jesus, following you is seeking first your kingdom. If we do, You have promised to provide for our needs. However, I am plagued by financial fears. I skimp to the last penny and am obsessed with saving and spending. I am enslaved by my meticulous eye on money and what it brings. I know that he is a serious idol in my life and I want to free myself from financial fears and worries. Lord, take down those other would-be teachers in my life. Mold my heart so that your kingdom comes first and all my needs are met. Amen.


8. Prayer of the unknown fear

Heavenly Father, send your Spirit to comfort me because I am afraid. Because life has required me to step into unknown realms where I have no company or experience. This worries me, Lord, because I don’t know what to expect and how it will turn out. But you have promised to be with me wherever I go, even in the valley of the shadow of death. Even in the abyss of hell, you will go with me. Lord, make your presence manifest in my soul so that I can walk with righteousness and without fear of the unknown. Amen.


9. Prayer from fear of evil.

Lord, every waking moment is riddled with fear. I can feel the weight of evil on my shoulders. It pushes me so I can’t bear the load. I am under relentless spiritual attack. Only you have the power to cast out all fear and oppression. In your name, your people expel demons and heal the sick and weak. Lord, send your mighty angels to defend your servant and cast out oppressive fears so that he can boldly serve as a witness to the truth of your Word. Amen.

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10. A prayer of deliverance.

Merciful God, you have created a good and beautiful Word. But through sin, the world continues to spiral out of control. Brother rises up against brother. Nation against nation. Mother against daughter. Fear is the currency of all men. There is no one to trust and no one worth trusting. I fear my fate and that of my family and my country. But within the walls of your home, there is salvation and protection from the machinations of the world. You are a mighty fortress, a present help in times of need. Lord, expel all fear and fill me with your spirit and your power. Amen.


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11. Prayer for clarity in the midst of fears.

Loving God, it is often our fears that keep us from experiencing Your healing. Fear is against intimacy. Like our first parents, it tempts us to run away and hide from You. But perfect love casts out all fear and apprehension. Lord, cast out all fear by your loving Spirit. Build me up and lift me up on the wings of a dove. Heal my soul so that I can enter the day without sin and give glory to my Father who is in heaven. I pray in your name. Amen.


12. A prayer to overcome fear.

Almighty Father, when I am too afraid to speak, I ask you to give me the words to cry out to you. Fear crushes me. Because of this fear I have neglected all things, including my health and well-being. All this, Lord, you do not want for your people. You have come to give life and for us to live in abundance. Fear is not a path to life. Therefore fix my eyes on you. Let me live in the reality of your victory over sin, death, and the devil. You have overcome all the tribulations of the world. For yours is the eternal kingdom, now and forever. Amen.


13. A prayer against the lies of fear.

Father, your word is truth. It is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. Although I know that Your Word is true, a spirit of deception invades me. This spirit feeds on my fears. He knows what worries me. He knows what makes me uneasy and makes me feel uncomfortable. Lord, by the blood of your Son Jesus, reject this lying spirit that wants to make me fear you and your promises. Drive these dark beings out of my heart and soul, so I don’t live in fear. Amen.


14. A prayer for a first step.

Lord Jesus, I am afraid and I don’t know very well how to proceed. I can see you in front of me. I can hear your voice. I know what Your word has told me: I must take a step towards You. But I am afraid to take that step towards You. Lord, guide my feet and take control of my life. Give me the strength to take a step towards you, so that I don’t walk, but run into your arms. Although my heart resists, Lord, knock down all obstacles. In your merciful name, I beg you. Amen.


15. Goliath’s Prayer.

Sir, I’m in a battle. A giant stands before me and seeks to destroy me. I am like David before Goliath. I am trembling with fear. I don’t know how to do it with my own strength. Therefore, Lord, stay by my side in this battle. Help me defeat this Goliath in my life. He removes my fear and helps me to recognize your power even over the greatest obstacles. Grant me this, oh Lord. Amen.

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16. Save me again Prayer.

Almighty Father, you have never failed me. Even in the darkest of times, you have always come when the sun rose above the horizon. However, I find myself back in a time of darkness. I have seen Your hand before in my life, but I fear that this time You have failed me. I fear I have tried Your patience once too often, and You will not deliver me. Lord, forgive my sins. Do not remember if I have tempted you or taken advantage of your grace. Release your minion once again from the clutches of fear. Fill me with the certainty of your love for me and rescue me from the well. Amen.


17. Prayer for fear of persecution.

Lord Jesus, you have told us that we will encounter tribulations as we follow you. You have promised us that we will meet the opposition. People will insult and slander us because of you. Some will even try to silence us or even kill us. Lord, as this society becomes increasingly hostile to your Church, keep us safe in your hand. Guide us in these turbulent times so that we may live without fear. Help us to embrace our vocation as members of your body. You are good and love everyone. Amen.


18. Keep my prayer firm.

Eternal God, it is so easy for fear to creep into my heart when I have neglected your kingdom. Because your word keeps me high on your towers and away from all danger. But if I stray from your word, I will be attacked. I am gripped by the fear of this world and I am afraid of the thoughts and judgments of others. I am haunted by demons and evil spirits who want to scare me to hell. So keep me firm in your Word and keep me from all fear and anxiety. Become a mighty fortress and shelter to protect my soul. Amen.


19. A prayer of protection in the face of hostility.

Father God, a soldier would never go into battle without armor. You give the beasts of the field the means to defend themselves against predators. So you also give us a shield to take to the world. Although there is much to fear in the world, you give us the strength to persevere. Your word is like a sword and your spirit is like a shield. Even when my enemies ally against me, you protect me. You are a God who is by my side. You won’t let me be afraid alone. Amen.


20. God is greater than the prayer of fear.

Lord, fear is like a blind man in a well. Left to my own devices, I would sink into despair. But you, Lord, are greater than any man can imagine. In the depths of the well of fear, you give me sight. You rush to save me. You come down to me and lift me up. You’ve brought me back to solid ground. In Your merciful presence, no fear can remain. For that I praise you. You are truly a God of faithfulness, Lord Jesus. Amen.