Examples of Temptations in the Bible

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The Holy Scriptures are full of stories of temptations, in which some came out well and some did not.

The purpose of these Examples of temptations in the Bible is to teach us that we can face temptation, especially when each of us is tempted by what causes us weakness because temptations do not come from God.


Examples of Temptations in the Bible. 

Although there are multiple Examples of temptations in the Bible, we bring you a few cases, so that you can instruct yourself a little more in this regard, trusting of course that the Holy Spirit can bring revelation to your life through these humble words.


1. Joseph was Sexually Tempted. 

God’s treatment of Joseph. 

The story of Joseph is one of the most dramatic in the Holy Scriptures because he was not only disowned and sold into slavery by his own brothers due to his serious attitude problems.

But also, he was tempted in such a way that, only by leaving his clothes and going out naked, he was able to get rid of not sinning, although he paid with jail in spite of it. (Genesis 39)

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What was the temptation in the sexual area? 

While Joseph was still a beautiful boy, and due to the grace of God, an Egyptian named Potiphar put him in charge of all his fortune.

But Potiphar’s wife was so interested in that skillful servant that she wanted to put him in her bed and when the boy ran, she clung so tightly to his clothes that Joseph came out naked.

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You will run naked or you will fall. 

If there is something common, it is a temptation in the sexual area, we are constantly bombarded by messages, images, promotions, and situations.

The question to our lives is, do we run like Joseph, or do we fall like the next Example of temptations in the Bible, King David.


2. Because he was not on the Battlefield, he fell into temptation. 

The emblem and strength of the victorious army of Israel was the presence of God, and the presence of the King, who faithfully went along with the priests to battle.

However, one fine day we found King David in the palace prowling the gardens while his army was at the forefront of the battle, and what happened, he was tempted and fell. (2 Samuel 11)


If you are not where God sent you, you will be tempted and you may not have the strength to flee.  

It is a propitious moment to reflect on our lives, and sincerely ask ourselves:

  • What is the call that God has given me?
  • What have I been sent to?
  • I am really fulfilling the purpose that God has for me,
  • Do I know what that purpose is?

Many times, we do not concentrate on the fact that this world and its concerns are temporary and we seem to lose the course of our spirituality, that is where, like David, we find ourselves prowling in the palace gardens.


What do we find in the palace? 

The Bible is clear when it establishes that God does not tempt anyone, but that each one is tempted from his own concupiscence (James 1: 13-15), that is, that each one of us is tempted according to the carnal desires of our heart, thus being the temptation a reflection of what we yearn for in the flesh.

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So for King David, it was a beautiful naked married woman (who we imagine was not where God called her either, because why bathe naked there when her poor husband was in battle?)

For David, it was a sexual temptation, an impulse that led him to lie, deception, trickery, and murder, and for which he had to pay the price of his blood and his pain when God confronted him through his prophet.

But for each of us, there is a different temptation when we are not where God wants us,

  • It can be money
  • ill-gotten business,
  • frauds,
  • drugs,
  • Alcohol,
  • Tricks,
  • lies,
  • plots,
  • Problems,
  • Gossip

In short, a series of situations that have a single purpose, to make us fall and then feel so guilty that we do not want to come to the presence of our God.

Morning Verses

What do I do if I have already fallen into temptation?

 If you have already fallen, you should know that no matter how great your sin is, God says in his beautiful Word that, even if they were red like crimson, he will make you white like snow.

Come then, saith Jehovah, and let us be aware: if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; if they are red like crimson, they will be like white wool.

Isaiah 1:18

And again it says that He throws sins into the depths of the sea and never remembers them, if we truly repent from our hearts and confess before Him, and only before Him, our wickedness.

You will have mercy on us again, you will bury our iniquities, and you will throw all our sins into the deep sea.

Micah 7:19 


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Probably your sins have brought you consequences, and although God does not remember your sins, you must pay for the consequences of them.

But the Bible also affirms that we will clean our path by fulfilling his word, and in order to fulfill it, we must know it and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us.


God waits for you.

So do not hesitate any longer and confidently approach his throne of grace, that God with loving arms awaits you.

The enemy wants to make you believe that you are damaged, but God wants to remind you that he loves you as you are and with open arms on a cross the payment for your sins to free you from all evil.