7 Dangerous signs of the end times in the Bible you need to know

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The Bible is full of texts that speak of signs of the end times, mainly in the prophets, in the Gospels and in the letters of Paul and Peter, and in the book of Revelation.

If we take these loose texts and sew them together it would look like a patchwork quilt that can be put together in different ways.

There are several theories about the signs of apocalyptic facts, but which would be the true or most biblical?

That’s why I preferred to study based on the words of the Lord Jesus himself. After all, He is the one who will return, not the prophets, Paul or Peter.

And from the words of the Lord Jesus, we can then later add the words of other biblical writers, who bring very important information, however without a clear order established by the text.

It is interesting to note that the gospels bring Jesus’ speech about the end and in all descriptions Jesus presents the same order of facts.

If you open the Bible to the three gospels that contain Jesus’ words about His return, you will see the clarity of events unfolding to the end. 

Check: Matthew 24 and 25  >  Mark 13  >  Luke 17.20-37 and 21 for reference.

What are the 7 Signs of the End Times?

Let’s review Mark 13:3-13 and learn about the signs of the end of the world and the return of Jesus:

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1. False prophets: Mark 13:5-6

You probably already know that there are many religions that, despite preaching Christianity, end up getting lost in some points.

In reality, we have to be mature and rational enough to admit that every religion has its flaws and its prowess, and that is why many people, sometimes really deceived, others acting in bad faith, use Christianity or faith to take advantage of some group or situation.

The first sign Jesus warns us of is that there would be false prophets and false Christs. Some examples of false prophets are:

  • Those who charge to say prayers and anoint with oil;
  • trade of faith (II Peter 2.3);
  • Preachers who mark the date of Jesus’ return;
  • Sects and false religions;

Wars: Mark 13:7,8a

The second sign of the End Times is wars. In the 20th century, we had two world wars. 

7 Signs of the End Times in the Bible – Wars

Nations have risen against nations (civil wars) and kingdoms against kingdoms (revolutions).

Earthquakes:  Mark 13:8

Another sign of the end is the increase in tremors that show how the earth is out of balance pointing to an end.

7 Signs of the End Times in the Bible – Earthquakes


Approximately 100 low-intensity tremors below 2.5 degrees occur daily, but this number grows every day, as new seismic stations are installed and also due to the greater sensitivity of the instruments.

Hunger:  Mark 13:8

We already have 7 billion inhabitants on the planet and there are studies that prove that the world will have 9 billion people in 2045 and that ( at least today ) we do not have the capacity to keep this number of people with food.

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Persecution:  Mark 13:9- 11

This prophecy has never been more real than it is detailed here. The Church has already suffered cruel persecutions and massacres, but there will come a time when it will be institutionalized persecution.

The text explains that God’s servants will be brought before the authorities to give testimony of their faith.

This is what will happen with Bill 122, which criminalizes the preaching of churches as an act of homophobia.

Revival:  Mark 13:10.11

Before the end happens there will also be a great revival on earth. The gospel will be preached in all nations and believers, even persecuted, will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Prayers of deliverance and protection

The Bible is being translated into thousands of languages ​​quickly due to new technological translation resources such as Google Translate.

Missionaries have been sent from all countries all over the world.
Jesus would be unfair if he came back without some people being warned.

Therefore, before the end, there will be a great revival preparing the world and the Church for the return of Jesus.

Tribulations in families: Mark 13:12

A serious problem we are experiencing is that families have been the target of many tribulations. Homes have been destroyed by vice, prostitution, and other evils.

7 Signs of the End Times in the Bible – Broken Families

Furthermore, a large part of today’s youth no longer wants to start a family and homosexuality has been strongly defended as a lifestyle superior to the traditional model of family.

This process of deconstruction of the Family is also the fulfillment of the prophecies about the end of the world.

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End Times Signs in the Bible, Final Words

After presenting all the problems of the beginning of sorrows, Jesus teaches believers how they will be victorious. Each winner will receive an award as a prize for enduring it all.

Perseverance is the secret to enduring all these things. Christians need to learn that persevering means overcoming obstacles.

Many evangelicals are not persevering, because for any small problem, they leave their churches and there are even pastors who encourage changing churches.

This is a problem because a servant of God has to learn to persevere ‘until the end’ and not until he has a hard time.

No one can say the exact day, but it is impossible not to think that we are already living in the last days.

One thing is certain: Jesus will return!

And so dear readers, did you know all these signs? Which one surprised you the most? Tell us down here in the comments.