7 Bible stories for children: Stories Every Child Should Know

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There are countless stories in the Bible, and some of these have been told over and over to the point that they’ve become old hats to most children who hear them again and again at church or Sunday school.

If you’re looking for something fresh to share with your children, try out one of these top 7 Bible stories.

They’re sure to keep your children engaged while teaching them valuable lessons about obedience, courage, forgiveness, and more!

7 Good Bible stories for children

Here are Bible stories to read, meditate and learn biblical principles that children can apply in their daily lives.

1. The Creation

Biblical text: Genesis 1 to Genesis 2:4

Do you know how it all started?

Look around you, feel the air, observe the sky, the sun, the stars, the sea and the beautiful nature with all the animals. Do you know who did all that? Who created you, your parents and your family? Do you have any idea about who is the author of life?

The Bible says that God is the creator of the entire universe. In just 6 days, God created the Earth and everything that exists.
Do you want to know how it happened?

The Earth had no form, it was dark and empty. But God wanted to create something very special on our planet. That is why, during the 1st day, God said: “Let there be light!”. The light appeared and since then there is day and night. God really liked what he did and said that he was good.

Creation 1st day: light
Image from www.fishnetbiblestories.com

On the 2nd day, God created the blue sky and placed the white clouds up there. God liked what he did and said it was good.

On the 3rd day, God commanded that the waters gather in one place forming the seas. He also ordered dry land to appear. The land would produce grass and all kinds of trees and plants. Those trees would bear very tasty fruits that we know very well: apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas… God liked what he did very much and said it was good.

Creation, 3rd day, fruit trees
Image by Sweet Publishing

On the 4th day, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars and placed them in the sky to illuminate the earth. The sun shines during the day, and the moon and stars shine at night. God really liked what he did and said that he was good.

On the 5th day, God created the fish and all kinds of sea animals, large and small. He filled the rivers and the seas with them. He also made birds to live on earth and many kinds of little birds to fly in the sky. God really liked what he did and said that he was good.

Creation, 5th day, marine animals and birds
Image from www.fishnetbiblestories.com

The last day of creation was a very special day! On the 6th day, God commanded the earth to produce animals of all kinds: domestic animals such as the puppy and the cat, wild animals such as the lion and the elephant, also reptiles, such as cobras and alligators… The earth It was filled with animals large and small.

But God left the most special creature for last: the human being! Yes, we are very important to God! The Lord created man from the dust of the ground, different from all created animals. God also created man most like himself. God said: “Let us make the human being in our image and likeness. May he have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky; over domestic animals, over wild animals, and over all creeping things that crawl on the ground.” God commissioned man to care for and govern the earth because he loves us in a very special way. God liked what he did so much that he said he was very good!

Creation, 6th day.  The man and the woman.
Image by Sweet Publishing / FreeBibleimages.org.

Everything was cute and perfect! God’s great story had begun… Adam and Eve loved each other. God loved them both and everything he had created. On the 7th day, God rested from all the work that he had done. He blessed that day, he was very happy with the creation of it.

What we learn from the creation story

We learn that God is the Creator of all things. He sustains everything in the universe by his power. That is why we know that God is much bigger than the sun, the stars and the whole universe. God is the strongest and most powerful that exists! He made us special because he loves us and he prepared a very beautiful world in which we can live.

2. Adam and Eve disobey God

Biblical text: Genesis 3

Have you ever felt sad because you lost something?

This story narrates how the first couple that lived in the world failed in a great way. For that reason, they lost a very important thing: the friendship they had with God! Adam and Eve made the mistake of disobeying the Lord. They did not do what God commanded, but they listened to a very bad snake. Do you want to know how it happened?

Adam and Eve lived happily in the Garden of Eden. That was a very beautiful place that God had prepared for them. In that place, everything was so wonderful that they had no reason to complain. Two very special trees grew in the garden: the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God had given only one command about those two trees: “You may eat from all the trees in the garden, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you must not eat.”

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Sadly, both the man and the woman disobeyed the Lord. The wicked serpent deceived Eve by changing the meaning of what God had said. Eva saw that the tree was beautiful, that she would give her more knowledge, and the fruits seemed tasty. She decided to do what God had forbidden! She ate the fruit and also gave it to her husband Adam. What a big mistake! Now they knew evil. They messed up God’s perfect world.

Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit
Image from Shutterstock

After eating the fruit they were ashamed and hid from God. “Why did you eat the fruit of the tree that I forbade you to eat?” God asked. Each of them began to apologize and blame the other. The saddest thing is that evil entered their hearts.

– It wasn’t me, Lord! Eva ate first and then gave me – said Adam.
– It’s not my fault, God! The snake tricked me and that’s why I ate – Eva said.

The Lord made them clothes and expelled them from the beautiful garden that he had created. He placed two angels with swords to guard the tree of life that was there.

Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden
Image from Shutterstock

What we learn from the story of disobedience

All disobedience brings consequences. With this story, we learn that it is necessary to hear the Word of God and obey it even if others try to convince us that it is okay to disobey it. God sees everything, whether we do good things or bad things. He sees us and corrects us. He takes care of us even if we fail him, that’s why we must repent of our mistakes and always ask him for forgiveness.

3. The flood and Noah’s ark

Biblical text: Genesis 7 to Genesis 9

What do you like to do on rainy days?

This story is about a great rain that fell for days and days flooding the whole earth. Can you imagine it? But God is loving and saved a family that trusted him. He also saved many animals. Let’s see how it happened!

Noah loved God and tried to always obey everything God said. But there was no other person on earth who loved God like that or who did things as God commanded. People at that time were very bad and they enjoyed doing what was not right: they acted violently, told lies and did all kinds of evil that you can imagine.

God was so sad because of the attitude of the people that he decided to send a great rain, a deluge, to flood the earth and destroy all evil. But God wanted to save Noah and his family because Noah was a good man and he loved God with all his heart.

Therefore, one day, God explained to Noah that he should build a very large boat in which he and his family would be protected from the great rain and the floods that would come. Noah did everything exactly as God commanded. When the ark was ready, and after preparing everything with the food stored onboard, the moment arrived… God ordered Noah to make pairs of animals of each species enter the great ark so that they would be saved from the flood.

Animals entering Noah's ark
Image from Shutterstock

After everyone entered, God closed the door. Suddenly it started to rain. First, there were a few drops, but then heavy rain fell that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. The rain did not stop for a moment, but inside the boat, everyone was dry and safe. With that amount of rain, the waters began to rise and the ship sailed as if it were on the high seas.

The ark at sea
Image from Pixabay

Finally, the day came when the rain stopped. The water receded little by little until the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat. After a few days, the waters began to evaporate and the land began to dry out. When the ground was dry, God told Noah that it was time to leave the ark. Noah, his family, and all the animals came out two by two.

Animals coming out of Noah's ark

Noah built an altar and thanked God for taking care of them all that time. God promised that he would never again send as much rain on the earth as there was in the flood. In order for everyone to remember that promise he made, he created the rainbow that appears in the sky during rainy days.

When I cover the earth with clouds, and in them the rainbow appears, I will remember the pact that I have established with you and with all living beings. Never again will the waters become a deluge to destroy all mortals.
(Genesis 9:14-15)

What we learn from the flood story

God saves us and keeps us safe. By the goodness and mercy of God, not many bad things happen to us or our families. God protects those who love and obey him. God also cares for animals. He promised not to destroy the earth with a flood again and left us a reminder, the rainbow that we can see on rainy days.

4. Ana asks the Lord for a son

Biblical text: 1 Samuel 1:1-20

This is the story of a woman of faith and prayer. Ana was sterile (she couldn’t have children), but one of her biggest dreams was that: to have a child. As if it were not enough to live with the suffering imposed by life, Ana also had to face the affronts of Penina, the second wife of her husband, Elkanah. He was married to Ana and also to Penina. At that time that was common in some families.

Elkanah, Anna and Penina
Image by Sweet Publishing / FreeBibleimages.org.

Unlike Ana, Penina did have children. Therefore, Peninnah irritated insulted and belittled Ana, because God had not allowed him to have children with her. However, despite this, Ana’s husband loved her very much.

