7 miracles of Jesus Christ in the bible

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great and mighty 7 miracles of Jesus Christ in the bible you must know as a believer

Has the question, what are the 7 miracles of Jesus crossed your lips lately and you want to know the 7 miracles Jesus performed in the bible?

Here they are.

Most times in life, we find ourselves amidst difficult challenges that can be seen as impossible to conquer.

These stories of the 7 miracles of Jesus Christ in the bible will give you a rethink before giving up on that situation because, with God, nothing is impossible.

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Many times, we’re faced with impossible situations we didn’t plan for or expected.

These impossible situations occur in every aspect of people’s life, such as an adult child who has journeyed in the wrong direction of life, a marriage where the couple hardly speak to each other A physical ailment declared untreatable by a doctor. The categories go on and on.

Both here’s the good news, We are all faced with a challenge that can lead us to great opportunities.

That impossibility in your life, Inside is a hidden incredible door of opportunity waiting to come to life.

How do I know? Because Jesus has the power to make the impossible possible! How can I be certain?

The book of John records seven miracles that show Jesus’ astonishing power over things that can stump us. Let’s have a brief look at all the 7 miracles of Jesus Christ and the power they display:

7 miracles of Jesus Christ in the bible

7 miracles of Jesus Christ in the bible

Check out the great impossibilities turn possible below.

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1. Water to sweet wine

This display of power over quantity is a great example to get you back to your feet.
At a wedding in Cana, when the wine ran out, Jesus told the servants to fill six stone pots with water and take a cupful to the headwaiter. Putting the cup to his lips, the waiter tasted that Jesus had not only turned the water into wine but the best wine (John 2:1–12 ).

2. Healed the Governor official son

you can call this healing over distance.
Later, a royal official came to Cana to ask Jesus to heal his dying son in Capernaum, about twenty miles away. Without moving, Jesus told him, “‘Go back home. Your son will live!’” (4:50). He healed the boy from a distance.

3. Healing of the paralyzed man:

A great illustration of power over time.
By the pool of Bethesda, Jesus saw a man who had been disabled for 38 years. The Lord commanded him, “‘Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!’” (5:8). It didn’t matter that the man had been lame for almost four decades; when Jesus said “walk,” he walked!

4. Feeding of the 5,000 men.

A miracle of Power over quantity was performed here via thanksgiving.
Jesus fed a crowd of over 5,000 people with five small loaves and two sardine-sized fish (6:1–15). How could so little feed so many? The math didn’t add up for the disciples, but lack of enough never limited Jesus’ ability.

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5. Jesus calm the wind

Power over nature was made manifest by Jesus as he calms the wind.
When a strong wind stirred up the sea and the terrified disciples strained at the oars to make it to shore, Jesus walked on the water and calmed the storm (6:16–21).

6. Healing of the blind man,

What a Power over misfortune.
In Jerusalem, Jesus noticed a man blind since birth. Without hype or hoopla, the Light of the World brought light to the man’s eyes (9:1–7).

7. Raise Lazarus back to life

Jesus exercised power over the dead.
When Lazarus died, his sisters’ hopes died with him. However, Jesus transformed their impossibility into the perfect opportunity to glorify God by bringing Lazarus back to life (11:1–44).

Humanly speaking, each of these problems seemed as impossible as calculus to a preschooler. But to Jesus, the solution was obvious. He understood, “‘What is impossible for people is possible with God’” (Luke 18:27 ).



There is nothing in life God can not do, these 7 miracles of Jesus are just an illustration of possibilities.

All things are possible with God, it will only remain impossible when you don’t believe it.
Speak to that situation in your life that seems impossible to handle today.

It will respond to your word. Say to this mountain, be that remove and it shall be removed, and remember With God, all things are possible.


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