10 Best Ways to Enjoy Reading the Bible

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What are the best way to enjoy reading the bible with ease, on this article, we’ve compiled 10 best ways you can enjoy reading the bible easily.

The Word of God is packed with wisdom, history and poetry, warnings, and even truth. If approached with a heart that is open to Holy Spirit’s whispers and focuses on the meaning, the Bible is one of the most valuable Christian sources and most treasured objects. However, it can take time, and it isn’t always easy. It may feel like a burden, and it can sometimes be a burden, especially during times of spiritual struggle or when life is busy.

Some people did not have the opportunity to develop the habit of setting aside time each day to study the Bible and then struggling to get started. There are many ways in which the world can act as a distraction also.

God would like us to be immersed in His Word, spend time with Him, and get to know Him through the time spent and study. One of the Psalms is a verse that reads, “More to be sought after God’s precepts found in His Word and are more valuable better than gold, and even more refined gold; they are also sweeter than honey and drips from the honeycomb” (Psalm 19:10). Reading the Bible is supposed to be a pleasant experience, and finding ways to enhance the experience will help someone appreciate their time reading The Bible more.

10 Best Ways to Enjoy Reading the Bible

There are 10 methods you can better take pleasure in studying the Bible, and below they come.

1. Create a Space to Reading Your Bible

Certain people find it easier to read in certain circumstances, and certain people prefer reading in dark areas with overhead lighting or an open window with plenty of natural light. Designing a unique space with your favourite chair and good light you’d like to be in for a long time can allow you to make studying the Bible something you enjoy.

Studies suggest that having the same study space and surroundings can aid in retention. A space dedicated to taking time to be in silence to God and His Word can also draw the Lord to your home of yours in a meaningful manner.

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2. Memorize Your Favorite Verses

It can be a challenge; however, it can be rewarding. Many people wish to improve their recall of Bible passages, So using your studying in silence to concentrate on learning specific passages of the Bible by heart is an effective way to begin the process of memorizing. Suppose you prefer learning by reciting aloud something, reading it repeatedly, or even writing down something or interacting with the Bible through a tactile method to encode the Bible in your brain and heart. In that case, it is always an enjoyable activity.

3. Journal Your Study Time

Note down your thoughts after reading something is essential to process your emotions. It can also serve as a record of your progress and personal growth and times in life that could be beneficial to reflect on in the near future.

The most significant part is that there isn’t a right or wrong method to journal and keep notes. It can be bullet notes or stream of consciousness or any other type of journaling. If it’s authentic to the person, is focused on God and His Word and fulfils the person in question, it is likely to be beneficial.

4. Create It as a Challenge If you thrive in competition or simply prefer to go that extra mile, looking for ways to make the Bible an exercise will make it more enjoyable. Try to see the number of verses in chapters you can learn. Consider reading a book for one month. Make it a goal to go through one of the long or more difficult texts, such as Isaiah and Ezekiel.

There are also no-cost Bible reading challenges that you can find online to challenge your limits, encourage you to push yourself further and possibly even bring in some of your friends to join in to discuss.

5. Follow the Bible Reading Plan that is based on a particular concern or topic of interest.

As people experience different stages of their lives, often they have to pay attention to specific passages in the Bible which can help them understand what they are experiencing.

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Do you struggle with doubt? Discover stories and readings which focus on faith in God’s plans for the future. Do you want to know more about the time of Israel’s exile? Take a look at Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Do you need a bit more happiness in your own life? Look for passages that talk about joy.

It isn’t easy to figure out where to get relevant information. There are a lot of online resources that serve as a reference guide based on various themes and situations. Below are links to a couple of popular articles:

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6. Put your money into two or three Bible commentaries or

It is difficult to read a book if you don’t know the language of the text. This fact is often applicable to studying the Bible. A Bible commentary is an excellent investment for Bible readers who wish to learn more about the context of the original language or is finding certain passages unclear and need a clear explanation.

There are numerous commentaries available, so it can be enjoyable to select the right one to use in a family. Some commentaries concentrate on different aspects, so having more than one will help the Bible become more attractive.

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5. With Background Music Playing

White noise can help one concentrate, and they also find it to be spiritually stimulating. Music can improve the time spent with the Word. Many people prefer ambient, light music with no words, while others prefer an uplifting worship song. Certain people are unable to concentrate on their own, and music helps them engage their brains and focus on the work to be completed. It also makes silence a more calming experience.

6. Do it with a friend or family member.

Sharing thoughts, emotions, and feelings with someone else can help make the Bible enjoyable. Set up a coffee time every week with a companion to discuss notes and comments. Create a family-friendly experience that involves everyone taking the same passages or passages and discussing the reading during dinner.

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The Bible can be an excellent tool to build bonds between individuals, and companies can offer the opportunity to gain knowledge about the Word of God. God’s Holy Spirit can reveal different aspects for different people. Therefore, discussing what the Lord has been working on in every person’s life by studying the Bible can be a fulfilling experience.

7. Sip your favourite beverage while You Read

Many people love making iced tea, coffee, or any other delicious beverage, and it can help them relax, concentrate, or be able to engage positively. Making your drink of choice an element of the Bible studying routine will add an extra degree of satisfaction for the individual attending the experience and helps create positive relationships with the course.


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10. Make sure you think about it.

One of the most amazing things concerning the Bible is that every Christian has direct contact with the author! If you find an unsettling verse or a passage is unclear, take time to pray about the issue. Visit the Lord before you begin your Bible research and ask the Holy Spirit to help you comprehend and help you understand God’s message. God’s Holy Spirit keeps the Bible alive and interesting for all people, no matter how long they’ve had been Christians or the number of times they’ve read a particular passage. Prayer allows believers to know more about the Holy Spirit direct from God.

Everyone is unique and has their own method to make an activity interesting and enjoyable. There are many ways to be suitable for everyone. However, everyone merits a shot. The way you study the Bible will make a difference. In the end, it’s all about how you read. Bible is a delicious and wonderful source for Christians, So making sure that reading it isn’t an exercise is crucial to your spiritual development.