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Every year, Elkanah went with her family to the temple to worship the Lord and offer sacrifices. There she shared her portion of the sacrifice with Penina and her children, and she also gave a special portion to Ana because he loved her very much. But Penina continually provoked and tormented Ana. Every time they went on that trip to Silo, Ana felt so humiliated and irritated that she cried bitterly and did not want to eat due to her great suffering.

Her husband Elkanah consoled her, but Ana knew that God was the only one who could help her. Therefore, that day after the meal, Ana got up and began to cry out to the Lord. Ana prayed and cried because she had a lot of sadness in her soul.

She decided to make a promise to God. She prayed with all her heart saying, “Lord Almighty, look at my misery, remember me and grant me a son. If you do, I will give him to you for his whole life».

Anne praying
Image by Sweet Publishing / FreeBibleimages.org.

A long time passed and Ana kept talking to God in a low voice, her words were not understood. Eli the priest thought she was drunk. She prayed in a very low voice, only her lips moved. And since Eli couldn’t hear what she was saying, he asked her:

“How long will the drunkenness last?” Stop the wine!
“No, my lord; I have not drunk wine or beer. I am just a distraught woman who has come to vent before the Lord. Don’t take me for a bad woman. I have spent this time praying because of my anguish and affliction.
“Go in peace,” Eli replied. May the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him.
(1 Samuel 1:14-17)

What we learn from Ana’s story

God hears the prayer of the afflicted and needy. Ana cried out with faith and humility believing that God could perform a miracle in her life. She believed against the odds and God heard her sincere prayer. It is worth trusting in the Lord despite the struggles, frustrations, humiliations, misunderstandings and slanders. God is the God of the impossible! He can change our history and make the dreams of our hearts come true.

5. An angel brings good news

Biblical text: Luke 1:26-38

What has been the biggest surprise of your life?

Everyone was waiting for the promise that God had made long ago: a great King would come to save all those who loved and believed in God. But time passed and passed. No one imagined it, but after so long God’s great surprise was about to happen.

In the city of Nazareth, there lived a young girl named Mary. She was engaged to a young carpenter, a man named José.

Maria and Jose
Image by Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing

It was not long before they were married, but Maria did not know that she was about to receive great news. It was an amazing message that would change their lives and all of humanity forever. Can you imagine what the news was?

One day, God sent an angel to give a message to Mary: – “Greetings Mary!” said the angel Gabriel. – «The Lord is with you. God is pleased with you.” Mary did not understand what the angel wanted to tell her with those words.

The angel told her: “Mary, don’t be afraid, because you enjoy God’s favor.” Now you are going to be pregnant: you will have a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be a great man, whom they will call the Son of the Most High God, and the Lord God will make him King, like his ancestor David, so that he may reign forever over the people of Jacob. His reign will have no end.
Mary asked the angel: – How can this happen, if I do not live with any man?
(Luke 1:30-34))

The angel replied: «Don’t worry, Mary. God will make it happen through his Spirit. Remember that for God nothing is impossible.

The angel Gabriel talking to Mary
Image by Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing

Mary then said: “Let it be so. I will do whatever the Lord says!” The angel Gabriel left and Mary went to visit Elizabeth, a relative of hers who was also pregnant.

“What a wonderful surprise!” Elizabeth said. She was very happy with Mary’s visit and with the news about Jesus. Mary praised God with all her heart for all her goodness and love.

What we learn from the story of the announcement of the birth of Jesus

God sent the angel Gabriel to give wonderful news to Mary and to the world: Jesus the King of kings would be born to save humanity from its sins. Mary accepted the will of God. We too must live like this, always obeying the will of God.

6. The birth of Jesus

Biblical text: Luke 2:1-20

Have you ever imagined what the first Christmas was like?

Jesus, the eternal Savior, came down from heaven and came to us because he loves us very much. But how did that happen? Did he come flying like a superhero? Or did he suddenly appear on earth? Let’s see how he came here to earth to save us.

God loved the world so much that he sent his own Son to come to help us. According to his plan, he chose a young girl named Mary to be the mother of Jesus. Maria was not married yet. She miraculously became pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Mary was engaged to a man named Joseph, a young man who also trusted God. Shortly before the baby was born, they had to make a trip to Bethlehem, their hometown.

