4 Good Ways to Delight yourself in the Lord

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What does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord as a Christian?
In a very common way, we meet Christian people who do not know how to delight themselves in the Lord; they see the bible and the church as many statutes that they must follow. This has caused the unsaved to see Christianity as boring and joyless. However, in this study, you will learn how to obtain true delight in God on this post.

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

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What does it mean to delight in the Lord?


The Word delight means “to obtain great pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness.” Another meaning of the Hebrew word for delight is “softness and tenderness.” The true lovers of God are always willing to learn and are docile in his hands.

Wouldn’t you like those words to be a description of your relationship with your Creator, one in which both you and he enjoy the time you spend in each other’s presence?

If that sounds good to you, then I have good news. God also wants that kind of delightful friendship, which develops through commitment, trust, and patience. So, he takes into account the following tips:

  • A believer must commit his ways to God. This means that it is necessary to invite the Lord to examine our desires and intentions and change everything that does not suit his purpose or advance his plan for our lives.
  • You must trust God. Who is more worthy of our faith than the Father, who gave Jesus Christ to save wicked sinners?
  • You need to rest in God. When we worry about an issue or something that we consider necessary, we do not commit ourselves to the Lord or trust him. Because our human point of view is extremely limited, waiting patiently is seldom easy. God, however, has infinite wisdom and knows when circumstances and time are perfectly aligned for his will to be done.

Although it can be hard work, a growing relationship with the Lord is not a heavy task. But the effort is a labor of love because human beings are designed to derive joy and satisfaction from being in the presence of the Creator. The greatest pleasure we can experience in life is walking hand in hand with a Father who adores us.

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On a practical level, how can we delight in the Lord?

come to me

There are many ways to delight in the Lord, and everything will depend on what your heart tells you at the right time. However, here are some of them:

1. Feast on the Word

Do you love hearing your husband’s voice? Do you sometimes want to be in the room where he is alone so you can talk to him repeatedly? So it should be with the Word of God. Our Creator wants to speak to us. She longs to share her heart and passions with her children, but we must nurture her presence to make that connection. They are all wrapped up within the Holy Scriptures.

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of delighting in every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Are you finding time to be on his Word and delight in what he tells you? Then you find yourself having a true relationship and closeness with the Creator.

2. Delight in his ways

Delighting in God’s way and the way he works in your life is what makes you more like Christ. God’s ways include waiting on him. Yes, stay on the Lord! To wait for means “to have patience without despair.” We must take our hearts to the heart of God and learn about his ways.

Many love the works of Jesus because the miracles are amazing! We love to see God work, but we don’t like to follow the right paths, which is a serious mistake. To know the ways of God is to know his heart, and if we have no idea what they are, we are wrong. Revel in his tracks, no matter how puzzling they may seem to you at any given moment.

3. Delight yourself with its wonders

Think of the moment when you are delighted in something, perhaps a sunset. As you bask in the twilight, did you want to eat? Or new shoes? Or fame? No. At that moment, what you wanted was exactly what you were witnessing. You wanted to continue enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

Later you may have other desires, but when you reveled in that very event, nothing else came to mind. In the same way, when we delight in the Lord, what we desire is God: to continue to behold his glory, to worship his majesty, to see his beauty.

So when this happens, the desires we have in our hearts are for the Lord. Therefore, Psalm 37:4 means that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, he will satisfy our desires giving us more joy in him.


4. Delight in worship

In Psalm 36:7-9, we can see the following expressions of worship:

Oh God, how extravagant is your love! All humanity can find a hiding place under the shadow of your wings. Everyone can drink from the anointing of the abundance of your house. Everyone can drink their fill from the delicious fountains of Eden. Knowing you is experiencing a flowing fountain, drinking into your life, springing up to satisfy.

Nothing brings more happiness to our souls than worshiping God freely, with nothing to hold us back! What beautiful freedom we experience when we delight in worshiping God! The greatest pleasure we can experience in life is walking hand in hand with a Father who adores us.

Did you notice in the previous verse the mention of the fountains of Eden? In this case, the springs of Eden are a direct reference to the flowing rivers of God’s abundance and pleasure. The rivers of Eden are torrents of bliss. Can you imagine rivers of joy flowing through you as you raise your hands in worship? All our sources are in him, and he makes us a garden of blessing for his glory. Enjoy us!

Jesus said that if we believe in him, rivers of living water will flow from within us ( John 7:38 ).
A torrent is born from our most intimate being, from the deepest part of us. Multiple rivers flow through us, rivers of grace, lifestreams, and truth and salvation.

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So, it is necessary to delight in the Lord because it is a commandment, but, as we have said before, God does not want us to do it out of obligation but out of love. But beyond this, he helps us truly feel the presence of the one who formed us and remains with us until the end of time. Trust me! It is quite an enjoyable and unique experience that cannot be matched by anything or anyone on this earth.