Meaning of Jehovah Nissi, the Lord my banner with explanation

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Meaning of the names of God in the Bible: Jehovah Nissi, the Lord my banner with detail explanation.

Banner, standard or flag are similar terms. In the Word of God, when we speak of a banner, we speak of belonging and victory. In the book of Numbers, we see that the members of each tribe of Israel gathered under a banner that distinguished them.

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Jehovah Nissi

Promises of God

Jehovah Nissi gives the victory!

In Exodus 17:8-16 we read this memorable story of the battle that took place between Amalek and the people of Israel. 

This is the first battle the people of Israel face after the exodus from Egypt. I remind you that they were a people of slaves in Egypt, whose only qualification was to make bricks from straw and mud. They were certainly not powerful men of war!

Faced with this critical situation, we see the remarkable reaction of Moses who decides to stand on the mountain, that is to say above the battle that was raging; with his hands raised to God, thus showing his confidence in the Lord and at the same time standing above the place of battle, with in his hand that rod which represented the authority which God had conferred on him, as a leader of the people of Israel and as authority over the enemies who came against him.

Whatever battles we face in our Christian life, it is important to face them in the right way, that is, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and under the authority of the name of Jesus. . This is the only way to achieve victory.

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Amalek was more powerful than the people of Israel and yet he was defeated. The battle lasted a long time and Moses had to receive help from Aaron and Hur in order to support his hands. 

This is a good lesson for us today. That of supporting each other in difficult times and especially of supporting our spiritual leaders, when we see them tired, instead of abandoning them or wanting to take their place, thinking that they are no longer good for anything.

When the battle ended with the victory of the people of Israel, Moses erected an altar. He gave it the name “Jehovah Nissi”: “the Eternal my banner”, because the hand was raised on the throne of the Eternal.

Psalms 20:6 – We will rejoice in Your salvation, we will lift up the standard in the name of our God; The Lord will grant all your wishes.

Psalm 20, which is a psalm of David, speaks to us of God’s help in times of battle. He also tells us about the power of praise. 

In this psalm, David says to raise the standard, he speaks of a declaration of belonging to the God who gives victory!

Yahweh in the Bible Verses

Jehovah Nissi is a protective banner!

We know that the Old Testament is a shadow of things to come because Jesus had not yet come to establish the Kingdom of God in the lives of believers, with a better Covenant based on better promises. However, David, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, tells us of a banner that is there to protect and reassure those who fear the Lord, a protective banner that is raised over them because of the truth.

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Psalms 60:6-7: You have given those who fear You a banner to lift up because of the truth. That Your beloved may be delivered, save by Your right hand, and hear us!

Today, for us New Testament believers, we are told to look to Jesus who is the author of our faith and who brings it to perfection (Heb.12:2).


Jehovah Nissi: His banner is Love!

The banner in the Word of God also demonstrates the heart of the Lord towards those who belong to Him: love. For the banner he unfurls over me is love (Song of Sol.2:4).

Knowing that His banner over us is love is of the greatest comfort and immense consolation to our hearts.


Jehovah Nissi: The banner gathers and unifies!

In Isaiah chapter 11:10-12, we read this prophecy:  Jesus, the banner that gathers the peoples, the exiles of Israel and that gathers the dispersed of Judah from the four ends of the earth .

In conclusion, Jehovah Nissi is the Eternal our banner, from whom we derive our identity, who pours His love into our lives, who brings us together and who unifies His people.