Examples of Friendship in the Bible

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In this article, we bring you some examples of friendship in the bible.

In the Holy Scriptures, there are all kinds of wonderful stories that leave us with beautiful learning of how to live.

Among the most beautiful stories, we want to share with you in this opportunity are some Examples of Friendship in the Bible, asking God a lot to reveal Himself to your life through His Holy Spirit.

Examples of Friendship in the Bible. 

On this occasion, we have decided to share with you some of the multiple examples of friendship in the Bible, so that God can minister to your heart, and in this way, you can also show yourself a friend.

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1. Jesus a faithful Friend.

One of the most heartfelt examples of friendship in the Bible was given by our Lord Jesus Christ, whose friendship, with Martha, Mary and Lazarus, is notorious in the Holy Scriptures.


Jesus’ love for his friends was noticeable.

In the gospels, we can denote passages where Jesus visited his friends, such as when Mary sat at the feet of the teacher while Martha was busy attending to him.

In this mentioned case, Jesus treats them with deep affection, but it is also highlighted that our divine savior:

  • was attentive
  • and visiting his friends.

How much we can learn from Him, and in addition to that, we can reflect if we really are like that with our friends, and we take time for them.

Evidently, there was no task more laudable than that of Jesus, carrying the weight of eternity and the destiny of humanity on his shoulders as he exercised his ministry, and yet he took time for his friends.


Many times, we prioritize our responsibilities and our ministry and isolate ourselves, turning away from our savior’s teachings on true friendship.

“Jesus loved Martha, her sister and Lazarus.”
John 11.5 NIV

Later, we find the passage where Lazarus falls ill, and in anguish, his sisters send word to Jesus, who waits a little longer before coming to see them. In this wait Lazarus dies, Jesus obviously knew it, however when he arrived at the village and saw the commotion of his friends:

“Jesus wept.
“Look how much I loved him!” said the Jews”
John 11:35-36 NIV


Do not feel alone, Jesus is your friend.

In the letter to the Hebrews, the Holy Spirit reveals to us through the Apostle Paul the truth that shakes the spiritual world, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”.

But what does this mean? That is the same love he had for his friends he has for us if you want to receive it.

When you are going through a difficult moment, where you feel that even everyone has abandoned you, remember that Jesus is never late, and he will not only cry with you, as he did for Lazarus with his sisters, and will comfort your heart, but he will perform a miracle supernatural as he did with his friend when even among the dead he called him to life.


2. A friendship against all Obstacles.

“But because Jonathan was so fond of David, he
warned him, “My father Saul is looking for an opportunity to kill you.
So be very careful tomorrow; hide somewhere safe, and stay there.
I will go out with my father to the field where you are, and I will tell him about you.
When I find out what’s going on, I’ll let you know.”
Jonathan spoke to his father Saul of him in favor of David:
 Do not go the Majesty to harm his servant David of him! – He begged him.
1 Samuel 19. 2-4

Jonathan the son of King Saul is one of the most heartfelt examples of friendship in the Bible because as we could see in the verses shared above, it was the desire of his heart to protect his friend, even from his own father.

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Friendship is a blessing from God.

Among the many blessings that King David received in his life for having a heart after God’s heart, was the friendship of Jonathan, who while he lived his heart was linked to David’s.

Even when Jonathan dies in battle, David’s heartaches and many years later, David rescues the only living descendant of his friend and decides that he live with him with all the honors that a son of his lived.

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Three lessons of friendship.

From the beautiful story between David and Jonathan we learn that when you are under the blessing of God, He provides you with true and loving faithful friends.

-On the other hand, a friend always protects your life, even a friend gives his life for his friends as Jesus told his disciples on one occasion.

Finally, the true friendship is so faithful that it even rescues your descendants even if you are no longer in the land of the living, just as it happens when you decide to be a friend of God, who will protect your life and your descendants until the fourth generation according to his wonderful promises.


3. A Selfless Friendship.

“One day, when Elisha was passing through Sunen, a certain woman of good position insisted that he eat at her house. Since then, whenever he passed through that town, she ate there. The woman told her husband: “Look, I am sure that this man who always visits us is a holy man of God. Let’s make him a room on the roof, and let’s put a bed there, a table with a chair, and a lamp. That way, when he visits us, he’ll have a place to stay.”
2 Kings 8-10

This story of friendship is beautiful, and we invite you to take a closer look at it so you can observe the blessings this woman brought to the prophet’s life, and how the prophet went out of her way to bless her for her selfless giving.

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But, really, among all the beauty that can be salvaged from this last example of friendship in the Bible, we want to emphasize how a powerful and wealthy woman decided to be a friend of the prophet and serve him with the best, just because he was the servant of God.

In the same way, God blesses our lives, putting people who want to provide us with their friendship and selfless support, so we must be humble and accept them, because to the same extent that they want to bless our lives, to the same extent God bless you.