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It was already the end of the pregnancy and the time for the birth of Jesus was approaching. At that time there were not as many hospitals as today. They started looking for a place to stay, but the city was full. There was no space in the posada (kind of lodging or hostel). They tried to see if they could stay in a house with someone who would receive them and offer them a more comfortable place for when the baby arrived. But they got nothing!

Mary and Joseph could not find a place to stay.
Image by Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing

The only place they found to be with baby Jesus was a cowshed. This place also called a stable or corral, is where the farm animals go to eat, drink water and rest. Maria had her baby there, wrapped him in some swaddling clothes and placed him to sleep in a very warm manger (drawer).

Mary wraps Jesus in swaddling clothes
Image by Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing

So simple and at the same time, so wonderful! A moment of great importance for everyone. Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world was born! The angels sang in heaven:

Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to those who enjoy his good will.
(Luke 2:14)

The angels announcing the birth of Jesus.  Glory to God in the highest!
Image by Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing

Baby Jesus received some visitors: some shepherds who heard the angels, and some wise men. A great bright star appeared in the sky and led the wise men a long way from the east to the place where the baby Jesus was. They went there to worship Jesus and to give him gifts. This was the first Christmas! Jesus brought life, peace and light to the world through the hope of salvation.

What we learn from the story of the birth of Jesus

Jesus was born to help all people! The world was totally dark and sad, far from God because of everyone’s mistakes and wickedness. But God loved us so much that he sent his Son Jesus to bring light and help us to do what is right and to walk on the right path. Therefore, everyone who believes in Jesus can become a better person who will escape the final punishment. Give place to Jesus in your heart! He is the greatest and best gift in the world. Jesus is the greatest wealth in the universe!

7. Jesus heals a paralytic

Biblical text: Luke 5:17-26

Do you have good friends?

Probably yes. But if they were really good to you, they would help you get closer to Jesus. This Bible story from Luke 5:17-26 tells about a man who was paralyzed and had 4 good friends. We don’t know details such as his names, his personal histories, or how they became friends. We do know that they experienced a great miracle together. They believed in the power of Jesus to heal and transform difficult situations and they lived a great adventure!

One day, Jesus was teaching and among the listeners were some Pharisees (Jewish leaders) and teachers of the law who had come from different regions of Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem. The power of God was with Jesus to heal.

Suddenly, some men arrived carrying a stretcher carrying a paralyzed man. They tried to get through to place him in front of Jesus, but there were so many people in the house that they couldn’t even get through the door.

Friends with the paralytic on the stretcher.
Image by John Paul Stanley 

Since they couldn’t get close because of the crowd, they went up and opened a hole between the tiles. They went down that way, with the stretcher carrying their sick friend.

Friends lowering the paralytic through a hole in the roof.
Image by John Paul Stanley 

Finally, they managed to get to the middle, in front of Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” But the doctors of the law and the religious who were there began to think: “And this what, does he think he is equal to God? Only God can forgive sins.”

Jesus knew what they were thinking and said to them: — What is easier to say: “Your sins are forgiven you”, or “Get up and walk”? Well, so that they know that the Son of Man has the authority to forgive sins, he said to the paralyzed man: Get up, take your stretcher and go home.

He got up immediately and in front of everyone, took the stretcher he had been lying on and went home giving glory to God. Everyone was amazed and also began to praise God, while saying full of fear: – Wow! Today we have seen something extraordinary!

The paralytic can now walk because Jesus healed him
Image by John Paul Stanley

What we learn from the story of the paralytic

More than healing our bodies, Jesus wants to heal our hearts that are sick and stained by sin.
Let us see other important things that we can learn from the healing of the paralytic:

  1. Jesus is God. He is powerful to heal, forgive sins and to save us from all evil.
  2. The greatest miracle that Jesus performs on human beings is spiritual healing. He gives us eternal life!
  3. Jesus is the best and greatest friend we can have in life.
  4. It is good to have friends in faith who help us in difficulties and bring us closer to Jesus.
  5. We must glorify God for the forgiveness and salvation we receive through Jesus.


Not only do children love to hear Bible stories, but they also learn to love and trust God in the process. These 7 Bible stories are among the best choices for teaching children about God and His love. Each story has its own unique message that children can carry with them long after hearing it, making these the best Bible stories for children of all ages!