The price to pay to defeat the enemy

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Every Christian has enemies, and he cannot live quietly until he has conquered them. on this post are a great price to pay to defeat the enemy

The adversary attacks without retreating, and the will of his heart are to see the believer suffer, lack peace, joy, and lose his life. The Bible tells us that our adversary, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour.

So, whoever wants to advance in life, is obliged to fight and overcome his adversary. To do this, we must know that Christ defeated our enemy at the Cross. So to talk about overcoming the adversary is to walk in the victory that Jesus Christ won for us on the Cross.

The following verse tells us the price Joshua had to pay to overcome his enemies:

Joshua 11:15-16: “Joshua did all the commands of the Lord to Moses his servant, from Moses to Joshua; he neglected nothing of all that the Eternal had commanded Moses. Thus Joshua took possession of all that land, of the mountain, of all the south, of all the land of Goshen, the valley, the plain, the mountain of Israel, and its valleys.

We see in this verse that Joshua, to overcome all his adversaries had to obey everything that God had commanded him directly or through Moses. That is to say, obedience to God’s instructions is the price to pay to defeat your adversary. Why that? For God knows your enemy, He knows what to do to defeat him. So, being victorious in your battles depends on your sensitivity to the Eternal.

Know that he who is rebellious to God can never triumph. However, God gives us the instructions we need to overcome the enemy. And they are in two parts.

Instructions regarding the war.

God told Joshua to extend the weapon toward that city to defeat Ai. This instruction has nothing to do with military strategies regarding war. Yet this is the only way they could defeat this city that had previously defeated them. And when he was executed, the Bible says they killed all the inhabitants without any escaping ( Joshua 8:18-21 ).

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Beloved, you are supposed to know what method God offers you concerning your fight. Because not every problem is solved the same way. Sometimes in front of certain fights, God will tell you to fast. Sometimes He will tell you to declare a verse in your prayer or give an offering or visit widows and orphans. He will even tell you to do things that are not like what you thought or knew.

You will see that with the children of Israel, He told them things that have nothing to do with the war. But to doubt that would cause problems in their struggle. Likewise, when it comes to your spiritual enemy, you must not let your knowledge influence your action. On the contrary, you must remain sensitive to the voice and instructions of God. You have to rely on God because He has the best for you.

When the enemy heavily attacked me in my studies, I prayed that God would show me what to do. I thought God would lead me to pray the spiritual warfare prayers, but He told me that instead of praying, I should declare victory and say this to my enemies: “I am shooting arrows into your camp and I rout you all. A statement that was based on: Psalms 144:6 (KJV): “Shine your lightning, and scatter my enemies!” Launch your arrows, and rout them. » 

In this passage, it is David who prays to God to intervene in his fight. But as for me, the Lord wanted me to understand the Word of the master Jesus when He said: “Behold, I have given you power to walk on serpents and scorpions, and on all the power of the enemy and nothing may harm you. » Luke 10: 19 (KJV)

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It means that God commanded me to exercise my power to defeat my enemy. So the only price I would have to pay was for making this declaration of faith. And when I did, believe me, my enemy was defeated. Seek to hear what instruction the God of hosts wants to give you. And when He speaks to you, do it all.


Instructions relative to the warrior.

Apart from the instructions, He gives us to fight well, and He also gives us instructions regarding our own life. And these rules are general and also specific. There will be things that God will impose on you personally. If you are unable to observe them, let me tell you that you will be unable to conquer them.

Let’s talk about some general rules. We see the conditions that God has established for everyone by these rules. For example, you will not steal, you will not covet, you will not kill, you will not testify falsely against your neighbor, you will honor your father and your mother…, flee from sin.

These rules are to be observed by every child of God. Whoever wants to win should pay this price. That is, it should lead the life of sanctification. You must, at all costs, refuse to sin. Because it exposes you to danger. So, I can affirm that the price to pay in relation to the life of the spiritual warrior is to sanctify oneself.

He who does not sanctify himself will never have the support of God. This is why your enemy, knowing this, pushes you to transgress the law. Because he knows that by disobeying, you will be far from God. And there, he may well destroy you.

1 Thessalonians 3: 3-5: “What God wants from you is your sanctification. It is that you abstain from fornication. It is that each of you knows how to possess his body in holiness and honesty, without giving way to passionate lust, as do the pagans who do not know God.

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Apart from these general rules, there are things that God imposes on us personally. Others can do anything but you. God will impose different rules on you from certain people in relation to your own fight. Knowing whether David gets his head done or not, he will defeat all his enemies. But if Samson gets his hair done, he will lose his strength and be defeated. To overcome your enemy, the price to pay is to know what God asks of you personally and to observe it.

To know this, we must read and meditate on the Word. And also, be attentive to your inner conviction. Because there will be things that other people do, but when you also try to do them, you feel that your heart makes you feel guilty. So God doesn’t allow you to do that.

To conclude, defeating the enemy is a function of your sensitivity to God. You must know what method God offers you to defeat your adversary. And as for your life, you must know the rules of conduct that God imposes on you. Be obedient to God, and you will scare the world of darkness.

I leave you this verse that will allow you not to tremble before the enemy but to praise God for the victory He grants you over him:

1 Corinthians 15:57: “But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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