3 Traps Of The Enemy And How To Avoid Them

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The traps of the enemy are always lurking in our Christian life, that is why we must know how to recognize them and the Bible is at our disposal for this. Here we will leave you some biblical quotes and tips to be able to identify the enemy’s traps.

Just Live in the Moment

This is an ideology of current philosophy, many of today’s young people think that this way of thinking is due to the fact that in their own words: “there is only one life and you have to enjoy it to the fullest.”

This saying is not so modern if we start to read the word of God (Elohim) a little, this is precisely in: ( Isaiah 22:32 ) where they express the same words but a little stronger such as: “ let’s eat and Let’s drink now, because tomorrow we will all be dead ”.

But, its counterpart can be read in: ( 1 corinthians 15:33 ) here Paul gives us very wise advice that says: “do not be fooled. Bad company corrupts good character”.

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Satan plants this phrase in the heart of humanity one of the most feasible traps of the enemy and creates that idea of ​​personal self-satisfaction that we must deserve for the short life we ​​have on earth.

That is why when you see one of your “friends” make you invitations out of the ethical and moral with the phrase: “anyway there is one life” remember that “they” are wrong.

Life is not one, we are in a passing world and when our Lord Jesus Christ comes, our life will not be limited like the one we currently live.


How to avoid it

There is no exact formula to avoid this trap, what if we advise you is that you have a lot of prayer time first. But, you can follow these tips:

  • Avoid as much as you can share with bad company: This does not mean that you have to stop talking to your friends, co-workers or non-believing family members. It is the opposite, the main idea of ​​every Christian is to talk to these people and share the good news of salvation that Jesus offers.  What you can’t do is take part in their beliefs, festivities, and some kinds of sharing.
    • For example: if you are invited to a graduation party, you can go confidently but without drinking alcohol or if you are invited to a bar, you can respectfully decline. (it all depends on the occasion)
  • Surround yourself with wise people: Another method to get away from that wrong thinking is to surround yourself with people (Believer) who give you advice, support you and invite you to meetings of believers where you can have healthy fun and meet more people.
  • Spend time reading: Another way to avoid enemy traps is to spend at least an hour reading and studying the Bible. You can go to Bible study centers as a second option.
  • Pray without ceasing: this is the most feasible and effective method. Prayer always brings us closer to God (Elohim), when you talk to him, you can tell him what ails you, ask for strength and ask for advice to know how to act with the people around you.

Keys to Enjoying the Grace of God

2.  Experience what you want

This phrase is also one of the enemy traps that deceives many believers (new in the faith and old too), this is based more than all tastes and pleasures (sexual, drinks, drugs, etc.) and is where it is most attacked to the young (some adults also fall).

Having new sensations always makes us want to try more and more. That is why Paul also warns us in: ( 1 corinthians  10:23 ) “Do you say? Everything is allowed. Maybe, but not everything is beneficial. Is everything allowed? Maybe, but not everything is edifying .

In short, you can do everything you want in your life, you can drink yourself drunk but, did it bring you benefits? You can watch all the porn movies you want, but do I edify you? Many times the feeling of self-satisfaction becomes empty.

How to avoid it

Here 2 of the characteristics of the fruit of the spirit play a fundamental role (temperance and self-control) if you really possess the fruit, you will be able to avoid these traps of the enemy. Follow these tips:

  • Avoid getting involved with bad feelings: this is equivalent to everything visual, taste and even auditory that can lead you to deviate from Christ. I know we can’t hide in a box to avoid the world. But, you can put aside the things that seem good (which really are not) and change them for those that do build.
  • For example: if they invite you to watch a pornographic movie or send it to you via email, WhatsApp or any digital medium, you can choose to delete it immediately. Images of this type are difficult to forget or erase from the mind, they even take decades to disappear.
  • Never judge: if you see that a brother has fallen in this type of situation, do not judge him, remember that you can also fall. The most advisable thing is to pray for that person and advise them wisely and prudently (without scolding) so you will see that your attitude is beneficial for other weak and your character will be strengthened
  • Pray without ceasing: the most effective of all, prayer will always be the best weapon against the traps of the enemy. Never hesitate to use it (better, always use it)

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3.  indulging in lust

Yes, I know, the word “Lust” is a very strong qualifier. But, it is one of the traps of the enemy that also attacks Christian youth (especially young men). All human beings by nature are attracted to their opposite (sometimes, to the same sex) and here one of the sins (non-visual) known as lust begins to take root.

Jesus presents this sin to us in an understandable way as: ” lusting after another’s wife.” When our heart is not centered on Jesus Christ, obviously we will have other interests and the enemy will attack by inciting you to tempt you with sexual thoughts towards women or men.

How to avoid it

To avoid the enemy’s traps that lead to sexual amorality, you must do the following:

  • Pray a more: the main weapon to avoid these attacks is prayer. You can ask God (Elohim) to give you strength, to help you focus your mind on other healthy distractions and to help you see the opposite sex in a different (non-sexual) way.
  • Avoid getting together with people who have these thoughts: many times, (most actually) the provocation comes through the invitation to look at a woman or man in a sexual way, these people are not edifying for your life. When it comes to lustful gazing at a woman or man, try as much as possible to change the topic of conversation, or run away naturally.
  • Ask God (Elohim) to show you your helpmeet: when God (Elohim) shows us our helpmeet (husband / wife) our sexual desire is appeased. This is because being married, the sexual act is morally allowed and amorality ends suddenly.
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Final Words:

As you can see, God (Elohim) gives us many ways to avoid the enemy’s attacks with the help of prayer, reading the word, through the teachings of Jesus and by sharing with believing people. We hope you can win this battle fast.

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